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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Here at Serenity Health we are specialised in the treatment of alcohol addiction. Our first part is getting you detoxed from alcohol which is the easy part. Once the detox is complete the real work begins, alcohol addiction is like most other addictions, we have to work on the underlying issues and treat you as the whole person. Some clients just drink or binge once or twice monthly, some daily and some even drinking in the mornings.

Okay so the detox is out of the way. Then we work on a program of recovery, what we find and it is normal is sometimes many other underlying issues. So in a safe place with our team, many of whom have been through alcohol addiction themselves we embark on your program. Alcohol has been a crutch for some for many years, so when taken away it can be a little scary. With our highly qualified team of psychotherapists and counsellors we work on the alcohol addiction which includes our thought processes, underline issues, damage we have done, family work and gaining acceptance. All of this is done in a safe confidential place here at Serenity Health.

A major part of recovery is also learning to relax from daily pressures including stress, we have a number of techniques you will learn and enjoy to help you. Here you will receive alternative therapies including massages and reiki amongst many others which will help with the recovery and treatment of alcohol addiction.

Nutrition is believe it or not one of the biggest factors, when sugar levels drop we crave alcohol, a little more complex than that regarding brain receptors and synaptose which we will go into much more detail in treatment.

Exercise is another factor that is important, exercise helps the brain and endorphins which in turn engages in the repair of brain receptors. You will receive a program from our in house qualified fitness instructor who solely works with clients in recovery and has been there herself.

January 15, 2016


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