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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Spain

We have these treatment in Spain

If you are looking for a luxury private Rehab Clinic in Spain, we have just the place!

We provide spacious accommodation to the highest of standards, offering comfort and well being during your stay. Our stunning communal area comprises open terraces and seating to enjoy the fresh Andalucia mountain air.

The Rehab Clinic is located in the province of Andalucia, Spain’s highest mountain range: the Sierra Nevada is a magnificent backdrop to this partly undiscovered area.

Luxury Pool - Spanish Rehab ClinicA sanctuary experience offering a unique opportunity to stay in one of the most beautiful areas of this country. Set in the region of Alpajarra, Seville Airport is only a 45 minute drive. For clients flying in from the UK a member of staff will be there to collect as part of our service.

Rehab Clinic Spain – Treatment Programs

  • Group therapy sessions
  • One-to-one counselling/psychotherapy
  • Peer evaluation reviews
  • Goal setting
  • Daily diary discussions
  • Workshops on relapse prevention and relationships
  • Lectures and video presentations
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Family sessions, women’s/men’s groups and other ‘special interest’ groups that are incorporated into the programme

Therapy continues along the same format as in Stage 2, but with increased emphasis on reality – that of the past and of the here and now and how these can be translated into a meaningful and socially acceptable future. The principal at the core of this is the patient’s personal responsibility for his/her own recovery through self-acceptance.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is emphasised and there are regular one-to-one sessions in which our specialist counsellor targets the individual patient’s early introjections, the ‘baggage’, carried into addiction.

Whilst it is not possible to take psychotherapy to its full term in the time allowed by the programme, the Clinic Method initiates this process to enable identification of areas of personality dysfunction that require on-going attention by the patient.

This aspect of our work is interfaced with the Twelve Step Programme and patients are shown how these work in tandem.We are therapeutically there for every patient for as long as he/she needs support and encouragement from the Clinic.

Aftercare and Counselling

  • Information on local 12 step meetings NA, AA, CA
  • Plan of affirmations and goals
  • Outside help for counselling
  • Support and career advice
  • Graduation Package
  • Advice on daily diet and exercise

A Closer Look at the Spanish Rehab Clinic

Comfortable Bedrooms Comfortable Bedrooms Dining Comfortable Bedrooms Comfortable Bedrooms

December 18, 2015


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