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Facts About Methadone

Serenity Health can help you with all types of addiction. We understand that not all drugs are the same and not all addictions are the same. We use experience and expertise to diagnose your addiction and tailor a recovery plan that is actually suited to you. Addiction to Methadone can be very difficult to overcome, but Serenity Health can help you to achieve this. Call Serenity Health today to start your road to recovery and get the free advice that you need to get your treatment underway. Here we explore the facts about Methadone and how you can overcome addiction.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a prescribed medication. It is an opioid depressant drug, which depresses the signals sent around the body. Commonly this medication is prescribed as a replacement for heroin or other opioids to remove the dependency on these medications, but it is in itself an addictive medication. The replacement of an addictive substance with another is known as pharmacotherapy and is used to prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring and to prevent the harm of drug usage. Methadone is also given to patients following trauma, surgery and heart attacks and this can be the start of addiction for many.

How is it taken?

Methadone can be taken either through injection or in the form of tablets.

How can it affect health?

Methadone is a very serious drug, addiction to Methadone will cause long-term damage to the body. Patients who are addicted to Methadone will experience changes in their size, weight and health. The effects will vary depending on the volume of use but some common side effects of the use of Methadone include irregularity of periods, lowered sex drive, nausea, vomiting, rashes and itching. Methadone addiction will have a very negative impact on health over time and needs to be treated.

How many people use Methadone?

Methadone is prevalent in the UK and is used by large numbers of people. Often it is used legally, in prison there are 20,000 inmates prescribed Methadone to keep them stable. There are heavy penalties for carrying Methadone without a prescription.

How can Methadone addiction be treated?

At Serenity Health we use abstinence-based therapies to achieve detoxification. In each case, you will be diagnosed and a specialised plan will be arranged to help you to overcome your addiction. During your stay, you will be treated physically, mentally and spiritually to help you overcome your dependency on Methadone. As part of the programme, we also offer family days to help educate those who support you in facts about methadone and how best to help you overcome your addiction. Call Serenity Health today for free advice on overcoming a Methadone addiction.

March 1, 2018


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