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Addiction Disease or choice

October 10, 2018

In all 12 step fellowships across the world addiction is known as a Disease of the mind, fuelled by the
obsession and compulsion to use drugs or alcohol.

Addiction starts off as a choice. However, when a person has no awareness around addiction, and
may not be aware of the consequences of using substances, how are they to know that addiction will
take over every part of their life? Once the person has formed a physical and mental dependence to
the substance, they have no choice over how their mind, or body reacts to it. In 12 steps fellowships
this is known as powerlessness.

Addiction of any kind is cunning and baffling, it does not discriminate from people. It doesn’t matter
about your upbringing, if you have a job, or if you don’t have a job. The addict on the park bench
downing alcohol is just the same as the city worker, hiding in the toilets snorting Cocaine.

Some people struggle with the concept of it being called a Disease, Cancer is a Disease, Parkinson’s is
Disease, so it’s easier for some people to have it broken down as the Dis-ease of addiction. An
inability to control the mind, that has a reaction to not being able to cope with the internal feelings,
such as being irritable or discontent, or sadness. A Dis-ease of thoughts and feelings.

Addiction is now recognised in the United States, as a chronic brain disorder. This highly
controversial subject has been researched in the USA, it’s now recognised because of the different
manifestations of addiction, are fuelled by the persons behaviours. Addiction isn’t just about
substances; most addicts will have many addiction problems. For example, sex addiction, food
addiction, gambling. A person couldn’t possibly have a choice over so many different areas of
addictions in their life.
A civilian member of society who doesn’t suffer with an addiction problem, isn’t going to go out and
cause their self or others harm, for the simple reason they don’t suffer with the disease of addiction
and are in control of their thinking, and behaviours.

People who have addiction problems, do not go out and harm their family or children by choice.
They do not get locked up in prison, and mental hospitals by choice. And I’m confidant if any addicts
were asked, at school when they younger, what they wanted to be when they grew up, not one
would have raised their hand and would have said “I’d like to be a drug addict out of choice”.


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