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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Devon

We have these treatment in Devon


Are you looking for a Private Alcohol Rehab Devon, Private Alcohol Detox Devon, Private Rehab Clinics Devon, Private Drug Rehab Devon, Private Drug detox Devon, for you or someone you love?. Contact Serenity Health Care UK today on 01237 660 032 to get help from our expert team  of friendly counsellors, we understand yours or a loved ones drug or alcohol problem, because most of our team are in recovery from a drug or alcohol problem themselves. 

Getting help in Serenity Recovery for you with Private Alcohol Rehab Devon

Serenity Recovery, situated in a beautiful and tranquil part of Devon, is a paramount and top ranking treatment center for substance abuse. We provide a combination of individual treatments and unique therapy programmes differentiate Serenity Recovery to other rehabilitation centers when it comes to treating disorders and addictions. Our motto is: “help is possible to everyone” Private Alcohol Detox Devon

You are offered full secrecy and privacy. And you will be completely safe and secure in and will be treated as a worthy person in a healthy environment of Devon. You will be attended by our trained and polite staff and will get individualized attention.

Everyone is different, so, after evaluation and assessment, you will get an individualized and bespoke programme according to your treatment needs. You will be provided by a devoted therapist who will work with you throughout your stay and will ensure your recovery. He will develop the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a life free from addiction. You will be left with a complete “serenity Recovery” plan for drug and Private Alcohol Detox Devon

You will also get some group therapies i.e. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Expression through Art, Expression through Music, Mindfulness and Mood Management. On daily basis, one on one session will be organized by a focal therapist. We know that the life after leaving rehabilitation center is a real challenge. In collaboration with you, we will develop an aftercare programme which will look all critical aspects of your life.

While staying at our center you and your loved one will be provided by the gym and a swimming pool, as well as exercise, is good for one’s well being.

In our private clinic, you can refer you, your family member can refer you or you can be referred to a therapist or your GP. While admitting in our center you will be required your full history and blood test as well. After consultation with our admission team, you will get admission within 24 hours. Our team will access your situation and you or your family members will be given advice. A visit to our center can also be arranged on your choice because at first, it looks scary to live in a rehab center. Your fee will be dependent on the length of your stay along with the nature of therapy and care provided. Accommodation, all food drink, and therapy will be included in the fee.

We provide you detox. Detoxification is a process that removes toxins from the body caused by substance abuse. During detox, the body is allowed to break down drugs in the system and clears the toxic effects. You will be provided detox if u need the supervision of trained staff who constantly observe the safety and comfort level of the client undergoing the symptoms. When detoxification is performed, a dependent individual normally experiences some of the mental and physical health symptoms that may be dangerous and irritating. That is why medically supervised detox programme is suitable for substance-dependent people.

We will perform detox in 3 stages:

At first stage, your medical history will be checked and blood and urine tests will be taken to make sure the presence of alcohol or drug. The 2nd stage starts with familiarization the client with detoxification. He will be checked hourly to monitor the withdrawal symptoms. At 3rd step, further treatments are discussed to treat the addiction. A combination of observational techniques, structured inventions, group therapies and family involvement is used to gain a complete recovery.

Our treatment center has private rooms, individually styled, luxurious and comfortable. Our director and manager is a qualified practitioner with many years of experience of working with severe psychological disorders. And the centre boasts and exclusive gym and swimming pool.

So if you want to live a healthy and addiction free life with your loved one’s, call us : 01237 660 032

Serenity Recovery,  Devon

Serenity Health Care UK in Devon are offering many private drug rehab Devon and private alcohol rehab Devon also in the South West of England region. If you want to know about  the private alcohol rehab Devon procedure call us today at Serenity Health Care UK on 01237 660 032 we’ll let you know of the perfect treatment procedure for yours or the person you love to find  recovery.

We are offering a free telephone support to anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, or perhaps you are concerned about a loved one . Call our helpline. Serenity Health Care UK have many private alcohol rehab Devon and drug rehabilitation specialists for complex drug and alcohol addiction.

Busting misconceptions

We often find many stories about Celebrity Private Drug Rehab Devon in newspapers and magazines. People think that is costly to get Private Drug Rehab Devon Bideford and alcohol rehabilitation it is a false concept that only rich and famous can get it. At the same time as, Private treatment is costlier and time consuming. This is a reason why not many people try to get it. At Serenity Health Care UK we will talk you through the private alcohol rehab Devon and drug rehab clinics process, and help you find one based on yours or your loved ones individual needs.

Abstinence model of recovery

In Devon the main advantage of attending the residential private alcohol rehab Devon is to rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol, or even prescription medications, and give you a free environment to live your own. The main purpose is to able you to live your life without drugs or alcohol  and make you independent mentally and physically. This procedure is also called an ‘abstinence model’.

A concentrated therapy procedure and counselling session is suggested by therapy specialists to ensure the self-discipline. It is necessary to get these sessions to live a drug and alcohol-free life. Additionally, our specialists also educate you about techniques to regain recovery and methods to handle your issues without usage of drugs and alcohol at our private drug rehab Devon.

We have built a team of expert treatment providers in our Serenity Health Care UK private alcohol rehab Devon to tackle these problems. We have a multi-disciplinary team that includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, prescribing nurses, psychologists, neurobiology experts and addiction counsellors. This ensure you to trust us with your rehabilitation and achieving your goals by attending private, one-to-one or group session or via residential treatment, we also provide aftercare with supervision of experts.

The early stages of treatment

In first stage treatment you will be seen by our therapists, you will take a short physical and psychological assessment. It is necessary for our team to give you  best suitable therapy, in regards to your detoxification procedure that is going to be followed. Serenity Health Care  UK are waiting for your call so  we can support you through the private alcohol rehab Devon process.  

Our Clinical experts will then arrange the rehabilitation procedure for your treatment. Our Counselling team will manage your treatment procedure we have the best private alcohol rehab and drug rehabs in Devon. It consists of different therapists, specialists, and councilors who are able to tackle this kind of problems effectively and know the modern techniques like CBT, psychotherapy and holistic therapies. Give Serenity Health Care UK a call now for private alcohol detox Devon or private drug detox devon,  so we can talk you through the private drug rehab and alcohol process, this call is free of charge.

Tailored addiction treatment for Private Alcohol Rehab Devon

It is an important part of your rehabilitation procedure to initially examine the person, to assess their needs. The reason behind this is each person is unique in its own way and we can’t apply same process to everyone. So, the need of professional therapists and specialists is must to treat an addict correctly. That’s why Serenity Health Care UK are called known as in Devon for there private alcohol detox Devon to recovery fast.

More importantly we make custom-made treatment plans for every individual on their unique needs by using professional methods. The reason behind a specific recommended treatment plan is that we know exactly by our first assessment what you need to get out of alcohol and drug addiction.

Getting help today Private Alcohol Rehab Devon

To find the best therapy for you or loved ones for Private Drug detox Devon call our Serenity Health Care UK team we are here to help and support you. You can call us for a free advice or visit us anytime. Our specialists experts are available for you any time of day so you can get immediate help and advice. We are aware of your problem and know what you need. So, call us without any hesitation on 01237 660 032  or contact us through our website.

The private alcohol rehab Devon and drug rehab provides residential treatment, counselling and support services for alcoholism, prescription medications, drug addiction, eating disorders gambling and co-dependency both to individual sufferers and concerned others. Serenity Health Care UK  have access to the best, private drug rehab devon and private alcohol rehab Devon area.

Established in 1998 the centre has helped thousands of people throughout the UK and from abroad to establish a quality recovery and live a more fulfilled life. As the first in this country to provide treatment based on the Minnesota Model, the organisation has had more experience than any other agency in the country at working with this effective programme.

Private Drug detox Devon

Set in the heart of the Devonshire countryside, this beautiful and unrivalled Private Alcohol Detox Devon offers a tailor made and unique treatment programme based on your specific needs to regain your recovery. It provides a haven for anyone suffering from addiction or depression. This clinic is set in peaceful surroundings which was created on a more homely feel to it.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help
Call: 01237 660 032  for Rehab in Devon

About the Clinic

Private Alcohol Rehab Devon Private Drug detox Devon, whilst the illness cannot be cured, with the correct treatment it can be arrested and sufferers are able to live a normal and fulfilled life in recovery. Serenity Health Care UK understand the importance of being comfortable during your stay in private alcohol rehab Devon and Private Alcohol Detox Devon

Treatment Program

The main goal of treatment at Serenity Lodge is to assist individuals in gaining a firm foothold in recovery. In all cases this will mean being abstinent from all mood altering chemicals or repeating patterns of behaviour. In addition we aim to provide every client with the opportunity to become familiar with the Fellowship self-help groups with a view to using this for continuing support in the maintenance of a quality recovery.

The underlying goal is to help people abstain from self-defeating patterns of behaviour and replace them with new and more productive ones ro regain recovery. In all cases clients will be encouraged to challenge thinking and attitudes adopted to perpetuate active addiction and at the same time supported in the development of new ways of dealing with life experiences and associated emotions.Private Rehab Clinics Devon

From the moment you arrive to the day you graduate, you will undergo a treatment programme set in a relaxed environment run by highly qualified staff here at private rehab clinics Devon. The staff are on hand here 24/7. Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab are proven methods to set you of on the road  to recovery with us at Private Alcohol Detox Devon.

For anyone who requires detoxification, this clinic offers a tailor made medical detox programme for Private Drug detox Devon which will make the first few days of your stay comfortable as you start to withdraw from alcohol or drugs. You will be assessed by their medical staff on your arrival so as to determine your best requirements. You will then undergo a programme which is proven to be effective and successful has helped many patients go on to lead addiction free lives with Private Alcohol Detox Devon.

The staff and other patients will immediately welcome you and you will feel at ease very quickly here. It can be frightening when entering in a private rehabilitation clinic treatment programme for Private Drug detox Devon, but with the support of everyone here at the Private Alcohol Detox Devon, you will settle in very quickly. Serenity Health Care UK are here to answer any questions you may have around the private rehab process. 

Private Drug detox Devon and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Devon near me

We have a successful private alcohol rehab Devon and Private Drug detox Devon assessment centres located in Devon that provides specialist drug and alcohol addiction treatment and the following services;

  • Private Alcohol Rehab Devon
  • Alcohol and Private Drug Detox Devon plus prescription medication detox.
  • Private Drug Rehab Devon
  • Private Drug detox Devon
  • Private Alcohol Detox Devon
  • Private Rehab Clinics Devon
  • Serenity Recovery with ease


Is a Private Alcohol Rehab Devon Your Only Option for Recovery?

In today’s society there are a number of ways a person can access recovery starting with Private Drug detox Devon. But at Serenity Health UK we suggest the private alcohol rehab Devon or drug rehab option, as it has the highest success rate for long term recovery. Call us today and we will help you decide the best recovery option for you, or a family member

What Happens at a Private Drug Detox Devon?

Private Alcohol Detox Devon

When a person comes to us at one of our Serenity Health Care UK private alcohol rehab Devon or Private Drug Rehab Devon, they will firstly see a doctor with their allocated keyworker. They will be asked a few questions about their drug or alcohol intake.  Some quick observations will be taken then the doctor can prescribe the detox. Everybody who goes under a detox will experience different withdrawal symptoms. They will have 24 hour support staff around to help them through the detox process. They will attend some group work sessions to keep them grounded through the the detox procedure. Once they have completed detox they will move on to stage one treatment you then move onto Private Drug Rehab Devon programme.

Which of the Private Drug rehab Devon Is Right for You?

We have various private alcohol rehab Devon and drug rehabs available to meet your needs. Over the years we created treatment centres for every ethnic minority and background. You could be a high profile celebrity or come from a working class background, it doesn’t matter we can help. The doors at our treatment centres are open to all. Give us a call at Serenity Health Care UK so we can help you find the perfect Private Drug Rehab Devon or Private Alcohol Detox Devon to fit your needs


How to Choose between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Devon

For many different reasons some people may not be able to access inpatient treatment due to having children, or getting time out of work, some just simply not have the cash they need. So we have set up and outpatient treatment facility to help people in that situation. drug or alcohol detox at home Devon, and you will be observed from the day programme. 

You will take part in group therapy, one to one key work sessions as well as counselling at Private Drug Rehab Devon. You will build a support network through peer support. You will  also need to attend 12 steps mutual aid groups , like Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

Serenity Health Care UK are here to help you with what ever way you decide to find your recovery. 


How to Get in Contact With a Private Alcohol Detox Devon

You may call us on our free phone number or you can contact us through our website.

The team at Serenity Health regain Recovery care about the person their needs, and their recovery. We are waiting to take your call now starting with a Private Drug detox Devon.

Telephone: 01392 590180
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK –Devon

Areas Covered for alcohol or Private Drug Rehab Devon near me

Ashburton, Bampton, Barnstaple, Bideford, Bradninch, Brixham, Buckfastleigh, Budleigh Salterton, Chulmleigh, Colyton, Cranbrook, Cullompton, Dartmouth, Dawlish, Exmouth, Great Torrington, Hartland, Holsworthy, Ilfracombe, Kingsbridge, Newton Abbot, North Tawton, Paignton, Salcombe, Sherford, Sidmouth, South Molton, Tavistock, Torquay and surrounding areas. we have many clients come from cornwall, dorset, Somerset, Gloucester and bristol to this exclusive rehab clinic devon.

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