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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in the Midlands

We have these treatment in Midlands

Looking for a private alcohol rehab Midlands or drug rehab clinics in the Midlands area? We can help. Serenity Health Care UK specialise in finding you the most suitable treatment for your problem, whether you are suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism or something like an eating disorder.We are here to help you with a team of specialist friendly councillors most of whom are in recovery from a drug or alcohol problem themselves, so we can understand and emphasise with you or a loved ones predicament. Serenity Health Care UK will be happy to guide and give you the best free advice on private  alcohol rehab and drug rehab in the Midlands area ,helping you find the best private alcohol rehab Midlands or drug rehab to meet your individual needs.

Rehab Clinics

Addiction Midlands

We provide free advice on addictive disorders in the Midlands, UK. If you or a close family member or friend has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, take the time to call us today and find out about available support. Serenity Health Care UK are able to help today.

Alcohol detox

Our alcohol detox is based on the 12-step programme, which is a recognised treatment offering high levels of success. When you arrive at our peaceful retreat for alcohol detox you will receive a comprehensive medical assessment and details of the detox programme that’s most suited to your individual requirements. Throughout your alcohol detox you will be supported 24/7 so there will be no times during the day or night when you need feel uncomfortable or suffer the stresses of withdrawal. Medications are available to ease the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and a programme of daily activities helps keep you busy throughout the day. Your alcohol detox provides you with detailed learning about your dependency on alcohol and therapists will help you identify the triggers and reasons you turn to drink. It is important to understand the detox process and Serenity Health Care UK are happy to help you gain some peace of mind around the detox process.

Drug detox and prescription drug detox 

You could experience a wide range of distressing side effects throughout drug or prescription drug detox. The team of professionals at Serenity Healthcare will be with you every step of the way on your journey to becoming drug-free. A range of therapies and counselling sessions help you achieve an understanding of the reasons for your drug dependency and give you the relaxation that’s essential for your well being. Getting to grips with the reasons for your drug addiction can be extremely distressing but it provides you with the tools you need to handle stresses during your recovery journey. You will find the 24/7 support in our detox clinics provides all essential reassurances but is never intrusive, as we understand our clients’ requirements for privacy and dignity.

Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in the Midlands

Our private alcohol rehab Midlands and drug rehab in the Midlands builds on the education already received through detox and helps ensure continued purpose and strength of mind. A wide range of sessions provide all the ongoing support required to keep free of alcohol or drugs on an ongoing basis and your understanding of your addictive disorder will be increased throughout the rehab programme. Tailored counselling will also provide answers to your queries about your addiction and help family members and close friends provide the essential support required to maintain your recovery journey.

Call us today for help and advice on addictive disorders and help identify the solutions to conquer your addiction.

Got a drug addicted family member or friend who needs help but your are not sure where to turn? Call or email us today for instant support. Our intervention can save that persons life!

We fully understand that everybody is unique, there are a number of ways someone can wind up addicted to drugs or alcohol. That’s why we specialise in getting to the root of the cause and help the sufferer to live a life free from any addictions and disorders.

Allow us to guide you down the right path. Contact us today for free advice and a drug/alcohol assessment.


Private Rehab Clinics in the Midlands Area

Serenity Health Care UK are specialist providers of private treatment in the UK and Worldwide. Speak to us about a variety of disorders and addictions, including;

  • Alcohol Rehab Clinics – specialist clinics for alcoholics
  • Drug Rehab Clinics – cocaine rehab, prescription drugs rehab, cannabis rehab etc
  • Detox – alcohol, drugs  that are mind or mood altering.

Please call Serenity Health Care UK now for information on how the private treatment process works.

Residential Rehab in the Midlands

We have many private clinics and assessment centres throughout the Midlands. Please find further details below.

Rehab Clinics in Manchester

Rehab Clinic ManchesterContact the Greater Manchester Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 0161 401 0611

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Leicestershire

Rehab Clinic LeicestershireContact the Leicestershire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 0116 340 0191

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Lincolnshire

Rehab Clinic LincolnshireContact the Lincolnshire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 01775 830170

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Northamptonshire

Rehab Clinic NorthamptonshireContact the Northamptonshire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 0800 234 3825

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Nottinghamshire

Rehab Clinic NottinghamshireContact the Nottinghamshire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 0115 882 0390

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Oxfordshire

Rehab Clinic OxfordshireContact the Oxfordshire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 01273 803389

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Shropshire

Rehab Clinic ShropshireContact the Shropshire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 01922 500125

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Staffordshire

Rehab Clinic StaffordshireContact the Staffordshire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 0800 234 3825

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK –

Rehab Clinics in West Midlands

Rehab Clinic West MidlandsContact the West Midlands Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 0121 369 0380

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Bradford

Rehab Clinic BradfordContact the Bradford Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 01274 456 477

Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Leeds

Rehab Clinic LeedsContact the Leeds Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 0113 3470393


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