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With more than 15 years’ of experience the staff at Serenity Health understand addiction first hand.

We are here to help be it just for a quick chat or providing information on the facilities we have in your area and up and down the country.

We at Serenity Health provide drug and alcohol detox services. Addiction is an illness and it should be treated as such. We do this in a calm and tranquil environment, where the focus is on reduction of stress. Our health and well-being programme runs alongside your therapeutic detox programme at our private rehabilitation centre.

Treatment is most effective when the client is in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Therefore, our bedrooms are furnished to a high standard with en-suite bathrooms and a TV.

Let us help you or your loved one and take care of all of your needs.

Your first step to recovery is asking for help…Don’t put it off any longer call and chat with one of our specialist team.

Don’t Wait – Call Our Free Confidential Phone-Line: 0800 118 2892

From outside the UK please call: +44 (0)203 151 1280 (normal charges apply)

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Addiction Treatment in Rehab Clinics

Serenity Health provides treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, as well as other compulsive disorders like gambling addiction. However, it is not enough to treat the physical symptoms of addiction, but we also need to treat the causes and ensure that the client will continue their recovery beyond their stay with us. To ensure long term recovery, we use a range of treatments to help our clients.

At The Serenity Health Addiction Treatment Retreat we offer a full therapeutic program to tackle and gain understanding around addiction. With our addiction treatment program we will get you to the place you need to be. Many people suffer from different types of addiction in the form of alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction and many other substances. There are those with other addictions including shopping, gambling, sex, internet addiction and eating disorders. In reality there is no difference between these forms of addictions, they all have the same underlying issues and that’s what we work on. We treat the whole person as an individual.

Events happen in some people’s lives and they can seem to get on with life, there are some that simply cannot. It’s these client we treat, it’s like if you can imagine a vase where some or all these events in life go around and around at the top of their head, they cannot see it at the time when in active addiction. It’s like a pressure cooker, bubbles boils and explodes at times. So much can go on in the vase that it causes fear, anger, depression and many other emotions, The only way a client can cope with this is to use an unhealthy behaviours and all they are doing is let’s say pushing down all these feelings and emotions, thus the cycle of addiction has started. They are masking how they really feel. It becomes a safety mechanism to protect the client from these feelings. It is an illness that tells you it is not an illness, it a progressive pattern that gets worse over time.

What we do in a safe place is to look at this vase, in some cases a detox from the substance is the first part of the program. This is the easy part, it’s the staying stopped that is the hardest part. We look at all these events; it’s not easy, where not saying it is. We need to get all this out of that vase and look at it, separate it, put it in some sort of a logical order and gain acceptance over it. Lock the door on it and put it away for good and leave it there. We give you the tools to learn. take control of your addiction and get you to a place of understanding. It is easy, we need to show you how, for you to be reading this we know you have tried many times before and failed and that’s OK, you’re not alone, many thousands go through this every year. What’s important is that you’re getting help now, it’s not a race to get you in, it’s important that you get the right help.

With our aftercare program that comes in with every one of our programs we will not just leave you at the door going back to the same routings, change has to take place and we are here every step of the way, but having said that at some point in the future you will stand on your own two feet, but in the meantime we are here for weekly on-going therapy and visits back to keep you focused keeping your addiction at bay.

As a team we are not going to cheat you, we will get you right. We have most probably the best team in UK and Europe for addiction treatment. Once you’re right everything in life will be great, when you’re not you will have a ripple effect on everyone around you. You will look the world in the eye again and be the person you were meant to be. It’s easy; most of our staff have been through addiction treatment. Now take our hand and we will show you, you have made the hardest step admitting to yourself that you have a problem with addiction, that’s half the battle won.

December 18, 2015


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