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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Somerset

We have these treatment in Somerset

You are in transit to a brighter future, call one of our friendly counsellors on 01823 530 245. Our center is open 24 hours consistently and we offer 100% FREE information for an extensive variety of addictions. We will help you look for the best private alcohol rehab Somerset and drug rehab treatment centres in the Somerset and surrounding areas

At Serenity Health Care UK most of our counsellors are in recovery from a drug or alcohol problem themselves, so we can understand and emphasize with you, or a loved who’s life has been ripped apart by addiction.

Getting help in Somerset

We offer a scope of drugs and alcohol recovery medicines in Serenity Health Care UK Somerset. This varies from different treatments like outpatient, residential and home detox treatment choices. In Somerset most of the of treatment suppliers we work with offer treatment on a self-subsidized basis, despite the fact that we additionally offer various statutory choices. Call Serenity Health Care UK today to discuss your options on private drug rehab or private alcohol rehab in the Somerset area.

For more details, contact Serenity Health Care UK today on 01823 530 245.

Getting help for your addiction

Are you or your beloved suffering from drug or alcohol addiction Maybe you lost a job, relationship, struggling with money just because the use of these poisons. If this is so, it clarifies that you are suffering from addiction.

It maybe possible that you struggle with drugs and alcohol many years to get rid of it. Maybe you have tried a rehabilitation in past but all again is haunting you.

Serenity Health Care UK have access  to the best private alcohol rehab Somerset and drug treatment facilities in the Somerset area.

How we can help today

If you identify with the above, at Serenity Health Care UK we are sure we can help. Reason? Since we work with numerous Somerset recovery treatment suppliers, and we survey your necessities previously we make a referral. This guarantees you are placed before treatment suppliers who are genuinely best set in helping you defeat your addiction habit issues. This likewise implies you don’t hazard going to a recovery treatment supplier that is ineffectively suited to your necessities.

We are working with most effective and trustworthy rehabilitation treatment providers in Serenity Health Care UK. They treat all kind of addiction like drugs, alcohol and prescription medication, betting and behavioral addiction problems. These centers are best at providing facilities and modern treatment approaches related to your emotional problems and causes of your addiction. CBT, 12-steps. psychotherapy and holistic therapies are included.

Most of our team are in recovery through a 12 step model, it is a proven method to achieve and maintain, long term recovery. Give one of our friendly counsellors a call at Serenity Health Care UK a call now.

What happens during treatment

In each treatment center our staff is available for initial psychological assessment on your arrival. This is necessary for your proper treatment. The main problem that you need to defeat is detoxification. In first assessment psychotherapists come to know your exact emotional problem and severity of your addiction. This information is compulsory for selecting and applying a detox procedure that best suited your needs. Psychotherapists are available to prescribed suitable medicine to control your withdrawal symptoms that you may face during starting days of rehabilitation.

Professionals are available for your medical assistance during detox procedure. This is necessary to save you from withdrawal side effects. Psychotherapists may increase your medicine doze to decrease the risk of seizures.  Medical specialists are available for you every minute of day to attend you during rehabilitation.

Serenity Health Care UK will talk you through the detox process and answer any questions or fears you may have around the process.

Getting help for a loved one

Your loved ones may resist to attend the rehabilitation center. If this problem arises, we are offering you and your family a timely intervention at Serenity Health Center in Somerset. In this case we reach your loved ones and talk to him or her about importance of addiction treatment, and also inform them about the main danger they may get if they don’t attend the drug rehab or alcohol rehab program. 

The majority of our interventionists are recuperating addicts, so we know precisely what your adored one is confronting. This likewise enables us to approach mediation from a compassionate stance your adored one is exceptionally far-fetched to stand up to.

At serenity Health Care UK we understand, how a family can be torn apart by drug, or alcohol addiction. We aim to help you rebuild your relationships.

Receive help today

Are you tired of your drug or alcohol utilize? Prepared to recapture control of your life from the jaws of enslavement? Assuming this is the case, contact Serenity Health Care UK today on 0800 118 2892. Get prompt recovery treatment in as meager as an hour following your underlying call. The majority of our accomplice drug rehab and alcohol rehab in Somerset are CQC examined and boast high treatment achievement rates.

Our drug  rehab and private alcohol rehab Somerset provides residential drug rehab and private alcohol rehab treatment, counselling and support services for alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders gambling and co-dependency The Serenity Health Care UK rehab clinic in Somerset offers all the essential residential treatments, counselling and support that’s required for drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, co-dependency issues and gambling. Our support is also available for close family members who may have been affected by dealing with the issues raised by your addiction. 

The clinic was set up in 1974 and has provided successful treatments to several thousand clients from the UK and overseas. Our treatments help clients go on to establish a successful recovery and live a much more fulfilled life. Serenity Healthcare were the first providers to adopt the Minnesota treatment model, and we have had much more experience than any other UK organisations at offering this effective treatment programme.

In 2006, our treatment programme was the first one to be accredited by the European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (EATA) in recognition of its phenomenal success rates and excellence in client care. 

Assistance for drug and alcohol addiction

Call: 01823 530 245 for information at Serenity Health Care UK about our Somerset drug rehab and alcohol rehab.

About the Clinic

RehabThe Serenity Health Care UK Somerset private alcohol rehab clinic is set in the extensive grounds on the Somerset borders. The clinic is a 33-bedded unit for primary care and has an additional 22 places in an adjacent property for clients needing secondary care. Our view is that addictive disorders are a bio-psychosocial illness and not due to problems with willpower or morals. Addiction is a progressive illness that is characterised by greater losses of control. Although it is impossible to cure the illness, the right treatments will arrest its progress and addicts will be able to lead a normal and fulfilled life while in recovery. 

Treatment Program

RehabSerenity Health Care UK focuses on assisting clients to gain everything required to ensure a successful recovery. This generally requires abstinence from all mood-altering drugs and alcohol and kicking repetitive behavioural patterns. 

We also aim to give every client the chance to familiarise themselves with Fellowship self-help groups so they can utilise these for the continued support that’s essential for maintaining recovery. 

The goal underlying our treatment is helping clients abstain from the types of self-defeating behavioural patterns they have experienced and replace these with a new, more productive lifestyle. All our clients are encouraged to explore and challenge the attitudes and thought patterns that previously perpetuated addiction, while at the same time they are encouraged and supported to develop new ways handling their emotions and life experiences. 

Call us today at Serenity Health Care UK to find out more about addictive disorders and discuss the many ways Serenity Health Care UK can help support and treat you or a loved one.

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