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Drink Driving over the Festive Period

December 23, 2018

Drink and Drug Driving Programs.
Serenity Health Care UK have combined with Steps Counselling to invest £100,000 in to a new Drink
and Drug Driving Program.
We have designed some free Skype and Telephone Counselling sessions, for anyone who is finding
themselves in the dangerous position of Drink, and Drug driving that hasn’t been caught yet.
Over the Christmas period, Drink and Drug Driving has a massive increase across the United Kingdom.
At Serenity Health Care UK, and Steps Counselling we recognise this problem, and want to help people
out of the Drink and Drug Drive problem FREE of charge today.
Some people may not acknowledge the fact that their substance misuse is becoming an issue for them.
Ultimately, anybody who is driving while under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol has a problem with

Drink and Drug Driving can cause a person not only to lose their licence, it can also prove fatal in the
lives of people on the UK roads.
Through the Christmas period, and in to the New Year we are here to help anybody who has been
keeping their Drink or Drug driving a secret. It will only be a matter of time before the Police catches the
person behind the wheel of their car, while under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol.
If you are a Drink or Drug Driver you could be using Christmas time as a justification to use more
Substances. And may be in denial each time you drive your car. Using the excuse that the journey is
only a few miles from home, so you won’t be caught. The reality is, everybody will get caught eventually
if continuing to Drink or Drug Drive.
We promise that all clients who come to us will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We understand
that this problem is a massive secret to carry, that’s why we have created these programs to support
people with their Drink or Alcohol Driving problem.
If you have been driving while under the influence of substances, this is a very serious problem, that
needs addressing straight away. You may be using more substances to suppress the Guilt and Shame
you are carrying around the problem.
You can contact us through our Social Media pages both Facebook and Twitter or you can contact us
over the Telephone or through our Email address . Reach out and get FREE
support and advice today.


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