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Alcohol Addiction

Is drink costing you more than money? drinking

There are many different interpretations of addiction; we like to keep it simple:

Once the benefit of excessive drinking has been out weighed by the cost then the slide into ‘problem drinking’ has been made.

Problem Drinking

You do not have to drink or use everyday to necessarily be an alcoholic or addict, alcoholics and addicts can stop drinking for a period of time, its staying stopped that is the problem.

Problem drinking can slide quickly into drug or alcohol addiction which is a disease and needs clinical treatment to overcome.

The disease is often progressive and fatal and is characterized by continuous or periodic impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with alcohol or drugs, use of alcohol or drugs despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking, most notably denial.

Drugs or Alcohol addiction are usually the symptom of the problem but not the actual problem, the real problem of addiction is how someone thinks and feels which is so unpleasant that alcohol and drugs are consistently used to ‘numb’ or anesthetises this experience.

Once an ‘emotional re-arrangement’ has taken place and an individual feels entirely different and begins to see the world and themselves from a much more positive point of view then the desire to drink and use drugs is removed and a far more productive and successful way of living is entered into.

Alcoholics or addicts are not bad people; they are sick people who need treatment.

Ask yourself the following questions?

  1. Have people commented on or criticized your drinking or drug use?
  2. Have you tried cutting down or stopping and failed repeatedly?
  3. Have you woken up feeling confused, frightened or depressed on a regular basis after drinking or using?
  4. Have you dropped hobbies or interests because of your drinking or drug use?
  5. Do you use drink or drugs to self-medicate your feelings when you feel uncomfortable, frightened or insecure?
  6. Is your alcohol or drug use becoming more frequent or the amount you use increasing?

If you answer yes to 3 or more of these question then you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs and should seek professional advice.

Alcohol Interventions

In many cases it has been the intervention of family and loved ones that has turned the situation around. Unfortunately, a family intervention alone is often not enough. It’s not always successful.

But our experienced intervention specialists who really understand drugs and drug abuse and alcoholism – and what the person is going through – know exactly how to reach someone who is addicted. They know how to get through to them so they reach for help.

If you are looking for alcohol addiction treatment program in the UK or internationally, we can help. Serenity Healthcare is one of the successful rehab clinics for addiction related treatment.  Call our professionals at 0800 118 2892 for more details and in-depth counseling.

January 15, 2016


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