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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Herefordshire

We have these treatment in Herefordshire

Every person that is looking for private alcohol rehab Herefordshire and any other addiction treatment services in the Herefordshire area must remember that they have many choices. A drug rehab or private alcohol rehab centre allows people a chance to deal with their addictions that have caused them to struggle. Also, these people are given a better environment where they can turn their lives around for good.

At Serenity Health Care UK most of our team of specialist counsellors come from a substance misuse background themselves, so we understand and can emphasize with the predicament you, or your loved one have found themselves in due to drugs or alcohol.

Serenity Health Care UK has access to the best private drug rehab Herefordshire, and private alcohol rehab Herefordshire.

Call Serenity Health Care UK today for free advice around the private drug rehab and alcohol rehab process.

Drug and Alcoholic Rehab

When people enrol in these drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment centres, they are given an individual treatment plan that will guide them through the program. The programs have a number of services that are designed for the whole group, but the staff at the treatment centre decide how to use those services to help each patient. When someone enrols for drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Herefordshire treatment services, they are given their treatment plan so that they can begin work on their recovery.

Serenity Health Care UK want to help you or your loved one today.

The Staff

Rehab Clinics in HerefordshireThe staff at the drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Herefordshire centre are trained professionals who understand how to work with people, who are battling addiction. People who are enrolled in the program receive understanding and guidance from the staff. Also, all the patients are given one-on-one treatment with counsellors who know how to work with people who are facing addiction.

The Different Cases

When people come to the centre for alcoholic rehab or drug rehab, they are treated on an individual basis. Some people have mild problems with alcohol that they must sort out, but there are other people who have serious cases of addiction that require a great deal of attention. Every person in the facility gets the guidance they need to become whole again. People enrolled in these drug rehabilitation centres will be able to change the way they interact with drugs and alcohol. They are given personal care, and they leave with a better understanding of how to handle their daily routine.

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All about our Alcohol Rehab in Herefordshire Drug Detox and Addiction Treatment

As soon as you arrive at our private alcohol rehab Herefordshire or drug rehab, you will meet with a keyworker, they will take few notes and go over a care plan with you. You will then see our doctor who will asses your drug or alcohol intake, you will be given a detox from the substance you are struggling with. There will be support and  care day and night, you will be 100% supported through your detox. Once you have become abstinent from the medication you have brought down on, you will go to stage one treatment.

There are normally 3 stages to private alcohol rehab or drug rehab, in the first stage you will write a life story, you will then be asked to read this out in group therapy after you have read it in a one to one session with your counsellor. This stage is where we help you to identify what life events have been causing you to use drugs or alcohol.

In stage 2 you will look at the altitudes and behaviours that have kept you in your addiction. W help you identify the thought process and feelings, that you’ve not been able to mange in your using. You will take part in key work sessions, you will sit with a counsellor at least once a week, and take part in group therapy. There will also be art therapy, music, therapy and groups such as yoga.

All of this is to help you look at the root core of your drug addiction, there will be written work, along with 12 step work, so we can help you build a mental defence to your addiction before moving you on to stage 3.

In stage 3, you will go on to supported housing if you wish to relocate, there will be an after care programme set up, you will be asked to attend 12 step meetings and come back for one to ones with your counsellor and key worker. It will also be encouraged you take up some kind of training or education. If you feel you are ready to go home, we will put an after care programme in place for you where ever you go,  we will support what ever decision you make, Serenity Health Care UK care about you, and your recovery!.

Depending on what stage you are in, there will be some kind of contact with family, friends and loved ones, the amount of contact depends on the process of your recovery, we do support you in keeping up this contact, we know its important for you and your loved ones.


Serenity Health Care UK will answer any questions or fears you may have regarding the drug rehab and alcohol rehab process.


How Do Herefordshire Rehabilitation Centres Work?

Out private alcohol rehab Herefordshire is based around the 12 step model, by working these simple steps and reading them to a counsellor you will gain a knowledge and understanding of how your addiction is running your life. Through key work sessions, you build up a level of trust that you can take out with you in to society .

Your counsellor with help you look at past trauma, and help you learn how to deal with that trauma and heal from the wreckage of your past.

There will be peer support, and you will be asked to attend 12 step groups with your peers.

At Serenity Health Care UK we have lived in the grips of addiction, this is how it works, as we know the desperation and despair addiction has taken you to. So we are here to help you climb out of the whole you’re stuck in, and change your live around. Call us at Serenity Health Care UK 

We also offer detox from prescription medications.

Is a Rehab Centre Herefordshire Your Only Option for Recovery?

Out there are many different ways a person can find recovery, but the most proven way, and highest success rates are through private alcohol rehab or drug rehab.

About the Clinic

Rehab Clinics in Abbey DoreEver persons detox process is different, depending on the drug of choice, each person will go through a different process. You will be under 24 hour care during the process. There will be staff on call for you at all times. We will help detox you as comfortably and pain free as possible, you will feel some kind of withdrawal symptoms as its impossible not to, but you will have support to get you through it.

You will see our doctor, who will prescribe you medication to help you come down of the substance you are on. Call us Serenity Health Care you to discuss the detox process.

Which of the Drug rehab centers Herefordshire Is Right for You?

Every private alcohol rehab Herefordshire or private drug rehab we have can meet your personal individual needs. We have the best treatment services across the country to offer. And have the best success rates for long term recovery.

When you call us at Serenity Health Care UK we take a quick phone assessment so we can meet your needs, Give us a call now, we are waiting for your call.

How to Choose between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Herefordshire

If you are struggling finically, or around childcare or perhaps getting time away from work. We have created a outpatient facility created for your needs.

You will detox from home with help and support from our doctors and nurses, while attending our day programme during the day.

You will have one to one counselling, and see a key worker and also sit on group therapy, the programme is structured around your needs, you can attend as many days as it suits you, but we would suggest between 3 and five days a week.

It will be suggested you build up a support network through peer support, and attend 12 step meetings.

We will help you learn how to deal with triggers and cravings, and in group therapy you will look at past life trauma. Your counsellor will also be there to help you with the healing process. You will be taught the ways you need to stay clean after leaving the day program and learn that you can live life on its terms with out the need for a substance in you.

Call Serenity Care UK so we can help you decide on the best option for you.

Can Anyone Get Rehab Alcohol Herefordshire?

Anybody can access our private alcohol rehab Herefordshire, or drug rehab clinics . We can meet any body’s needs, it doesn’t matter the back ground, race sexually identify we can help  

At Serenity Health UK we also understand of keeping, and protecting a persons anonymity.

How to Get in Contact With a Alcohol Rehab  Herefordshire

Call us at Serenity Health Care UK or you can contact us through our website now.

Telephone: Serenity Health Care UK on 0800 118 2892

December 18, 2015


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