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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in South West England

We have these treatment in South West England

Serenity Health Group are here to help you with Alcohol Rehab South west, Alcohol Detox South west, Private Rehab Clinics South west, Drug Rehab South west, Drug detox South west today, our expert team of counselors will advice you free of charge on how to access private rehab clinic and East Anglia treatment clinics in your area. Call serenity health care UK today.

Looking for a successful Private Rehab Clinics South West England, Alcohol Rehab South west, Alcohol detox South west, drug detox south west and drug rehab south west. Private residential treatment clinics are proven to be the most successful way of treating a person for a drug or alcohol addiction. Serenity Health Care UK have a team of caring ,understanding counsellors who are on call now waiting to advice you towards a better future for you or your loved one away from the harms of alcohol or drug addiction. Call today for  the best  alcohol rehab and drug rehab in the South West area today.

Whether you or someone you love has a problem with drugs of any sort, it might be time for you to consider the benefit of checking into a drug rehab clinic. Serenity Health Care UK are here to help you or your loved one today.

Private Alcohol Rehab South westA drug or alcohol rehab clinic can be the ideal place to detox from the unhealthy lifestyle that is being lead. There are different treatment methods and rehab clinics for someone looking to kick the habit.

Allow Serenity’s expert counsellors guide you in the right direction to life long sobriety! Call or email today.

Find Private Rehab Clinics  South West England

If you wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes into your mind is that your life is a disaster due to a alcohol drug addiction, and after a long period of suffering and isolation you decided that is high time to check yourself into a rehab clinic to get over your addiction, then you should definitely appeal to a drug rehab centre.

Addiction treatment in South West England

If you are searching for the solution to a drug or alcohol addiction, Serenity Healthcare’s addiction rehabilitation programs could be the answer you need. We provide comprehensive support for addiction to patients in south-west England, with clinics across the region, including in:

• Berkshire
• Buckinghamshire
• Hertfordshire
• Kent
• Surrey
• West Sussex
• East Sussex

Whether you have an addiction yourself or you are worried about a loved one, we are here to offer support and guidance along with a range of treatment programs with Private Rehab Clinics South west england. We work with addicts in the south-west who need support in breaking free from addiction, and in staying clean after they return home and get back to normal life.

We provide drug rehab and alcohol rehab for patients who are ready to receive the support and treatment they need to overcome their addiction. Breaking the cycle of addiction can be a long and difficult process, but we break it down to make it simple and guide you through each stage, working closely with you and also with the important people in your life.

Alcohol rehab south west and Alcohol detox south west

If alcohol addiction has taken over your life, an alcohol detox program Alcohol Rehab South west will loosen the grip it has over you and help you adjust to life without a drink. Serenity Healthcare provides a medicated alcohol rehab program with a residential element and an aftercare service that helps you stay on the wagon in the future. Serenity Health Care are able to help you with the care and support you need us at Alcohol Rehab South west.

We will help you understand the root cause of your alcohol addiction, so you can keep clean in the future. This includes providing group therapy, and individual counselling, to overcome any personal issues that have led to the addiction.

Drug rehab south west and Drug detox south west

Our south-west England clinics also deal with a range of substance abuse issues. Drug addiction can include illegal substances, from marijuana to crack and heroin, along with ‘controlled’ or prescription drugs, such as valium and codeine. No matter what substance is at the heart of the problem, the addiction will have a serious impact on the addict’s quality of life, emotional well-being and general health. Drugs can be extremely dangerous, especially when mixed or in the wrong doses, and fatalities are common among heavy drug users.

Our Drug Rehab South west program includes prescription drug detox, and also support for co-existing addictions such as a drinking problem. From residential withdrawal and monitoring to ongoing care when you return to your everyday life, we help you understand your addiction and break free from it with Drug detox South west.

For more information on the drug detox and Alcohol Detox South west programs offered by Serenity Healthcare in south-east England, call 0800 118 2892 today.


The team at Serenity Healthcare Private Rehab Clinics South west are providers of specialist rehab and detox treatments, both in the UK and worldwide. Call us today to speak about addictive disorders, including:
– rehab clinics for alcoholics start with Alcohol Detox South west
– Drug Rehab South west, treating a variety of drug addictions, including cocaine rehab, cannabis rehab and prescription drugs rehab
– any type of addiction issues
– Drug detox South west – from drugs or alcohol

Plus much more…………..

Residential Rehab in South West England

We have many private clinics and assessment centres throughout South West England. Please find further details below.

Rehab Clinics in Cornwall

Alcohol Rehab South westContact the Cornwall Addiction Treatment Clinic
Telephone: 01726 940150
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK 

Rehab Clinics in Devon

Alcohol Detox South westContact the Devon Addiction Treatment Clinic
Telephone: 01392 590180
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK 

Rehab Clinics in Dorset

Private Rehab Clinics South westContact the Dorset Addiction Treatment Clinic
Telephone: 01202 805340
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK 

Rehab Clinics in Gloucestershire

Drug Rehab South westContact the Gloucestershire Addiction Treatment Clinic
Telephone: 0117 3690311
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK 

Rehab Clinics in Hampshire

Drug detox South west todayContact the Hampshire Addiction Treatment Clinic
Telephone: 023 80987707
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK 

December 18, 2015


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