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Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol Home DetoxDrug and Alcohol home detox plans are a real alternative for many people who are fighting addiction to drugs or have an alcohol problem and need to get immediate help without entering a residential treatment programme. There are many reasons why residential treatment programmes aren’t suitable for some people with drug or drink issues and the only other way of getting the help they need immediately is through a home alcohol detox.

Alcohol Home Detox Fixed Price £995

Whilst residential treatment programmes are a great option for most people, for others a alcohol home detox would offer a perfect alternative. Due to family commitments and or work issues, some people simply can’t enter residential treatment in a rehabilitation clinic and a home detox is the best solution. All our medical and nursing staff are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in home detoxing and addiction issues.


If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol or drugs, call now for immediate help and advice on home detox plans. All calls are treated confidentially and discreetly. Our staff are on-hand to give you the best possible free and impartial advice on the various options available for home detox.

About Our Home Detox Services

We would never recommend for you to detox from alcohol or drugs on your own. Withdrawal from any substance can be dangerous and should only be done with medical supervision. All our home detox plans are designed around your own particular needs and our highly qualified medical staff will manage your home alcohol detox for you. You can rest assured that your home alcohol detox plan will help you to safely and comfortably withdraw from alcohol or drugs.

Home Alcohol Detox Assessment

After an initial assessment, our highly qualified team of medical and professional staff will design a alcohol home detox plan tailored uniquely to your own specific needs. The great thing about a home detox is that you are able to remain in your own familiar surroundings whilst getting the immediate help and support you need to safely withdraw from alcohol and or drugs. Our staff will guarantee that you are treated discreetly and confidentially and will provide you with a alcohol home detox plan should you find yourself unable to get the immediate help you need through the NHS.

Fixed Price Home Alcohol Detox £995

Many people find there is a stigma attached to having personal issues with alcohol or drugs, but this needn’t be the case. Some people have the added worry of losing their jobs when considering treatment. A home alcohol detox plan would be the perfect solution for you.

Drug & Alcohol Home Detox

Many people are unable to enter a residential treatment programme as the cost is too high for them to afford. A drug or alcohol home detox is a less-expensive way of seeking immediate help and support. Whilst on a alcohol home detox, you can expect to receive:

  • Initial assessment carried out by our highly qualified staff
  • GP prescribed medication to allow you to withdraw safely and comfortably
  • Nurse / medical checks
  • Support calls by a treatment co-ordinator for home alcohol detox
  • Home Alcohol Detox Counselling support
  • 1 year personal assistance programme
  • Home alcohol detox extended counselling available

Home Detox Plans

You can get immediate help and support for a alcohol home detox plan without the need of being referred by your GP, local hospital or the drugs and alcohol team.

Call us today for immediate free impartial advice on our Alcohol Home Detox Plans.


PAP (Serenity Assisted Programme for Employers and Employees) are pleased to offer assisted programmes for employers and employees. This service is designed to improve the relationship between employers and any of their staff who have a dependency on alcohol or drugs. We offer advice and support to your employees and give them information on which they can make informed choices. Home alcohol detox is a start. Many employees suffer from stress, anxiety and depression which is either caused by, or could lead to, alcohol and/or drug dependency. A alcohol home detox plan can help reduce the chances of drug and alcohol dependency.

January 15, 2016


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