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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Warwickshire

We have these treatment in Warwickshire

We Have a number of  private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and drug rehab Treatment Facilities In Warwickshire

For living a brighter, more healthy life call us at 01926 270 315 or you can directly contact us by coming to our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire or private drug rehab clinic in Warwickshire. We are here for 24 hours for your assistance; you can take free advice about your addiction at any time.

Getting help in Warwickshire

We are providing exceptional services for the drug and alcohol addicts at Serenity Health Care UK in Warwickshire. We have modern facilities at our private alcohol Warwickshire rehab,  and drug rehab clinic, and a very a effective and advance method of treatment that will guarantee the perfect recovery of patients.

The environment at our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and drug rehab clinic in Warwickshire is very stable  for patients. There are many highly designed techniques and therapies that will be provide to you when getting treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction. We are assuring you that this can be your last addiction treatment, after this you will live a very healthy and peaceful life.

Overcoming temptation in your recovery

It is not an easy step to get rid of addiction of any substance , stopping the usage is the first step towards recovery. The most difficult part is to completely leave this behind. When you will be going through recovery you will face many obstacles in the way. Due to these obstacles many people revert back to addiction.

To determine this issue, our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire recovery facilities have built up various demonstrated methods to enable you to defeat desires to come back to drug and alcohol use, regardless of how much pressure you are experiencing daily . Quickly, these systems incorporate backslide aversion methodologies, psychological behavioral treatment and various all encompassing treatments.

Presently, you can access these treatments and considerably more on account of Serenity Health Care UK, medication and alcohol recovery contributions in Warwickshire. When you go to one of our phenomenal private alcohol rehab Warwickshire or drug rehab recovery centers, you will get various administrations intended to ‘show signs of improvement.’ These incorporate a facility detox, gathering and one-on-one treatment systems and organized aftercare.

Addictions we treat in Warwickshire

Our private alcohol Warwickshire and drug rehabs  run a whole array of various treatments for addictions you may envision.  Different kinds of addiction include drug, prescription drug and behavioral addictions. Every individual is dealt with as special, so recovery projects will vary between various individuals regardless of whether their substance of decision is indistinguishable to each other. We trust the personalization of fixation treatment is much more successful when contrasted with a summed up approach frequently received by a few suppliers of dependence treatment administrations.

Contact Serenity Health Group today

For getting quick help at our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and drug rehab clinics, just call us at 0800 118 2892 , this is our contact number of Serenity Health Care UK, we assure you that all of your treatment needs will be fulfilled here is best possible manner. We also guarantee confidentiality on client’s end.


Being addicted to drugs and alcohol can easily rob a person of his or her potential, family, dreams, and health. Thankfully, individuals that are addicted to these substances are able to receive the help they need with the help of drug addiction at our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and drug rehab centre.


In order to assist substance abusers with recovery, these centres offer alcohol detox programs. Alcohol detox is considered to be an important step in the process of recovering from alcoholism. During this procedure the patient will be medically supervised in order to ensure his or her safety. Medication is needed in order to help control some of the symptoms that may occur due to the body’s withdrawal from alcohol.

Group Sessions

Rehab Clinics in West LondonDetox is only a small step during the process of a substance abuser taking back their life. With the help of group sessions, a client will be able to gain strength from one another as they progress through this life changing process. The relationships built through groups sessions can help patients gain support and encouragement from one another.

Counsellors and Therapists

With the help of the counsellors and therapists patients will be able to understand why they have turned to alcohol. Alcohol rehab centres will also assist them in changing their behaviour with the help of cognitive behaviour therapy. With the help of these particular programmes patients will be able to find an alternative to alcohol that is healthier. For example, some people turn to alcohol or drugs in order to cope with negative life occurrences. With the help of alcohol and drug addiction rehab, a person can learn how to refrain from turning to alcohol or drugs during these difficult times. The on-site professionals can aid the patients in developing healthy outlets that help to relieve stress and frustration caused by negative life occurrences.

With the help of alcohol rehab centres and drug addiction rehab, many individuals have learned to how to take control over their lives again. Their hard work has allowed them to remain sober and to live a life that is healthy.

All about private Alcohol Rehab Warwickshire, And Drug Detox, plus Addiction Treatment

When you get to our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire you will see the doctor who will talk you about the best detox for you, you will be detoxed depending on the substance you are on over a 14 to 28 day period. There is a 24 hour staff team, so the person has constant support and care through the withdrawal process. 

After the person has completed detox they will enter the next stage of treatment, here they will take part in group therapy sessions, they will also see a counsellor in a one to one setting, most people who have suffered from a substance misuse problem will have come from a place of trauma , most are not even aware the effect life events can have on them and the behaviours that present because of the trauma. In one to one counselling sessions they will be able to look at the core of their drinking, or drug taking problem, and what is actually causing  this. They will be given the tools they need to help them cope with feelings and emotions.

Most of our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and drug rehabs are worked around the 12 step structure, with the steps they are able to identify what attitudes and behaviours keep on repeating in themselves, through this process they will build up a mental defence to their addiction, and be free from the problems that are causing them to abuse substances.

Peer support is also very much encouraged, after spending a considerable amount of time in isolation for most addicts, coming in to contact with other people who can support them is a very important factor to their recovery. They will be asked to attend 12 step meetings together, and keep the upkeep of the house they are in with each other, this is to help them learn how to trust, and build relationships with people.

There will also be day trips to various different places, art groups and much groups it is important the person learns how to enjoy life again as well as maintain their recovery.

The person will be able to have family visits once they have settled in to the programme.



How Do Private Alcohol rehab Warwickshire and Drug Rehabilitation Centres Work?

Our private alcohol rehab Warwickshire work through 24 support and care, there will always be someone available for the person as problems arise, such as triggers and cravings.

Through weekly key work sessions, peer support and counselling sessions, they will build a solid foundation for a strong long term recovery.

They will be given written work, such as a life story, and be asked to keep a daily journal this is so we can get to know them, see what areas of their life have lead them to take drugs or alcohol, and keep in check with their feelings.  


Is a Rehab Centre Warwickshire Your Only Option for Recovery?

There are many different recovery programs, and models out there, and they all work if the person is ready to stop using drugs or alcohol. How ever the highest success rate is through a private alcohol or drug rehab. At Serenity Health Care UK we have access to the best private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and drug rehabs in your area.


Which of the Drug rehab centers Warwickshire Is Right for You?

When you call us, we will ask you some simple questions to identify your needs. We are very confident we can help you find the best private drug rehab Warwickshire or drug rehab to meet your needs.

We can find the right treatment regardless of background and troubles you are facing, there is a private alcohol rehab or drug rehab designed for every ones individual needs.

How to Choose between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Warwickshire

Some people may not have the time to attend an inpatient alcohol rehab or drug rehab facility, due to childcare, time off work or even they may have found themselves financially stuck due to their drug or alcohol problem.

Our Outpatient facility’s have a structured day programme, where you will sit in group therapy, and take part in one to one counselling sessions, you will also be asked to attend either Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous.

You will take part in a home detox, this will be monitored when you come in to the day programme. 

The Benefits of Private Alcohol Rehab Warwickshire

We will help you keep up contact with your loved ones you will have access to a telephone in the evening and will be able to write to your children and family members, once you have started to settle within the programme you can have visits with your friends and family.

We understand the need to keep persons identity safe we have a confidential policy to protect every persons identity and keep it  protected at all times.

There is also the benefit of peer support and 12 step meetings. Serenity Health Care UK can take your call straight away, to help you with the best private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and private drug rehab clinics in your area. 

AA Meetings in Warwickshire

Beneath we show a portion of the AA gatherings occurring in Warwickshire. AA gives a ’12 stage’ recovery model. This is perfect for individuals who have just experienced drug addiction treatment. AA is fundamentally offered to recuperating heavy drinkers. AA has a sister association known as NA for recouping drug addicts:





Warwick Breakfast

St Paul’s Church, Friar St



Warwick Living Sober

Coffee Rm, All Saints Church, All Saints Rd



Warwick Newcomer Step 1

The Gap Community Centre, 39 Oakwood Grove



Leamington Spa

St Peter’s Church Hall, Dormer Place



Leamington Spa

St Peter’s Church Hall, Dormer Place



Can Anyone Get Rehab Alcohol Warwickshire?

Private alcohol rehab Warwickshire and drug rehabs are not just for high profile people, any one can come to us, our doors are open to anyone, it doesn’t matter how old you are, the background, we are here to help you find a better life style, call us at Serenity Health Care UK today, So we can find you the perfect private alcohol rehab Warwickshire or drug rehab that best suits your needs.

How to Get in Contact With a Alcohol Rehab Centre Warwickshire

Make a quick and easy call to one of our team, or you can talk to us via our website. Recovery is waiting for you, or your loved one at the other side of a phone call, please call us at Serenity Health Care now for the best free advice on private alcohol rehab Warwickshire, and drug rehabs for you.

Telephone: 01926 270 315

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