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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Hampshire

We have these treatment in Hampshire

Our private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehab clinic offers a 28 days to twelve week abstinence based primary treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. In addition we offer a individually tailored detoxification programmes. Our aim is to help our clients rebuild their lives, to gain in confidence and self-worth and to really believe that they can live a healthy, responsible and productive life, free of addictive substances. Serenity Health Care UK have a team of expert counsellors, who are mostly in recovery from a substance misuse problem themselves. We can understand and emphasize with yours or a loved ones predicament with drugs or alcohol.

Our private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehab Programme is modular, flexible and features increasing levels of choice and opportunities for personal development as clients progress through. We recognise that every client has different needs and will move individually through rehab and into recovery. Serenity Health Care UK will talk you through the private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehabs we have available in the Hampshire area.

Rehab PortsmouthThe drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Hampshire facilitates works through support and respect, working in collaboration with our clients. Care planning, group work and one to one key worker sessions all feature, together with a life skills programme, women & men’ groups, alternative therapies and optional secondary programme. Our programme combines a number of philosophies including the Twelve Step approach and is non-denominational in nature. Drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Hampshire are proven models, to get you back in to a drug or alcohol free life style. Serenity Health Care UK are waiting to take your call now.

You are on the way to a brighter future, contact us now to converse with one of our friendly counsellors on 0800 118 2892. Center is open 24/7, 100% free advice is waiting.

Getting help in Hampshire

In our private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehab, Serenity Health Care UK  are offering recent and up-to-date rehabilitation programs, surrounded by comfortable environment. We revamp and recover our patient’s mind before joining a new life by providing them a very calm and quiet environment. Private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehab could be your answer for you or a family member,  Give Serenity Health Care UK a call today, free of charge.


We’ve hired expert  professionals in all our drug treatment centers and our private alcohol rehab Hampshire. We make sure there is a staff presence 24 hours a day. Even every minute during weekends. This is so patients can access all kind of professional attention and care during their detox treatment in our centers. Most importantly, our main focus is to rebuild and strengthen their minds, So, we provide them a calm and caring environment. Serenity Health Care UK understand each person has their own individual needs.

We offer  completely custom made and adaptable therapies for patients in our private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehab centres. Serenity Care Health UK has centres all over Hampshire. We designed such projects that fits the need of our patients. We are offering many programs. We designed a Seven days recovery program for alcohol addicts. We are also offering a long-term program in our Serenity Health UK which we’ll keep a drug addict or alcoholic under observation for up to six months. We also offer detox from prescription medications. Serenity Health Care UK are happy to talk to you free of charge today.

A tailored approach to addiction treatment

We offer customized detox therapy in all our Serenity Health UK private alcohol rehab Hampshire. The main focus of detox treatment is to clean your body from destructive drugs and poisons. It is necessary for the detox procedure to be precisely checked by professional therapists to avoid withdrawal side effects. All through the detoxification procedure can be tuff, we will guarantee that you and your loved ones get the require standard of care and attention. Experts of all categories like therapists, analysts, medical caretakers and support specialists are available in our all drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Hampshire at all times.

Making sure you receive the care and attention you require

Mainly, we educate our patients with different methods and clear their minds in such way during the therapy period that they know how harmful these drugs and alcohol are for their lives. When they are entered in to a therapy center it is necessary for a patient to finish a psychological test. After completion of assessment specialists suggest drugs for withdrawal process. Patients join treatment sessions from the ‘get go’. During detoxication a proper schedule is a must to keep the patient’s focus. The main focus of therapy is patients’ consideration is kept on the positive parts of rehabilitation. Our patients remark that they’re quite comfortable considering they are detoxing, making it impossible to ‘notice’ their withdrawal indications. As most of our team of counsellors have undergone the withdrawal process,we can talk you through, and answer any questions you may have, we understand this is a very difficult time for you or the person effected by drugs or alcohol. 

We match you with a suitable treatment provider

We have a very strong association with different drug and private alcohol rehab Hampshire treatment suppliers in Our Serenity Health UK rehabs here in Hampshire, we clearly know the particular area of their working. That’s why we guarantee we will match you with the most appropriate center so that you can meet your specific drug rehab or private alcohol rehab Hampshire dimensions.

Our private rehabs in Hampshire focuses on specific programs of rehabilitation. These programs include alcohol addiction drugs, behavioural addiction and betting addiction, as well as the main focus in on Class-A drugs like cocaine, heroin and methadone. This also includes prescription medications.

An increasing need for recovery services in Hampshire

It is shocking that the quantity of deaths is increasing since 2013. Alcohol addicts that are suffering from liver disease are also included. That’s why Government has revised the rules of drug consumption, however such measures are not much helpful to the individuals who are as of now got up to speed in a dependence on medications or liquor. Besides, numerous individuals living in Hampshire have not been protected from a deluge of cannabis thus called ‘legal highs’. We consider from all these demands that there is a lack of professional rehabilitation centers in Hampshire.

Furthermore, both friends and family can’t help a drug addict to rehabilitate without the help of professional therapists because frequent use of these things cause strong emotional and physical changes on an addict’s mind and body. Luckily Serenity Health Care UK are here in Hampshire for your professional help with many years of experience in rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Why we recommend residential treatment

In the beginning We prescribe residential treatment. In this treatment the patient has to live inside the clinic for around a month period. We offer self-disciplined treatment in all our private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehab centers. In this procedure we offer a well-planned therapy and counselling workshops for the detox procedure. The basic advantage of residential treatment that it gives patients  plenty of time to rehabilitate and rebuild their minds. It is necessary that the patient spend this time to recover their mental and physical health to remain in recovery long term. If the patient used to take drugs in the past and then they relapse back in to it, they just need a professional therapist and a short detox procedure under the supervision of a  Serenity Health Care UK Center. It is recommended to remain in the clinic during the rehabilitation process as prescribed by experts. If you want to receive the maximum advantages of therapy you have to commit for four weeks stay in clinic.

As long as a Serenity Health Care UK private alcohol rehab Hampshire is completed, you will feel batter and gain more power to fight these demons. It ensures you the less risk of getting into it again. Additionally, Patients are invited to AA and NA meetings held in Hampshire.

Getting help – Call Serenity Health Care UK

On the off chance that you are worried about your drug utilisation, call Serenity Health Care UK today on 0800 118 2892. We have a team of professional staff so we guarantee you are coordinated with a proper Hampshire-based treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help
Call: 023 80987707 for Rehab in Hampshire

Rehab Clinics in Hampshire

We consider after care services as an integral part of treatment and not a bolt on addition. Specific after care groups are offered on a continuous weekly basis.

The urban nature of the location requires clients to deal with the reality of being in a busy town on a regular basis. This has been a deliberate strategy on our part to facilitate recovery and develop life skills with clients in a place not too far removed from what they have previously had to deal with. The main difference is that, at the Portsmouth clinic, abstinence is an essential requirement.


Skills to Beat Addiction for Good

One of our core aims is to equip clients with the confidence, knowledge and life skills needed to live a life free from dependence on drugs or alcohol in the real world. We believe that one of the most effective ways of doing this is to ensure that clients remain in a safe, supported but realistic environment whilst they progress their recovery.

Many clients have a proven track record of success in recovery because of this approach. Following treatment, many clients find it difficult to function upon return to their lives and familiar places due to familiar sights, sounds, people and temptations. We seek to minimise the likelihood of relapse by supporting clients to deal with these realities throughout treatment by moving between locations daily and not leave it all to the client once treatment has been completed.

Our bespoke rehab clinic in Hampshire is set in serene countryside and offers a treatment programme for anyone suffering with alcohol dependency, drug abuse, eating disorders, gambling, OCD, depression, anxiety and relationship issues. We believe that your surroundings can have an impact on your recovery programme and enhance your treatment during your stay at this rehab clinic.

This rehab clinic specialises in alcohol detox. It’s goal here is to provide safe, private and discreet surroundings where you will be given the opportunity of undergoing a treatment programme that has been designed around your individual requirements.

You will be taught what personal changes are needed, how you can achieve these and will be given new life-tools of dealing with your addiction behaviour. You will be offered quality treatment with highly qualified counselling staff. All staff here are experienced in this field of addiction and their approach includes medical assessments, group sessions, one to one counselling, lectures and participation in therapeutic duties. The rehab clinic itself is small and intimate. They provide a range of activities and you are able to receive family visits. At Serenity Health Care UK we understand the importance of rebuilding relationships that may have come under strain, due to a substance misuse problem.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Hampshire

We have a successful private assessment centre located in Hampshire that provides specialist drug rehab and private alcohol rehab Hampshire, addiction treatment and the following services;

  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Alcohol and Drug Detox
  • Drug Rehab

Plus prescription medication detox much more



Is a Rehab Centre Hampshire Your Only Option for Recovery?

There is a lot of different recovery subjects out there, that will work for anyone with a desire for change. At our private alcohol rehab Hampshire and drug rehab we have some of the highest success rates in the country, so we fell that a drug rehab or alcohol rehab is the best recovery option for you.

About the Clinic

The clinic is set in a safe and secure environment, each person will have their own bedroom giving them time and space for themselves. Peer support is also a good way to help them in the early stages of treatment. There will be group outings at weekends. There is television room clients can use at night. There will be staff on the premises day and night, so the person is never isolated or alone. They will have a daily check in first in the morning, where they will be asked to talk about any thoughts and feelings they are having. They will attend one to one key work sessions, and meet with a counsellor every week. They will be asked to do regular written work, along with group therapy. All this is set in to a structured routine, as after coming out of a chaotic life style its really important to find a balance to set you up for when you leave treatment.

There will be an after care programme put in to place, the person may decide they want to relocate to the area the private alcohol rehab and drug rehabs are in, we can access to supported housing and we can look to get them back in to either college, or some kind of voluntary work, until they feel they are ready to go back in to full time employment. 

Which of the Drug rehab centers Hampshire Is Right for You?

We understand every person coming to our private alcohol rehab Hampshire or drug rehab will have very different needs, each person will have different back grounds and issues. We can help anyone, our alcohol rehab and drug rehab are especially designed to work what ever the circumstances of the person coming to us at Serenity Health Care UK. We genuinely care about your recovery, and we are here to help you at every stage of your treatment journey.

How to Choose between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Hampshire

Many of the hardships people face in active addiction are relationship breakdowns, unmanageability around work, and monetary problems, so they may struggle with full time childcare, getting extra time off work, or may just not have the funds for inpatient treatment.

This is why outpatient treatment is on offer, you can attend a outpatient treatment programme for between 3 to five days a week. you will see a qualified doctor who will help you to detox in the community. You will have key work sessions, see your allocated counsellor once a week and will be encouraged to attend 12 step groups.

Serenity Health UK are here talk to you about the outpatient options we have on offer.

Can Anyone Get Rehab Alcohol Hampshire?

Anybody seeking recovery is welcome to our Serenity Health Care UK private alcohol rehab Hampshire. Rehab isn’t just for a person with a celebrity status, we provide treatment programmes for absolutely anyone, irrespective of the persons religious beliefs, sexual identity, or race. We are positive we will be able to find you a alcohol rehab or drug rehab that suits you.

How to Get in Contact With a Alcohol Rehab Centre Hampshire

All you need to do is pick up the phone now, one of our counsellors will guide you through the private alcohol rehab or drug rehab process, you can also contact at our website, we are here 24/7 to talk to you. Why not get in touch now to get the recovery journey under way!

Telephone: 023 80987707
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Areas Covered

Aldershot, Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Bishop’s Waltham, Bordon, Eastleigh, Emsworth, Farnborough, Fleet, Fordingbridge, Gosport, Havant, Hedge End, Lee-on-the-Solent, Lymington, Netley Marsh, New Alresford, New Milton, Odiham, Portchester, Portsmouth, Ringwood, Romsey, Southampton, Southsea, Tadley, Thruxton, Totton and Eling, Waterlooville, Whitchurch, Wickham, Yateley and surrounding areas.

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