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Free help for addictive disorders
Referral agencies might have got some bad press in recent times, but that doesn’t give you the full picture. Good referral agencies can provide a valuable pathway for those battling against alcohol and drug addiction. When a referral agency does its job well, it provides a key service which guides callers towards the best help which is right for them.

What do we do?

Around 90% of the calls we process involve guiding the caller towards drug and alcohol addiction services which are local to them, and also to the range of self-help groups which are now available. In terms of financial backing, we are lucky to be able to utilise fundraising resources to help support our service on a day-to-day basis, investing in patients. But it must be noted that being able to provide this type of financial help is limited.

Detox: The common misconception

We field a lot of requests for a drug or alcohol detox, from patients who want their lives to be free of alcohol and drug abuse. This is understandable, as there is a common comprehension that it is the substance which is the problem. But the most effective work takes place after a patient is free from a substance following their detox. Undergoing a detox can simply be a waste of time without the correct therapy being undergone following it. But the whole alcohol rehab or drug rehab process from start to finish requires a financial outlay.

The right kind of help

Because of dilemmas such as the one detailed above, it makes it all the more important that people get exactly the right kind of service which they need. This generally needs to happen through local services, but low success rates tell us that often private facilities perform better in terms of helping people get alcohol and drug-free. That’s where we come in, educating callers about both the nature of their illness and the most successful forms of treatment which are applicable to them.

My story

As a recovering addict myself, I play a big role in the Narcotics Anonymous organisation, I have friends who are in recovery all over the country. I come across cases all the time which suggest that the local services are letting people slip through the net. For example, a girl who was unable to afford treatment was told by local services that they could not help her, as the substance she was using was not considered addictive. In this case, we were able to direct the girl to a female recovering addict who lived nearby, who was able to take the girl along to an NA meeting.

The importance of understanding

The case above highlights the importance of empathy. People who have been through the system can sometimes act as mentors to those who need them. This way, we are able to fill the gaps of those who the government will not support, due to a perception that they are lacking motivation, or that they do not fit certain criteria for rehab clinics.

Let’s talk today

At Serenity Guide, it is our mission to help those who receive no funding and direct them towards the best private or government agencies for them. Our staff are trained specifically to help the neediest. Could we help you with free advice on drug or alcohol addiction? Call us today on 0800 118 2892.

January 31, 2018


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