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Alcohol Detox: What is It, Why Do It

April 10, 2018

     For many people, managing an alcohol addiction isn’t easy. It takes a combination of things to help people who suffer from this condition and one of the best ways to deal with an alcohol addiction is through detox. Alcohol detox is one of the best methods to deal with alcohol dependency problem and people who already have a serious alcohol dependency problem can find it a way to effectively stop drinking alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms can be potentially risky, especially without direction and supervision from medical professionals so alcohol detox should not be attempted alone.

How Alcohol Detox Works

     In many cases, alcohol detox includes the use of medications to manage the withdrawal symptoms due to the cessation of alcohol consumption. Patients will be prescribed a medication called Chlordiazepoxide, which can ease the symptoms of withdrawal. The prescribed dosage will be reduced gradually, usually over the course of the week.

     When patients undergo the detoxification treatment, they are monitored with breathalyzer equipment and they are also under strict observation to prevent alcohol consumption. For best results, it is highly advisable for patients to stay in the rehabilitation facility. Alcoholics often have poor diet and lack in essential vitamins, especially vitamin B1, so this will help make the recovery process more bearable for patients.

Live Healthier to Become Healthier

     It is essential for people who have alcohol addiction to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes consuming fresh, nutritious foods. A more balanced nutritional intake will positively affect their brain and cognitive functions making it easier for them to think rationally and control their emotional urges. Anxiety often plays a critical part on why people become alcoholics, so it is important for patients to get psychological assistance when needed.

     There are many typical reactions associated with the alcohol detox treatment. As an example, some people have trouble sleeping when they participate in the detox program. It is important to realize that the detox program is not a magic pill. The detox program alone won’t cure alcoholism and it’s also important to make certain behaviour modifications. This is essential to ensure that patients don’t fall back into previous life patterns.

     So, why people with alcoholism problem should participate in a detox program? An alcohol detox program could prevent health issues associated with excessive alcohol consumptions, such as liver cirrhosis, and help patients live a longer, happier life.

     To learn more about how an alcohol detox program can help you or a loved one, contact Serenity today.

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