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Home Detox from Heroin Abuse

If you are tired of letting heroin control your life, it’s time to do something about it. You can take control of your addiction and detox from home. This may be the only option that is available to you if you do not have the means to pay for inpatient rehabilitation. When you choose home detox from heroin, you will have the advantages of the comfort of your own living space, control over your environment, freedom of choice, and those who care about you the most can be your support system. That being said, you will have a tough road ahead. You’re going to need to be motivated and ready to persevere through one of the greatest challenges you have ever faced.

Home Detox Heroin Means Being Prepared

When you’ve decided enough is enough and you’re going to kick the habit of heroin, home detox heroin is possible. Get ready for at least seven days of hard work. One of your biggest problems will be staying hydrated. Bulk up on bottled water and have it readily on hand. You are going to need to drink constantly to replenish your body as the toxic residue left over from heroin is cleansed from your body. Water will help to stave off weakness and will flush the toxins away.

Stock Up on Over-the-Counter Medications

As you deal with the withdrawal that is going to consume you, over-the-counter medication can bring relief. A combination approach is the best way to go. Tagamet can help you with acid reflux and is used to relieve stomach ulcers, while Imodium is an anti-diarrhea medication that can relieve cramping. You’ll also want to take anti-nausea medications regularly, every three to four hours to fight bouts of nausea that will make it impossible to keep your medication down. Consider nighttime flu medication every few hours as well because you are going to feel like you’ve been wrecked by the worst attack of the flu of your life.

Stay the Course

As you take on home detox from heroin, you are going to want to give up. See it through. With a combination of water, over-the-counter medication, peanut butter for protein when you can manage it, and your willpower, you can make it. The harder the battle, the more you will appreciate it and you won’t be likely to fall into the clutches of heroin again.

Heroin addiction is one of the hardest to recover from. While most people may say otherwise, for the addict, it’s different. It is a painful process to undergo. The body has been used to taking the substance, and depending on how long they have taken it, this may become more challenging.

An addict needs to fight their cravings. Their body has been used to the heroin that it would want to have it to feel more at ease. A body that is withdrawing from constant heroine use will experience withdrawal symptoms that will make the process even harder. The body adjusts in a way that the addict will feel ill. He may become nauseous, experience headaches and so on.

When it comes to detoxifying from heroin, a lot of addicts would consult or be admitted to a facility that can help them overcome their dependence on the substance. That’s how difficult this condition is. It is even recommended for the person to always be in check of the symptoms. Even if they are to undergo a home detox from heroin, they need a medical practitioner to check on their progress, especially if they have been addicted to it for a long time.

However, even with all the support groups and the medical facilities open to help people with their hospital or home detox heroin treatment, the cure starts from the person’s desire to recover.

Knowing Your Medication and Diet

If you are doing a home detox heroin treatment, then you need to know what medicines to take to supplement it. Imodium can help with gastrointestinal issues which is a side effect of heroin withdrawal. This problem can be the harshest symptom and Imodium can help you ease the toxins out, especially when it becomes diarrhea.

There are also aspirins, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen to help give you relief for other symptoms. As you may know, many addicts claim withdrawal symptoms to be similar to having flu, just a little worse. It is best to treat the symptoms to help you focus on getting better, instead of wanting another shot of heroin.

Supplements like 5-HTP, St. John’s Wort, and valerian root can help ease depression. Symptoms of withdrawal include both emotional and mental. Medications help relax the person and help them deal with the withdrawal period. This will help them to focus on getting better. These medicines have been highly recommended.

Eating Healthily

A healthy lifestyle can do wonders. It can make recovery faster. It is the most important method to any home detox from heroin program. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Also make sure to drink lots of water to help cleanse the body. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks and food, and also check with the doctor on which food are healthy and helpful for you.

January 5, 2016


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