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Facts about ketamine

We can help you to overcome all types of addiction. At Serenity Health, we understand that not all drugs addictions are the same. We will use our wealth of experience and expertise to diagnose your specific addiction and tailor a recovery plan that is actually suited to your needs. Addiction to ketamine can be very difficult to overcome, but at Serenity Health we can help you to achieve this through abstinence-based therapies. Call Serenity Health today to begin your journey to recovery and get the free advice that you need. Here we examine the facts about ketamine and consider how you can overcome your addiction.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that was originally developed for veterinary and human medicine. The drug is used for anesthesia and is commonly used in the treatment of horses. When purchased illegally on the street it is known by any of the following names: cat valium, green, jet, bump, super c, special k, vitamin k and k. Ketamine causes a floating sensation in users and has hallucinogenic-like effects that will last for one-two hours.

How is it taken?

Ketamine can be used intravenously but is instead most commonly taken in the form of a pill, powder or liquid. It can be snorted, ingested orally, added to drinks or even added to smokeable substances. It is popular as a street drug as it is odourless, tasteless and largely undetectable. This has also made it common as a ‘date-rape-drug’.

How can it affect health?

Ketamine can make the user unable to speak or move and may cause amnesia to occur too. An abuser of ketamine will have sensory detachment and commonly feels that they have had a near-death experience. Colloquially this experience is known as going into the ‘k-hole’. Ketamine can cause long-term verbal, memory and visual defects that are often irreversible. Abnormalities of movements and depression of breathing can also occur.

How many people use ketamine?

According to government statistics, there are around 94,000 ketamine users in the UK.

How can ketamine addiction be treated?

At Serenity Health, we carry out abstinence-based therapies to achieve detoxification from addictive substances. In each case your addiction will be diagnosed by an expert and a specialised plan will be tailored to help you to overcome your addiction. During your stay at Serenity Health, you will be treated physically, mentally and spiritually to help you overcome your dependency on Ketamine. As part of the programme, we also offer family days to help educate those who support you in how best to help you overcome your addictions. Call Serenity Health today for free advice on overcoming a Ketamine addiction.

March 1, 2018


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