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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Dorset

We have these treatment in Dorset

Call Serenity Health Care UK for a free consultation about Private Alcohol Rehab Dorset or Drug Rehab in Dorset, We also have access to Private Alcohol Detox in Dorset, call our team of specialists at Serenity Health Care UK on 01202 805340. We are open all day and night and offer 100% free advice to anyone suffering from a substance misuse problem. At Serenity Health Care UK we understand the difficulties drugs and alcohol will have taken on you or a loved one, as most of our counsellors are in recovery, from a substance misuse problem themselves. We have information on the best private alcohol rehabs Dorset, in the your area, we will help you work out what one is best for you or your loved one.

Call us free at Serenity Health Care UK today.

Getting help in Dorset

It is not easy for anyone to admit that they have a drug or alcohol problem. We have specialists who completely understand your feelings and fears around ‘coming to terms’ with, and talking about an addiction problem. Just as it can also be difficult to call the Drug Rehab or Private Alcohol Rehab  Dorset for help.

Please don’t hesitate to give Serenity Health Care UK a call, most of us on our team have been through the drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Dorset treatment process, so we do understand how you or a loved one are felling and we know exactly what the person is going through. 

How we can help for Private Drug and private alcohol Rehab Dorset

Following is a list of different ways that can help you get the right private drug rehab, or private alcohol rehab Dorset rehabilitation facility in Dorset.

  • Complete basic test over telephone to know about your addiction
  • Get Telephone and email help before entering our Serenity Health Care UK Center
  • Rehabilitation planning by specialists and professionals
  • Find out best treatment from inpatient and outpatient treatment plan
  • Custom made detox treatment and rehabilitation
  • Private Alcohol Rehab Dorset
  • Private Alcohol Detox Dorset
  • Private Rehab Clinics Dorset
  • Private Drug Rehab Dorset
  • Private Drug detox Dorset

Why use Serenity Heath Care UK Rehab Clinics in Dorset?

Our Serenity Health Care UK Private Alcohol Rehab Dorset are famous not just for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. The street scene covering this area with the coast, is a beautiful place to recover with its beaches. In the last ten years we have built a perfect and strong bound with the region. We provide some of the best Private Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehabs  Dorset. With 24 hour round the clock care and support, we can find the right rehab centre for you, a family member or friend.

You can get urgent and instant treatment, whenever you contact Serenity Health Care UK for a drug rehab, or private alcohol rehab Dorset. If you want to select our services for yourself it is a very quick and simple procedure, because you wont  need to wait for a placement to come up. We have access to a number of Private Alcohol rehab Dorset and Drug Rehabs in your area, Give Serenity Health Care UK Private Rehab Clinics a call today, free of charge for information on the best drug treatment and alcohol treatment services in the Dorset area.

We have many treatment options in Dorset, so when you contact us at Serenity Health Care UK we help you choose the best service for you. Mostly we recommend residential drug rehab or alcohol rehab treatment in Dorset. The reason behind this suggestion is that it is a well structured and planned treatment placement.


What types of treatment are available?

If you have not sought addiction treatment in the past, you may be confused about what it actually entails. The most important thing to remember is that you really have nothing to worry about.Private Drug Rehab Dorset Addiction treatment is designed to put you at ease and give you the tools and techniques to live your life without drugs or alcohol. It is important that you embrace, rather than resist the notion of seeking out help for your addiction. Serenity Health Care UK Private Drug Rehab in Dorset will talk you through the treatment process, we can answer any questions you may have, call us now.

Essentially, you may seek out treatment on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Inpatient basis is also known as ‘residential treatment. This is because you become a ‘resident’ of the treatment facility for around 28 days whilst you undergo treatment. Inpatient care can last between 28 days, or  8 to 12 weeks.

Treatment success rates are typically much far higher when drug rehab or alcohol treatment is taken on an inpatient basis. Why? Because unlike outpatient treatment, when you choose to undergo your treatment on an inpatient basis you are entirely taken away from ‘bad influences’ such as triggers and cravings that could trigger  you to drink alcohol or resort you back to taking drugs.

We also have access to our outpatient facilities, you will be seen by a doctor who will put you on a home detox, this will monitored when you come in to the day programme. You will have group therapy sessions, and one to one counselling. You will also need to attend 12 step mutual aid groups such as, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous.

If you are struggling either financially, with childcare or finding it hard to get time off work, an outpatient programme will be a great option for you,

Call one of counsellors now to talk about inpatient or outpatient programs available in the Dorset area now.

What happens during rehab?

When you enter our Serenity Health Care UK private alcohol rehab Dorset or drug rehab, you will have provided a Performa, this is so we can get initial information about your drug or alcohol problem, and get to know your background. It is usually done by a specialist or prescribed nurse. This information will help to set up your detox treatment and rehabilitation process. During your detox procedure it may possible to feel some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Our trained specialists are with you at every stage to make it comfortable as possible for you my giving some medications, to ease the withdrawal process.

While your detox procedure is under way, we will arrange therapy and counselling sessions for you according to your addiction problem. These sessions will help you heal emotionally and physically. Anxiety and depression are very common during the detox process. Typically, these emotional elements cause an arise in your addiction to begin with, we will give you the tools you need to learn how to manage, and maintain these feelings, without the use of drugs or alcohol.

There are two type of therapy sessions one is in a group therapy setting, you can also get one-to-one sessions so you can tell the counsellor personally about your emotional problems without any hesitation.

Most of the important changes happen during these therapy sessions. They learn exactly why they choose to use drugs and alcohol. They are educated by psychotherapists the exact triggers that make their addiction spiral out of control.

We only introduce you to the drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Dorset rehabilitation centers that contribute to the ‘abstinence based’ model at Serenity Health UK. The advantage is that it can educate you how to make your life alcohol free even after rehabilitation procedure.

In all our private alcohol rehab Dorset and drug rehab rehabilitation clinics we offer aftercare package. This is necessary for your safety so you can live a new, happy and better life after rehabilitation.

We also offer a detox program, from prescribed medications.

Access treatment in Dorset now with Serenity Private Alcohol Detox Dorset


Private Rehab, is a proven If you want to get our services in Dorset, Call us today at 0800 118 2892 Private Drug detox Dorset. When you contact us, you will take a quick assessment. This assessment will help us find a suitable drug or alcohol rehabilitation procedure for you in Dorset. We are here with honest sincere advice. Call one of our friendly team of counsellors today, at Serenity Health Care UK our model is to successfully address a substance misuse problem and help you find long term recovery, we will help you to identify the attitudes and behaviours that are adding to the drug or, alcohol problem.

We understand that you’re a one of a kind individual with unique problems. It’s because of this reason that we will develop a personalised plan for your drug rehab or private alcohol rehab treatment stay, according to these unique issues and what problems you are facing, we will find  what works effectively for you.

We’re totally unbiased and provide you zero cost, no obligation and confidential guidance. Attempting to find an appropriate rehabilitation or detoxification clinic can prove to be a difficult task. Allow us to take the hassle out of the entire ordeal. We realize an individual’s dependancy doesn’t make an individual any less of a person.

rehab dorset

The imbalances which lead to addiction can affect anybody. One must always remember there’s nothing to be embarrassed about , a person’s drug or alcohol problem doesn’t define a person’s life. The chance to regain ones health, and to look at the root cause of the addiction is our principal aim. Give Serenity Health Care UK a call today, to discuss what drug rehab and alcohol treatment options are available to you now, in the Dorset area. Also call us for Private Drug detox Dorset.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help
Call: 01202 805340 for Rehab in Dorset

Residential Treatment – Rehab Clinics Bournemouth

Prior to being admitted to our private alcohol rehab Dorset and drug rehab Dorset treatment centre,clients will undergo a comprehensive assessment with one of our fully trained therapists. This gives us an opportunity to assess the client and their level of need. It also gives the client and their family the chance to assess us and ask any questions they may have about us. At Serenity Health Care UK most of counsellors have undergone the treatment process, so we understand the situation your or a family member are in. Call us now, we can answer any fears, or questions you may have, around the drug or alcohol treatment process.

A Closer Look at the Bournemouth Clinic

Family Counselling

We can offer this service via telephone, as we do  understand that for various reasons it may not always be possible to come to us but we do recommend where possible that clients come and have a look around our drug rehab and alcohol rehab, as it is very important to get a sense of what happens here.

If the assessment goes well and you are offered a place in out alcohol rehab or drug rehab, you will be given a ‘start date’. Soon after your arrival, Dr. Turnbull or a member of his medical team will prescribe the most appropriate detox regime, when detox is necessary. Dr.Turnbull is undoubtedly a leading light in the field of addiction and alcoholism and has worked in the field for many, many years.

At Serenity Health Care UK  Private Alcohol Detox Dorset, we understand the importance of maintaining and rebuilding relationships with your family, friends and loved ones.

Drug and Alcohol Detox at Private Alcohol Detox Dorset

We are able to detox clients from most substances including alcohol, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, benzodiazepines and various prescription drugs at our Private Alcohol Detox Dorset. Detox regimes are prescribed dependent on several factors. For more information about the medication used and the length of detox.

During detox clients are encouraged to take advantage of our alternative therapies, which include yoga, acupuncture and reiki which are proven to help with high levels of anxiety or problems of insomnia although medication will also be used to help with these issues. Serenity Health Care UK are available now to talk to you about how a detox works.

During detox, which is usually no longer than two weeks, except when detoxing from benzodiazepines which is a  longer process, you will be assigned a focal counsellor who will be your personal therapist during your stay at the drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinic. They will formulate a care plan with you during this period, outlining a short term plan of action which is then reviewed regularly throughout your treatment. After completing detox, the client will be presented with a certificate and move on to Stage 2.

Primary Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

The treatment programme offers Private Alcohol Detox in Dorset on a eclectic approach which has actually been adopted by several other drug rehabs after seeing the success rate of our treatment programme.

During primary treatment, clients will be introduced to basic recovery concepts, and will be encouraged to begin to explore the recovery process.

They will participate in daily group therapy sessions, one-one counselling and regular lectures and workshops on addiction and recovery related topics such as relapse prevention, anger management, relationships etc.

Serenity Health Care UK are waiting for your call now.


There is also a big focus on self-esteem during this stage of treatment, as although the alcoholic or addict often presents various defence mechanisms, the truth is they usually feel a huge amount of guilt and shame which perpetuates the cycle of addiction. In the Private Drug detox in Dorset Alternative therapies are also offered throughout this stage of treatment. During this stage clients will also be expected to prepare written assignments and a daily diary, reflecting on their thoughts and feelings.

In the evening clients in this stage are supported to 12 Step community based meetings of either Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. This is an essential part of treatment as recent research clearly demonstrates that good affiliations with these support groups increases the chance of long term recovery.

Most of our team at Serenity Health Care UK Private Alcohol Rehab Dorset are working a 12 step model of some sort, it is a proven method world wide, to achieve and maintain long term recovery!.

Secondary Treatment after Private Drug Rehab Dorset

During this stage, therapy continues along the same format as the previous stage although the emphasis shifts towards relapse prevention, We also offer family therapy at the Private Alcohol Detox Dorset in Bournemouth and putting together a solid structure and plans for life after treatment. Underpinning all of this work is the importance of the client taking responsibility for their own recovery.

By now, most clients have improved trust in others and are prepared to explore in greater depth their problems and solutions to these problems. This is often necessary to get to the root of their problems as ‘skimming the surface’ may only be a short term solution.

Peer Evaluations at Serenity Private Alcohol Rehab Dorset

Clients participate in peer evaluations where, with their group, they identify their main blocks and resources to recovery. This provides further material for clients to work on. 

By the end of this stage clients will have a concrete plan for life after the drug rehab or alcohol rehab treatment and if clients are looking to relocate to Bournemouth , we will endeavour to re-house them in suitable surpported accommodation. Clients will also be given a graduation ceremony where friends and family are invited to celebrate the achievement of completing treatment. These graduations are often particularly cathartic, not just for the client, but also for the family.

Aftercare from Private Rehab Clinics Dorset

Chemical dependency is a chronic relapsing condition. Our aftercare programme has been designed to enable clients to deal with the issues which occur in everyday life situations, whilst in early recovery. This programme is original and vastly different from the majority of aftercare programmes available as it continues to offer a very high level of support and structure.

Aftercare is held at one of our rehab clinics in Bournemouth  and takes place  three half days each week. The programme itself is a blend of both therapeutic interventions and rehabilitative activities.

Therapeutically, the Private Drug Rehab in Dorset and alcohol programme offers specialised counselling, life skills training, nutritional interventions, boundaries and assertiveness training, family dynamics, parenting skills, anger management and money management interventions in order to help clients live life on life’s terms, clean and sober after Bournemouth Private Alcohol Detox Dorset.

In terms of rehabilitation, clients, whilst in aftercare are supported in finding new careers, appropriate training and education, or voluntary work. This is obviously an important part of the early recovery process in terms of building a new life and a brighter future with Private Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab Dorset.

Call Serenity Health Care UK Private Drug and private Alcohol Rehab Dorset today, we will help you and support you, by answering any questions you have.

Group Activities at Private Drug Rehab Dorset

The other aspect of the aftercare programme with Private Drug Rehab in Dorset is the group activities. As part of the programme with our Private Drug detox Dorset, clients are regularly taken to various outdoor activities including camping trips and excursions to the New Forest. We have also linked up with a charitable concern and are now able to offer 4 day sailing trips off the Cornish coast in order to help clients bond with each other while going through Private Drug Rehab Dorset Bournemouth; continue with their personal development and re-enforce that it is possible to have fun without drugs and alcohol in an area full of street scene parks and beaches .

Finally, clients are offered the opportunity at Private Alcohol Detox Dorset while in aftercare to attend daily affirmation groups and various workshops in our main centre as well as other activities. We also actively encourage clients to participate in our ‘buddy scheme’ at the Private Rehab Clinics in Dorset. We make sure that we are available for every patient as long as he/she needs our support and encouragement. 

Private Drug detox Dorset and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Private Alcohol Detox Dorset

We have successful private alcohol rehab Dorset clinics in Bournemouth that specialize in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The clinic also provides the following services; Call us today to talk about our private alcohol rehab Dorset.

  • Alcohol Rehab Bournemouth
  • Alcohol and Drug rehab we also offer detox from prescription medications. 
  • Private Alcohol Rehab Dorset
  • Private Alcohol Detox Dorset
  • Private Rehab Clinics Dorset
  • Private Drug Rehab Dorset
  • Private Drug detox Dorset 

Is a Rehab Centre Dorset Your Only Option for Recovery

Of course there are many recovery models available to you, but we feel that a private drug rehab or alcohol rehab is the best, we believe that you need 24 hour support and care, by coming in to one of our private rehabs we can give you the best care on offer in the Dorset area.

Serenity Health Care UK Private  Alcohol Rehab Dorset are happy to take your call, free of charge today.

Telephone: 01202 805340 for Private Alcohol Rehab Dorset
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK Private Alcohol Detox Dorset amd Private Drug detox Dorset

Areas Covered for Private Drug detox Dorset

Beaminster, Blandford, Bournemouth, Bridport, Chickerell, Rachaeltchurch, Dorchester, Ferndown, Gillingham, Highcliffe, Lyme Regis, Mudeford, Poole, ringwood, Shaftesbury, Sherborne, Stalbridge, Sturminster Newton, Swanage, Upton, Verwood, Wareham, Weymouth and surrounding areas for Private Drug detox Dorset

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