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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics North East England

We have these treatment in North East England

Addiction North East England
Drug and alcohol rehab in North East England

Are you searching for a successful drug or alcohol addiction programme for yourself, a loved one or family member? If so, you are probably wondering what types of rehab clinics are available in the North East of England. Well, Serenity Health Care UK  can help. Call or email us for immediate free advice and support on the best private rehabs available in  the North East area  We understand exactly what you are experiencing because most of our employees are in recovery for drug or alcohol problems themselves , we can help you with an understanding and empathetic approach towards the difficulty’s that substance misuse has caused you or a loved one.

Our clinics in North East England

Serenity Healthcare provide specialist private treatments in the UK and globally for people suffering addictive disorders. Call us today to learn more about disorders and available treatments, including:

• alcohol rehab for people with drink addictions
• drug rehab offering a wide range of treatments including cocaine rehab, cannabis rehab and prescription drugs rehab, etc
• alcohol detox and drugs detox from any mid or mood altering substance.

And we offer even more than this…

Addiction support in North East England

If you, or somebody that you love, struggles with an addictive disorder, it can be devastating for everybody concerned. It’s unfortunately the case that addiction controls every aspect of the person concerned and makes it difficult for them to perform the everyday activities they used to take for granted. Addiction can affect all areas of life, including employment, psychological and emotional health and close relationships. Serenity Healthcare provides supportive and caring rehab facilities for anybody struggling with issues of addiction in North East England. Call Serenity Health Care today for the best information on alcohol rehab and drug rehab, private treatment is one of the best approaches to find out how to sustain long term recovery. 

If you’re seeking information about the different types of addiction clinics in the North East of England that are available for yourself or a loved one, then check out the treatments available from Serenity Healthcare. Contact us today for free help and advice on addictive disorders and information about our treatment services. Alcohol rehab and drug rehab are a good option to start on a journey in to recovery, private rehab and a drug detox are available to you today through Serenity Health Care UK and we are happy to help you find some peace of mind around your treatment process.

We understand just what you are experiencing because we have been in the same situation ourselves.

Our rehab treatments will treat the physical and mental effects of addiction. The two most common addiction issues are with alcohol and drugs, so we provide drub rehab and alcohol rehab clinics that are proven to work. We have an extremely high success rate in treating people living in North East England for addiction, so they can beat their cravings and make a successful recovery.

Our rehab clinics in the North East of England

Serenity Healthcare provide specialist private treatments for drug or alcohol addiction throughout the UK and worldwide. Contact us to talk about any addictive disorders, including alcohol rehab clinics, which are specialist clinics providing a safe haven for alcohol withdrawal and detox, drug rehab clinics, including cocaine rehab, cannabis rehab, prescription drugs rehab and detox from drugs or alcohol.

Our alcohol detox programmes

It can be devastating to be addicted to alcohol, as it is so easy to obtain and is a legal and socially acceptable form of relaxation. Many people can’t understand the difference between enjoying alcohol and being dependent on it. So, it’s often the case that addiction to alcohol is present, but kept hidden for a long while. A functioning alcoholic will often have the ability to hold down their job and keep their dependency secret from close family and friends for quite some time; however, as time passes problems will develop and the end result can be fatal.

Addiction to alcohol will need to be treated at the earliest opportunity to stop any possibility of lasting damage, as abuse of alcohol can cause damage to the kidneys and liver, alongside the brain and heart. It can be really tough to withdraw from alcohol and should be carried out under medical supervision, and this is where our alcohol detox programme excels.

We offer residential rehabilitation for alcoholics living in the North East of England, along with an ongoing treatment programme when you leave our clinic. Our programme includes a safe, medicated detox with 24/7 support, individual counselling and group sessions. Our sessions are geared towards identifying and tackling the causes of your drinking problem.

Our drug detox clinics

Don’t be afraid to call us for advice and information if you or a loved one are battling alone against substance addiction. We offer the premier drug rehab service in North East England and our drug detox programmes include cannabis detox, opioid detox and prescription drug detox. We can help anybody who wants assistance in breaking a substance addiction. Through Serenity Health Care UK you or a loved one can be on your way to a happy fulfilling lifestyle.

Drugs can be very dangerous to anybody’s physical or mental health. Street drugs may be even more dangerous as they could be cut with unknown chemicals and doses could be incorrect. This makes risks of overdose fairly common, and these can often prove fatal. There are even problems that can arise with some prescription drugs as they may prove very addictive. Drug addicts often lose control of many areas of their life, such as work and close relationships. Serenity Healthcare also provides combination treatments for individuals suffering drug and alcohol addiction.

The Serenity Healthcare drug rehab programme provides clients with the opportunity to withdraw while in a controlled situation, with access to medications if necessary. We tailor our treatment programmes to each individual and also offer individual counselling sessions, group sessions and holistic treatments.

You can break free from your treadmill of addiction and take the initial steps on the road to recovery when you opt for treatment programmes from Serenity Healthcare in North East England. Call or email now to find out more about our successful drug and alcohol treatments.

Private detox clinics in North East England

We offer a variety of private drug and alcohol detox clinics and assessment centres in the North East of England. Check out specific clinic locations below:

Private Rehab Clinics in North England

We have many private clinics and assessment centres throughout the North of England. Please find further details below.



Rehab Clinics in Tyneside

Rehab Clinic TynesideContact the Tyneside Addiction Treatment Clinic Telephone: 0191 6460131 Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

May 8, 2018


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