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Detoxing Successfully In Residential Detox.

November 22, 2018

All mind altering, and mood changing chemicals need a detoxification process. A detox should never be
attempted by anyone alone. Professional advice, and support are number one factors for anybody
wanting to stop Drugs or Alcohol.

The most successful way to detox is by entering a residential detox program. These programs are
designed to meet each person’s individual needs. Each client will take part in morning groups, and will
be allocated a support worker, and they will have round the clock care through the detox process.
Depending on what substance the person has entered detox on, will depend on the time they will need to
stay in the detox unit.

Methadone, and any other opiate based drug can take up to 10 days to detox from. The person can be
offered a blind detox so they are not aware of the rate they will be brought down on. This will help with
any cravings. When the mind isn’t aware what rate the detox is progressing at, it can’t convince the
person they are withdrawing. The mind can play tricks through the withdrawal process. By taking on a
blind detox the cravings will not be as intense. They will have their blood pressure checked daily. As
they come off the Methadone they will be prescribed Britlofex, this is a herbal remedy, that will slightly
lower the blood pressure, this will ease the withdrawal symptoms. They will also be prescribed a short
course of Zopiclone, a mild sleeping tablet to help them regain their sleep pattern. Within two weeks of
entering detox they will be free from all physical symptoms of opiates.

Cocaine, and Crack Cocaine is more an obsession of the mind, but there will still be a detox process.
The person can be prescribed a very short course of Diazepam for between five, and seven days to help
them manage any irritableness they may be experiencing. Within 10 days they will be over the symptoms
that Crack, or Cocaine has been causing them.

Prescription Medications such as Diazepam, and Temazepam known as Benzodiazepine will take that
little bit longer. The person will be brought down very gradually, over a 28 day period. Blood pressure will
be taken up to three times a day and the staff will be observing the client very closely due to risk of
seizures. The detox will take place over a 28 day period. After the 28 days the person may feel mild
withdrawal symptoms for up to another four weeks.

Alcohol detox is very complex to detox from, and the substance with the most risk. The client will be prescribed
Librium , Vitamin B and Thiamine tablets . The Librium will be prescribed between five, and seven days.
The Vitamin B and Thiamine will be on going. After one week the client will be over all of the symptoms
from the Alcohol detox.

No detox is painless, and the person will feel withdrawal symptoms at some point. All substances have
very similar symptoms; muscle aches, cramps, sweats, flu like symptoms, insomnia, sickness and
diarrhoea. Some people can suffer from seizures while detoxing, this is why a detox should never be
taken without medical advice and support.

Clients will be prescribed Symptomatic Drugs for the sickness, as well as the muscle pain, so the edge of
the symptoms will be taken off them.

Detox is an emotional time for the person detoxing and the family’s, this is why inhouse detox is the best
place to be for the process. They will get the right care and support they need to see them through the
detox. This means there is more chance of the person getting clean, and staying clean.
Once the detox process is complete a person can move on to a drug rehabilitation program, or go in to a
treatment centre.


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