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Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling addiction can also be known as problem or compulsive gambling. This is when a person experiences a compulsive urge to gamble even though they are aware of the destructive impact it may cause in there lives. Compulsive Gamblers are aware of the hurt they are causing to themselves and those around them. However, no matter what the consequences the gambling continues and can cost the addict far more than just financial problems. As with other addictions without the right support the severity of problem gambling increases. The effects of gambling is said to heighten a persons physiological state much like stimulants to a drug addict. The excitement, thrill and thought of risk taking induces a natural high. Over time the Gambler will increase the size of their bets in order to achieve the same physiological state.

Gambling can cause serious debt problems and for some financial ruin. It can potentially put the individual at risk of losing their home, job and family relationships.

The symptoms may include:

  • Increased amount of time spent planning future gambling experiences and thoughts around how to finance or secure money
  • Excessive gambling to retrieve or recoup losses
  • Lying to friends and family in an attempt to hide gambling and the extent of addictive behaviour
  • Committing crimes, fraud or steeling in an attempt to raise money to fund addiction.
  • Inability to be able to reduce or stop attempts at gambling.
  • Alcohol/drug dependence, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Escapism, gambling in an attempt to run from problems and stresses.
  • Risk taking regarding work and close relationships

Gambling addiction is often closely associated with increased drug or alcohol dependency Also other mental health related disorders, stress , anxiety and depressive illnesses. People who experience difficulties with gambling addiction have a higher risk of turning to crime to support their habit.

The first step with gambling addiction is realisation that the addiction exists and identifying why the the addiction developed. This can be explored with support from one of our counselling team during one to one and group therapy sessions. CBT can be used to help the individual understand what triggers their gambling and explore new behaviour approaches towards managing the addiction. It will also provide support to deal with difficult emotional issues without the use if escapism through Gambling.

At Serenity Health we provide a therapeutic treatment programme that will increase overall awareness levels on how to manage Gambling addiction. This will highlight changes required to support a successful recovery programme. Enabling the client to live a fulfilling lifestyle. Aftercare, relapse prevention and family support will be discussed during and on completion of the programme. Clients will be introduced to and encouraged to attend self help groups to assist with ongoing support following treatment.

January 15, 2016


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