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Unique Personal Cyprus Rehab Clinic Opens

July 8, 2016

Serenity Health is happy to announce a further development in our rehab sector in Cyprus Rehab Clinic. We have just opened our doors to our second unit which is designed for one client at a time, this specialised Cyprus rehab clinic has everything to offer in the way of one to one care and rehabilitation of clients not wanting a group setting.

Based near our other unit in Paphos we are able to work with one client at a time to give them more intense treatment to achieve a long lasting outcome for our clients.

The team here are regarded to be up with the best in the addiction field and will get you the the right help to set you on the road to recovery. This Cyprus rehab clinic has so much to offer here in the way of the program and the truly holistic approach, with most therapies being taken by the coast.

We use not only traditional therapeutic processes, but we use many other new techniques that is amazing for our clients at our Cyprus rehab clinic. The space is impressive, right near the beautiful coastline and the villa lends itself to this unique work. The bedrooms are like a five star hotel and the food here on offer is nutritional, organic and sourced from the local farm around the corner. This modern building is an exceptional space where we have many other one to one relaxation therapies like yoga, meditation, morning and evening affirmations.

Outside there is free time around the pool and lovely walks along the coast.

Serenity Health are pioneers in achieving best outcomes for clients, which are measured above standard industry. We have an amazing team that will work with you on a more intense level than you would get from a rehab where the norm is 8 to 10 clients, you can get lost in a group with this much sometimes. The privacy you have here, being the one and only client, benefits in so many ways.

We are inundated with enquires for this Cyprus rehab clinic so if you are interested in joining us it is advised to enquire sooner for availability. Being one to one, we tend to have clients for around a 3 week intense program and the level of care is much higher and treatment can be completed sooner than the industry’s standard.

Chris our lead therapist will take you on a journey of acceptance and understanding. He has amazing techniques to get to the core and underlying issues quickly and safely. He will work with you in such an explorative way to gain control over your addiction and the underlying causes, with a bit of laughter on the way. Chris, being one of the directors, is dedicated and passionate and will work relentlessly with you to achieve your goals.

Call serenity Health to find out more, or ask to speak to Chris direct 0800 118 2892 at our Cyprus rehab clinic


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