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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Nottinghamshire

We have these treatment in Nottinghamshire

There is nothing between you and your future now, so hurry up and dial our number to talk one of our experts at Serenity Health Care UK on 0115 882 039  we can help you find the best private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire or drug rehab in your area. We are available 24 hours a day for you with 100% free advice according to your addiction.

We offer help from all kind of substances including prescriptions medications.

At Serenity Health Care UK  our team of trained specialist counsellors are in recovery from a substance misuse problem themselves so we do understand and emphasize with yours or your loved ones predicament caused by drugs or alcohol.


Call serenity Health Care UK for free advice on the best private drug rehab and alcohol rehab in the Nottinghamshire area.

Getting help in Nottinghamshire

Presently you can get perfect and calm help in Nottinghamshire without waiting. We are offering you or your adored one prompt help and support in Serenity Health Care UK.

This suggestion sound entices to you? It may be. The fact is, if you are experiencing the ill effects of alcohol addiction, the above suggestion may simply extend your life. Serenity Health Care UK in Nottinghamshire, offering you an alcohol recovery program occurring in a sheltered, secure and minding condition.

Since your alcohol recovery program happens in residential settings, you are completely expelled from allurement. By expert treatment procedure you get an organized day by day routine intended to treat the fundamental passionate reasons for drug and alcohol fixation. We have very supportive and like-minded individuals that are available for your associate help and consolation. We have developed such environment at our Nottinghamshire recovery center that is used to design recovery and learning. All treatment programs are profoundly individualized, which means you get medications that are customized to your necessities.

A load of coordinated help is offered to you from our group of multi-disciplinary experts all through your  private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire or drug rehab rehabilitation period. One-on-one advising and treatment sessions is included. You additionally get every minute of every day professional consideration should you require it.

Call Serenity Health Care UK now.

Getting instant help

We are offering a completely private drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire, there are no holding up records. You can get your treatment straight away. What’s more, when you leave our drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire centre, you are qualified for come back to our Nottinghamshire recovery center on an outpatient premise on account of our appealing aftercare plan. This aftercare package has no charges at all.We consider your long term rehabilitation important at Serenity Health Care UK, and we make each move to guarantee you don’t relapse once you leave our care.

AA meetings in Nottingham

In the event that you require the help of AA, essentially go to a gathering. AA is ’12 stage’ based and it gives numerous advantages because of the partnership it gives. Underneath we list the setting areas and times for AA gatherings occurring crosswise over Nottinghamshire:





Evening Meeting

Last Orders Recovery Centre, U5 Victoria Court, Kent




International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Rd.




International Community Centre, 61B Mansfield Rd.




International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Rd.




St Barnabus, Cathedral Hall, off Derby Rd.



Contact Serenity Health Care UK today

Serenity Health Care UK are here to help. Contact our professional support team today on 0115 882 0390 . When you call, all information you supply will be held in the strictest of confidence. Many of our advisors are recovering addicts, so we know exactly what you are going through.

We are here to help you. Contact us immediately to our help center today at Serenity Health Care UK on 0800 118 2892. We’ll keep the information given by you completely confidential after your call. We know your exact emotional condition because most of our counsellor are also in recovery.

Detoxing from any substance, even prescription medications is a challenging task for anyone, requiring determination and patience. Furthermore, while the success of any drug detox program depends primarily on an individual’s level of determination to become healthy, no one can beat addiction alone. At Rehab Clinic, our team of caring professionals are dedicated to linking you or your loved one with the right resources to achieve a life of sobriety.

The Serenity Health Care UK drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire will provide the safe and supportive environment needed for successful detox and rehab from alcohol or drug dependency issues. The experienced team of professionals working within our private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire and drug clinics have all the expertise to help you progress on your recovery journey and provide all the essential skills needed to build your strength and increase your knowledge of the reasons behind your dependency. One of the most important factors in breaking the cycle of addiction is learning the reasons behind your dependency and we work with you throughout drug rehab or alcohol rehab to help source this information in the most gentle way possible.

Call Serenity Health Care Uk today for free help and advice on addictive disorders, our support can assist in taking first steps towards recovery and make all the difference to your future well-being.

Drug and alcohol rehab clinics Nottinghamshire

Taking the first steps towards lasting recovery can feel hard, this is because the initial stages of your journey need to be made by you. Research shows that when you have the right kind of support and assistance throughout your recovery journey you are more likely to experience higher levels of success.

Our private alcohol rehab  Nottinghamshire and drug rehab clinics in Nottinghamshire provide you with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable medical practitioners and therapists in alcohol and drug addiction issues in the UK. Our private drug rehabs and private alcohol rehab clinics in Nottinghamshire offer a comfortable and secure environment, alongside varied activities throughout the day to help you progress along the route towards sustained recovery.

The Serenity Health Care UK drug rehab and  private alcohol rehab   Nottinghamshire will give you customised medical treatments and programmes of therapy that are completely tailored to meet your needs. That’s the prime goal of any residential stay. We will work alongside you every step of the way, helping you source the essential willpower and motivation that’s needed to ensure your recovery is a successful one.

You will soon find that we really and genuinely do care about all the clients we treat and this is one of the reasons our programmes can be so successful.

Serenity Health Care UK drug rehab treatment clinics and private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire offers a wide range of different therapies to enable all our clients overcome issues with addiction. Our world-leading alcohol and drug detox, rehabilitation and all the associated therapies we provide assists clients to reach their goals. We’re really proud of the track record of our drug rehab and private alcohol rehab  Nottinghamshire, and, what’s more, our helpful team of professionals will still be available to contact any time after you complete drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire.Rehab Clinic Nottinghamshire

We’re sure that you’ll discover the balance of professionalism, proven therapies and treatment programmes and the real human interactions received on a daily basis will help ensure the success of any stay at our drug rehab treatment clinic and private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire.

Make that initial step today by getting in touch with us for free help and advice about addictive disorders. We’re quite sure making that initial call will prove to be the best thing you have done in a long while. We can also provide you with more information about our successful treatment programmes at our drug rehab clinics and private alcohol rehab   Nottinghamshire.

Serenity Health Care UK are happy to take your call today, free of charge.

Effective alcohol detox Nottinghamshire

Call today for free help and advice on alcohol addiction and all the surrounding issues. Our knowledgeable team of professionals will be more than happy to discuss your personal situation in depth and can help provide you with the encouragement needed to take those first steps towards recovery.

If you are seeking alcohol detox Nottinghamshire, you’ll discover that Serenity Health Care UK is the number one provider that can place you firmly on the route of sustainable recovery.

Detox from alcohol can be a difficult, or even life-threatening, process. The alcohol detox process is the way in which the body rids itself of alcohol once you stop drinking. Sudden abstinence from drink can cause the body to go into a type of shock process, which may include the effects of delirium tremens (DTs). Signs of delirium tremens can occur when the body reacts to the lack of alcohol in the bloodstream. Symptoms can include seizures, fever, shaking, hallucinations and an irregular heartbeat. If you’re considering alcohol detox Nottinghamshire, you will find that Serenity Health gear the complete alcohol detox treatment to your needs, so detox will occur at the best pace to suit your requirements.Alcohol Rehab Nottinghamshire

Your alcohol detox Nottinghamshire will be undertaken in a safe and comfortable environment under the support of a caring and professional team of medical experts and therapists. This way you will be able to detox effectively without placing undue pressures on your mental or physical health.

Detox is not a cure for your addiction. It is just the beginning of the treatment that allows you to cut out drinking in a safe environment. Your medical drink detox means you don’t have to go through the “cold turkey” process or run the risks of seizures or alcohol-induced fits.

On arrival at our alcohol detox Nottinghamshire, you will have an examination from a medical practitioner and will be prescribed reducing levels of medication that are tailored to your needs. It is likely you will be prescribed a number of medications, including a strong sedative which will help you to sleep. Every step of our alcohol detox programme is geared towards making you as comfortable as possible throughout your stay.

When the detox procedure is complete you will be ready to move forward to our alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire. This treatment builds upon the abstinence from alcohol that has already been achieved. The Serenity Health Care UK teams will work with you to source the most positive ways to progress.

If you are planning alcohol detox Nottinghamshire, call Serenity Health Care UK today for free help, advice and information about addictive disorders.

Professional alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire

Serenity Health Care UK private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire and drug rehab really helps you explore the root causes behind your excessive alcohol consumption. Our alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire is an inpatient service, as we believe this is the best way to tackle rehab and get the most out of the available therapies. You will be staying within the safe and comfortable private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire clinic and will find it’s easy to relax and start exploring some of the issues surrounding your alcohol addiction.

This can be a very deep and intensive process, which is why we recommend our clients stay as inpatients throughout alcohol rehab. We know that alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire has by far the best chances of success once clients reach a good understanding of the reasons that triggered their alcohol addiction. We use counselling, therapy, cognitive behavioural therapies and the 12-step process to help our clients acquire the skills and insight needed to place issues with alcohol in the past. By the time clients leave our alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire their thought processes have completely changed and they are equipped with the tools and techniques to move onwards with their lives.

We additionally help provide and develop the coping strategies that are essential for dealing with temptations, so that by the time you leave alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire you are fully aware of the likely stresses and triggers that cause you to crave a drink. We understand that you might slip up in future and will give you tools to help cope, if this should be the case. You rest assured that when your alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire is complete, you will still be able to contact the Serenity Health Care UK team at any time. Your good health and ongoing well-being is paramount to us, so we’re happy to provide any continuing support that’s required once your alcohol rehab is complete.

Get in touch now for free help and advice on addictive disorders, like alcohol addiction. We can help you identify the best ways to start on your recovery journey. We can also provide advice to close family members and friends needing to support a loved one through the process of alcohol detox and rehab.

Effective drug detox Nottinghamshire

Serenity Health Care UK understand the drug withdrawal process and can help you through every aspect of detox and into recovery. The recovery process from issues with either prescription or illegal drugs varies between every individual and that’s the reason we tailor every treatment plan to meet requirements. The types and combinations of drugs taken by our clients vary enormously, with some clients dependent on alcohol as well.

Some of the common factors which will influence your withdrawal process include:

  • the amount of time you have been addicted to the drug as regular use on a daily basis may lead to higher tolerance levels which can cause more severe withdrawal symptoms
  • the combination of drugs used and whether alcohol abuse is also a factor. Dependence on drugs and alcohol will provide a completely different set of withdrawal symptoms and these could exacerbate each other
  • the level of dose being taken at the time you enter detox. If you take high levels of drugs you are more likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms
  • if you have a diagnosed physical or mental health problem you could find that your symptoms get worse throughout the withdrawal process. The medical team at Serenity Health are on hand 24/7 to ensure your drug detox Nottinghamshire will be as comfortable as possible

Our drug detox Nottinghamshire clinic helps you every step along the route towards making positive changes in your life so you can achieve the lifestyle you wish.

For many of our clients, the pathway to a lasting recovery begins with drug detox Nottinghamshire. Our highly trained team of medical and therapy professionals work with you to ensure an effective withdrawal from any substance. Withdrawal from drugs can cause psychological and physical effects, our drug detox Nottinghamshire provides the security and comfort to ensure your detox is as comfortable as possible and is gentle on your physical and mental health.Drug Rehab Nottinghamshire

Your drug detox Nottinghamshire will be customised to your circumstances, to ensure the most comfortable detox possible. You will have an initial medical consultation on arrival and this will be followed up throughout your stay to make sure your detox is handled as easily as possible.

Recognising that you have a drug addiction can be very difficult, and making the decision to face this and do something about it can be one of the toughest decisions in your cycle of addiction. Take time to call us now for free help and advice about addictive disorders. We’re happy to speak with close family members and friends, too. We understand the issues you face with your drug addiction and can help you make that first step forwards to your recovery journey.

Call Serenity Health Care UK so we can answer questions you may have on the detox process.

we also offer detox from prescription medications.

Safe and effective private drug rehab Nottinghamshire

When you have completed drug detox Nottinghamshire, you are in the best position to start your drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire with us. In some circumstances we do allow patients to omit the detox procedures and move directly to drug rehab Nottinghamshire.

At this point in your recovery journey our therapists work with you to try to help uncover reasons and issues surrounding your use of drugs. Discovering the triggers for your drug addiction and the reasons you turn to drugs is an important aspect of ensuring your recovery can be sustained. You will be provided with a variety of different talking therapies, including one-on-one sessions, group sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy. Very often our patients admit that these sessions are the first time they have opened up and talked about their issues surrounding addiction, and the sessions can be very difficult to handle. This is the reason we offer our drug rehab Nottinghamshire on an inpatient basis, as the relaxing and comfortable surroundings can ease some of the pressure and make it easier to talk and open up.

You will find that the Serenity Health Care UK drug rehab and private alcohol Nottinghamshire clinic helps you find the strength and coping skills to go onward with your journey to recovery. The insights and knowledge you discover through therapy will give you greater understanding of the reasons behind your drug habit and help you resist similar urges in future. We do provide clear guidance and assistance for times in the future that you may be tempted to go back to drugs, as we understand that daily stresses can sometimes prove difficult to handle.

We appreciate that your issues with drug addiction will have impacted upon close family members, that’s the reason we provide family therapies to help address issues which may have caused distress. Living with someone who has a drug addiction can be extremely upsetting and our family support helps provide the skills necessary to give you support throughout your recovery journey and provides the essential therapy needed to handle issues from the past.

Even when you have finished your drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire, our skilled team at Serenity Health Care UK can still provide you with ongoing support. You will be welcome to contact the drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire clinic at any point in future for additional and meaningful support.

You can call us any time for free help and advice about addictive disorders. Calls from close family members and friends wanting to provide you with essential support for your problems with drug addiction are also welcomed.

More good reasons to opt for Serenity Health Care UK rehab clinic Nottinghamshire

Any lasting recovery from issues surrounding alcohol or drug addiction will often depend upon a tailored programme to support that is perfectly matched to your needs. This is where Serenity Health Care UK excels. The care plan we create with you can be adjusted any time to include the therapies and support needed to help you towards your sustained recovery. There are no rights or wrongs within the treatment of addiction, so nothing within our care plans is rigid or pre-prescribed. Your programme of care depends very much on your requirements at the time.

Your detox and drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Nottinghamshire will be entirely geared to your preferences and the daily needs exhibited. Some of the therapies we provide includes one-to-one support, talking therapies and group sessions, but we will incorporate anything else that is likely to make a difference to you.

Serenity Health Care UK provides a discreet and private drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinic Nottinghamshire, offering very high standards of comfort and amenities. We understand that some people can find it distressing to be away from the home environment, yet we’re sure you will be impressed by the very high quality of decor and facilities available at our drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinic Nottinghamshire. Participating in the talking therapies can be extremely distressing at times and this is one of the reasons we prefer our clients to commit to residential stays for our alcohol detox Nottinghamshire and rehab Nottinghamshire, as well as our drug detox and drug rehab Nottinghamshire. When you’re away from all the stresses and pressures of your normal day-to-day lifestyle you can often find it much easier to open up and discuss some of the most personal and confidential aspects of your addiction.

No matter whether your residential stay amounts to seven days or 45, the staff at Serenity Health Care UK drug rehab or private alcohol rehab  Nottinghamshire will make you feel welcome and ensure your ongoing comfort. We provide 24-hour support to deal with any issues that may arise throughout your stay, but we will also respect your privacy and dignity.

Having a good support network is key to a sustainable recovery from drug or alcohol dependency and we will work closely with your family throughout your stay to ensure the highest quality of support you receive throughout your recovery journey.

Your close family members have lived with your addiction issues and will also need to embrace the recovery process. The work we provide to families helps produce the ongoing healing needed and will address any issues which may have remained in the background.

Our holistic and caring treatment programme is symbolic of the Serenity Health Care UK drug rehab or private alcohol rehab   Nottinghamshire and totally geared towards helping you make a sustained recovery, one step at a time. You will find the care and support offered by our private rehab clinics Nottinghamshire is second to none and, what’s more, our knowledgeable team will always be available for you even once your treatment has ended.

If you require emergency alcohol detox Nottinghamshire or an urgent drug detox Nottinghamshire, call Serenity Health Care UK for free help and advice on addictive disorders. Our helpful advisers will be happy to speak with you, or with a close friend or family member, to discuss ways in which you can address your issues with alcohol or drugs.

Facing up to the fact you have an addictive disorder is the first step on the way towards a lasting recovery. Our private drug rehab and private alcohol  rehab  Nottinghamshire provide the professional support and therapies needed to help ensure sustained recovery and renewed interest in daily sustained recovery and renewed interest in daily life.

Drug Detox Is A Natural Reaction

Rehab Clinics in Nottinghamshire

Detoxing is a natural reaction of the body when it involuntarily rids itself of toxins created by drugs or alcohol. It can manifest itself through vomiting, delirium tremors, cold sweats, and nausea. These symptoms are monitored by a certified technician or nurse to ensure the safety of the client.

Alcohol Drug Rehab Educates Clients About Addiction

Alcohol rehab is the best private treatment program for addicts. Alcohol drug rehabilitation is a structured regimen that consists of therapeutic groups, individual sessions, and activities that are designed to educate clients on addiction and promote the plus points of living a life of sobriety. During this time, clients and their peers will interact with each other and counsellors, creating a valuable support network.

Rehabilitation Clinic Is Where All Of The Magic Happens

A Rehabilitation Clinic is a place for treatment. These clinics are designed and structured to allow clients to feel at home while fostering a safe environment. Clients will have an opportunity to interact with peers, relax, play games, and sleep in their own bed while working their treatment. Even family members and other loved ones can visit with clients, fostering a nurturing and caring environment that will have a profound impact on their recovery.

From drug detox to alcohol rehab and drug rehab, clients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction will find refuge in a rehabilitation clinic. While the stereotype perpetuates in society that these clinics are places of punishment for “bad people”, many clients who have worked the program can testify that they are enriching and supportive programs that are interested in their well-being. Contacting a rehab clinic today is the first step to achieving a life of sobriety.

All our Nottinghamshire home detox plans will be medically supervised, alongside which you will receive the emotional and psychological support needed when withdrawing from alcohol or drugs.

Contact our admissions team for a free consultation Telephone: Serenity Health Care UK on 0115 882 0390

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