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Healing begins with kindness and safety

February 9, 2018

Modified by  Daniel Santano on 09/02/2018

Here at Serenity alcohol rehab treatment centre we believe in the healing power of kindness. We have gone to great lengths to create a safe and nurturing environment where individual therapy is administered with empathy and compassion. Research has corroborated the efficacy of empathetic techniques.

Staff selection at Serenity Alcohol Rehab team of professionally trained therapists are carefully selected, not purely on their academic credentials. At the interview stage, we look for experience and skill, but also for emotional intelligence and the capacity to empathise with clients. Our meticulous selection criteria ensure that our staff are the perfect match for our mission statement – providing care and recovery with kindness. We pride ourselves on an atmosphere of mutual trust between therapists and clients, the optimal conditions for healing.

A safe place to recover

Feeling safe and secure is critical to begin the hard and rewarding work of recovery. Here on the island we have designed and developed a tranquil and beautiful setting for our clients to escape from the stresses and traumas of their past afflictions. With five star service and facilities, and round-the-clock supervision by highly-trained therapists, there is nothing to worry about at Serenity Rehab. The only focus is on your individual journey back to well-being.

Building natural resilience

One of our key treatment paths is the encouragement of natural resilience. In our safe, kind and compassionate environment, clients can begin to let go of negative self-beliefs. We all have an innate ability to cope with life’s challenges, but this can be eroded by experience. It is often the case, that doubts, shame and guilt lead to such false beliefs as ‘I am not lovable’ or ‘I am a failure’. Our task is to gently reset these unhealthy mental habits. With non-judgemental acceptance and understanding, these response patterns can be overridden. As a resident at Serenity Alcohol Rehab treatment centre you will be surrounded by positive connectivity. You will learn the tools to re-wire your brain to receive affirmation and banish those bad thoughts. As resilience is regained, the development can commence towards full self-acceptance and long-lasting well being.

What our clients say

If you are struggling with a disorder or an addiction you are bound to feel lonely and scared. Here at Serenity alcohol rehab we welcome you with open arms to a place where you can be guided back to full health with kindness, dignity, and individually tailored therapy. Jenny, a former client said: “The professional staff that are here on duty 24/7 help create a safe environment. Serenity alcohol rehab uses effective one-on-one methods and they have been truly phenomenal in helping me recover.”

If, like Jenny, you would like to begin your journey back to recovery, why not give us a call today?


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