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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Surrey

We have these treatment in Surrey


We Have Multiple private rehab Facilities In and around Surrey.

A shinning future is waiting for you, you are just one step away from this, we have access to the best private alcohol rehab Surrey and drug rehab in the area. call us at Serenity Health Care UK on 01737 400231. We are available for your assistance 24 hours a day, you can get any kind of advice related to addiction from us. It will be free of cost.

At Serenity Health Care UK we have a team of trained specialist counsellors who have overcome a substance misuse problem themselves so we understand , and emphasize with yours or your loved ones predicament caused by drugs or alcohol.

Getting help in Surrey

The best drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey clinics are available in the Surrey area through Serenity Health Care UK. There are multiple private alcohol rehab Surrey and drug rehab options available at our clinics, it can be time consuming for the person to choose the best private treatment options for them, fortunately our team at Serenity Health Care UK are here to guide you about the most appropriate solution for you. We not only help in the start of the process, we are available before, after and during the drug rehab and private  alcohol rehab Surrey process , we are here to guide and help the patients. We provide totally unbiased advice to all of you. When you call us at Serenity Health Care UK in Surrey we will tell you about the drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Surrey treatment options available. Our treatment options include outpatient treatment, home detox and residential treatment.

We also offer detox from prescription medications, give us a call at Serenity Health Care UK today free of charge.

Home detox in Surrey

What is a home detox? Detoxification at your own place/ home is referred as home detox. In the home detox there is full privacy of the patient, but this privacy can be taken on the expense of personal care. No personal care could be provided during this procedure. The main reason behind this is the person getting home detox usually does it alone, or with the family members. No person can take care of the patient in a way that a professional therapist can do. The consequences of the home detox arise in the form of relapse. If you want to opt this option, one specialist from our team will visit your home to see whether the environment present is suitable for the patient or not. He will check the factors such as presence of family members, and duration of drug consumption. After the thorough assessment you will be guided about the best treatment option for you. All these steps are taken due to the fact that there are many life threatening symptoms of withdrawal.

Call us at Serenity Health Care UK so we can talk to you about this process.

Outpatient treatment in Surrey

One of the important treatment options is outpatient treatment in Surrey. In this treatment the patient need to attend the Surrey clinic in day time for few hours at any time. In this treatment option the patient can go back home and enjoy time with family and friends. This treatment is best for the people who don’t have much time for treatment or their budget is short.

They can attend our day programme between 3 and five days a week, we would suggest 5. They will be given an allocate key worker, and counsellor, they with have one to one sessions both members of Serenity Health Care UK team. They will take part in groups therapy, and they will look at written work, to help  look at their drug or alcohol problem, and the reason as to why they are using.

They will be able to attend 12 step fellowship meetings where they can build up a support network of friends, and get support after leaving the day programme.

Residential rehab treatment in Surrey

In drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey the person suffering with the substance misuse problem is required to move to the rehabilitation center. This drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey treatment option are the best private rehabs around, because inside this treatment programme, the person will move from their current environment, so comparatively this treatment is far better them outpatient treatment and home detox. In residential treatment the patient can leave every temptation, and triggers behind. 

Initial assessment upon arrival

Serenity Health Care UK keeps up an association with drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Guildford and Woking. Upon entry into the drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey, patients will under go a physical and mental examination. This examination is directed by the center’s therapist. The specialist is a medicinal specialist ready to recommend prescriptions intended to diminish withdrawal indications during detox.

Call Serenity Health Care UK now so we can talk to you about the private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Surrey that we have available in the Surrey area.

Detox in Surrey

Detoxification is started during the primary long stretches of recovery. Patients getting treatment in a private drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey will be seen by our  group of medicinal experts. The medicinal staff will observe and monitor withdrawal side effects, we will aim to keep you or your loved one as comfortable as possible during the detox. Patients’ nourishment, housekeeping and clothing are dealt with by the inside’s care staff. Patients’ spotlight is subsequently exclusively fixated on recuperation objectives.

Call Serenity Health Care UK now so we can answer any questions or fears you may have around the detox process.

Treating the mental aspect of addiction

After getting detox treatment now the patient have to attend therapy and counseling sessions. The sessions with the patients are conducted by the counselors and therapists on a rotating basis. In these therapies the main objective is to treat the mental issues of the patient. One-on-one counseling sessions are provided to each of the patient. They are provided with group sessions as well. In these sessions the patients learn from other patients as well. The therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.

In our Surrey drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey we also offer holistic therapies and other conventional psychotherapies. In these therapies the main objective is to improve the overall sense of the patient. The main holistic therapies include Reiki, mindfulness, reflexology and art therapy.

We additionally give ‘family treatment’ sessions. This enables patients’ relatives to go to and contribute towards their cherished one’s treatment sessions. Relatives are in this way given a stage to voice concerns and get treatment themselves. The relatives of addicts are frequently similarly influenced by their cherished one’s compulsion. Family treatment hence endeavors to recuperate the injuries bore by patients’ relatives.

Aftercare in Surrey

Surrey drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Surrey offer their patients’ broadened aftercare treatment sessions once recovery has finished up. This implies patients can come back to the recovery community for a broadened period amid those indispensable initial couple of many months in recuperation.

Contacting Serenity Health Care UK

We treat an assortment of addictions. Contact Serenity Health Care UK today for prompt inductions into a Surrey drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey clinic. Call Serenity Health Care UK on01737 400231 Email us and one of our will get in touch with you promptly.

We currently have two rehab clinics in Surrey which provide a range of treatment options.

Rehab Clinic in Old Woking

Residential drug rehab or private alcohol rehab facility’s are located in Old Woking, Surrey and it’s the perfect place to start your recovery. This beautiful listed building is set in picturesque country side just 40 minutes from central London. The extensive gardens are surrounded by a 10 foot brick wall which guarantees your privacy and security. Treatment is based on the holistic approach, we believe in treating the whole person.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help Call: Serenity Health Care UK at 01737 400231 for Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab in Surrey

Rehab Clinic in Kingston Upon Thames

duke_exteriorOur specially designed clinic in beautiful Kingston-upon-Thames caters exclusively for a maximum of six clients at any time, so you can be confident of personal attention, absolute discretion and dedicated care. Everyone who comes to us for help to tackle their problems with alcohol or drugs tells a different story. That’s why our specialist doctors, nurses and therapists develop and supervise bespoke treatment plans, based on a thorough understanding of the experiences and needs of each individual. As a small, exclusive clinic we can focus on you.

Successful Drug & Alcohol Treatment

grange-homeFinding a successful drug rehab or private alcohol rehabilitation clinic is paramount. We can help. With 100’s of clinics in the UK and worldwide we have established ourselves as the number when choice for getting people clean! Deciding on drug and alcohol detox or finding the right help when drug and alcohol problems are becoming too much can change your life. You need to know that you are choosing the right people to help you. That’s why this drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey Clinic is with you every step of the way. From fast admission to successful completion, we assure all our clients of professional, effective treatment in comfortable and exclusive surroundings. Each drug and alcohol treatment plan is developed specifically for individual needs by highly qualified specialists, selecting from a vast range of therapies, activities, counselling methods and treatments. Round-the-clock medical support gives you total peace of mind.

Our team at Serenity Health Care UK are waiting for your call now.

Drug and Alcohol Clinic in Surrey

We have drug and alcohol addiction treatment clinics throughout Surrey and the UK.

  • Private Counselling
  • Personalised Detox
  • Group Therapy
  • Addiction Counselling
  • Drug Rehabilitation
  • Alcohol Rehabilitation

Plus detox from prescription medications, and much more….

What happens in an Alcohol Rehab in Surrey Drug Detox and Addiction Treatment clinic?

At the private alcohol rehab Surrey or drug rehab we will need to get to the core of your drug or alcohol problem, We do this by one to one counselling sessions and structured day care, this will be mostly done in group settings, the person will also have one to one key work sessions. The person will also need to attend 12 step fellowship meetings.

Upon arrival you will meet with your key worker, and go through the admission process, once this is complete you or your loved one will see the drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey doctor to discuss the detox which is best suitable for yours or their needs.

There will be an aftercare programme put in to place after the person has graduated from treatment, they will continue to need support after leaving our drug rehab or alcohol rehab at Serenity Health Care UK we are here to help you all the way.

Call Serenity Health Care UK for a free phone consolation today.


How Do Surrey Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Work?

 Most of our private alcohol rehab Surrey and drug rehabs are based on the 12 steps derived from the 12 step fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. There will be support staff on call at the private alcohol rehab Surrey or drug rehab 24 hours a day. Through key work sessions, one to one counselling sessions and regular group work, we will help the person find the solutions to the problems they have been facing. They will learn the tools they need to take back out in to the community, in order to maintain a long term recovery. 

Any one in our drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Surrey clinics will have access to a phone at night so they can talk to family, friends and loved ones, we know how important it is to maintain family connections, visits will be allowed once the person has started to settle within the programme. Each person will be assessed individually around visits, as its important they are not distracted from their drug or alcohol treatment.

After treatment the person will be invited back to our aftercare programme, consisting of group sessions and one to one counselling and 12 step work.

And regular 12 step meeting attendance.

Serenity Health Care UK can help you with the best private rehabs available to you in the Surrey area.

Is a Rehab Centre in Surrey Your Only choice for Recovery?

There are various different ways to find recovery. But at Serenity Health Care UK we feel that drug rehab or private  alcohol rehab Surrey is the most solid option for you or the person you love to successfully discover a long and healthy recovery. our success rates are high, and we have helped many people in to their journey of recovery, and who are living a much happier healthier life style.

Each person that is coming to our private alcohol rehab Surrey or drug rehab centre will have faced many difrrent issues and problems, we will help you set about working through them, and help you to live in the solution free from active addction

About the Clinic

Rehab Clinics in Aarons HillWhat will Happen at a Detox Clinic in Surrey? Soon as you’ve seen the doctor on arrival, they will take your medical observations and ask you to give a drug or alcohol test, they will do this to see how much medication the person will need at the start of the detox process, the detox will be monitored very carefully so we can keep the person as settled and as comfortable as we can.

Withdrawal from any substance can feel like an intimidating exercise, its important for us to reassure you, or the person coming to our Serenity Health Care UK clinic that the detox will pass, and hopefully this will be the last time they have to suffer from withdrawal ever again.

To be given the best detox possible we will need to know the exact consumption of drugs are alcohol the person has been consuming, this is so we can that the withdrawal symptoms properly.

Serenity Health Care UK will help you understand more around how a detox works, free of charge over the phone today.

Which of the Drug rehab centers Surrey Is Right for You?

It really doesn’t matter what back ground you have come from, we will find a private  alcohol rehab Surrey or drug rehab that matches the needs of the person coming to us at Serenity Health Care UK. We understand every person has had their own struggles, and will have different problems they have been facing, we will be able to find the person an alcohol rehab Surrey or drug rehab that suits them.

Call Serenity Health Care now to discuss the options we have for you, or your loved one.

How to Choose between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment in Surrey

Many people will have come across some financial difficulties due to their substance misuse problem, or may have had a family break down so may struggle with childcare, or even find it hard to get time away from work. So if any of those things are a concern for you, you needn’t worry, at Serenity Health Care UK we can access an outpatient facility for you or your loved one. The outpatient programme will in tail a structured day program where the person will sit in group sessions, and counselling sessions, it will also be advised they attend 12 step mutual aid groups.

In our inpatient drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Surrey, there will be on going support from staff and peers, one to one counselling, groups therapy sessions, and meaningful actives groups, such as walking, or art therapy and music therapy groups.

Call us at Serenity Health Care UK now to talk about alcohol rehab and drug rehab treatment further. 

The Benefits of Private Alcohol Rehab within Surrey

The biggest benefit to private alcohol rehab Surrey is round the clock care, we have trained staff who will spot cravings and triggers when they come up for people. So many people spend so much time sat in isolation in their using days, its really important we help them change this pattern of behaviour. There will always be someone to talk to, day or night if the person starts to struggle. At Serenity Health Care UK we care about the person and their recovery.

Give Serenity Health Care UK a call, free of charge today.

Can Anyone Get Rehab Alcohol in Surrey?.

The doors at Serenity Health Care UK are open to absolutely anyone, what ever the back ground, the problems or the struggles they may be facing, religious back ground, sex, doesn’t matter what the persons identity is, Serenity Health Care UK can help.

How to Get in Contact With a Alcohol Rehab Centre Surrey

A call to Serenity Health UK will be a quick and simple task, you can reach us on our helpline number, or contact us through our website. Our counsellors are waiting for your call today.

Serenity Health Care UK are waiting to take your call today.

Telephone: 01737 400231

Areas Covered

Banstead, Camberley, Caterham, Chertsey, Chobham, Cobham, Cranleigh, Croydon, Dorking, Egham, Epsom, Esher, Farnham, Frimley, Gatwick, Godalming, Guildford, Haslemere, Horley, Leatherhead, Lingfield, Oxted, Redhill, Reigate, Staines, Sunbury, Sutton, Warlingham, Weybridge, Woking and surrounding areas.

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