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What really is the underline issues of addiction

July 6, 2016

Many alcohol rehab clinics tackle the cause, the symptom addiction and address some of the external factors. But addiction is deep, very deep. There are two aspects here that we will talk about, one is the physical addiction that occurs in the brain and the other is the route core of addiction.

At alcohol rehab clinics there are many differ and conflicting thoughts and ideas of the issues. And how to treat.

Let’s start with the brain, when a client comes in to an alcohol rehab clinic first is to arrest the addiction. Now, evidence shows that the body recovers but the braid does not, the damage that is done with the nerves in the brain trying to attach to differ nerve endings due to a chemical not working has shown that this is near permanent and this is what we call in the field herd wired.

So when someone comes in to a alcohol rehab clinics and if ever later relapse, there drinking alcohol is straight back where they left off, again showing that the brain has carried on from where it last drunk. This can even be years, let’s say if you stop your alcohol addiction for ten years and start again, you will be straight back from where you left of, in a matter of your first drink or at the very least a few days.

Now the real inner core of issues is with alcohol addiction is what a number are finding out now in the alcohol rehabilitation field is codependency. Or children of dysfunctional household.

Let say there is no addictive gene and alcoholic ic are a product of one or both parents that are emotionally unavailable. What we’re saying is that a child is born of only love, pure love. So let’s say that if there is only love then there is no fear nor anger which are traits of alcoholics.

When a child is subjected to a parent that is not there for them, this affects a percentage of children but not all. If a parent cannot sown love for whatever reason and or is a shouter, or going as far as abuse, this includes physical emotional the child sees this as something they this like and affects a part of them with fear. The protective mechanism in that child kicks in and a wall is built so it does not have to feel this again to a degree.

The child’s first moment of feat is when it is born, it comes from a warm secure sack in the mothers womb and on exit it is shocked. Taken by the nurse, cord cut, weighed wrapped and put most of the time into mothers arms. In some cases incubator.

Thus the core for some is that missing love, detachment that they have found that many later in life come to alcohol rehab clinics for help for there addiction.

So, let’s say there is true self and these children come away from this self to certain degrees to protect themselves. This can also carrying on with other figures in there lies not just care givers, friends in school, teachers and outside peers and extended family’s. It maybe that there are form of fear or abuse from this sector that change the child’s course coming more away from true self.

So later in life, they take there power out of there care givers and put in to first boy or girlfriend, finding later that these have not met there needs like there parents should have. Here’s the crux of it, there is a missing whole or searching for that love that they desperately needed, only to at some point find a substance in most case alcohol to artificially fix them.

That moment of filling that empty whole has made them feel complete. It’s took away these pressures of that pot bubbling in there head and feel complete. When alcohol wears off they feel the discomfort again and want to fix sometime layer. The pain can be so much that the frequency is getting shorter and shorter.

The solution is to arrest the alcohol addiction in alcohol rehab clinics, gain an amount of abstaining from alcohol so we can start to work on the deeper issues, for some this will take a long time. The root is so deep rooted that the denial system has to be broken down and a link achieved from the alcohol addiction to in inner true self disconnection. It can be difficult to get through to this in the amount of time we have to work with a client, but achievable within the frame structure of the multi disciplined team we have.

With some other cases it is better to get the addiction under control and working with the individual on a long term outpatient basis. This work can can up to a year and really is an ongoing growing process of understanding for our clients.

Yes, we acknowledge that this is not the parents faults as they only had the tools to bring up there children as they could form the tools brought from there parents. This is now about breaking the cycle for the future in a alcohol rehab clinics.


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