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Serenity Health Rebrands Sensatori Space to create UK’s leading addiction rehab network

February 17, 2018

17 Feb 2018: By Christopher Yiannakou- Editor and Principal Author  

Leading international provider of detox and addiction advice, Serenity Health has Rebrand well-known support network Sensatori Space Retreat. The Rebrand is part of Serenity’s continual plan to provide cutting-edge treatment in the form of rehab clinics for clients who suffer from all forms of addiction

Posted: 16 February 2018
Serenity Health
The newly purchased firm from its 0wnership, known as Sensatori Space, was founded by Chris Yiannakou in 2011. The company is a leading facilitator of residential addiction treatment centers, working in the UK and Cyprus, and has partnered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated rehabilitation centers and centers of excellence throughout the world. The company receives over 3,000 inquiries every month and operates a comprehensive portfolio of websites and publishes vast amounts of helpful advice relating to addiction.

Yiannakou, the company’s chief executive officer, explained: “We’re delighted to be signing this deal. Serenity Health is now the leading rehabilitation group in the UK, Cyprus, and Spain with over 20 personnel and is a perfect match for our business. We will continue to manage our alcohol rehab and supportive services in the same successful way. This new relationship just means we will share our expertise with our online visitors, their families, and the entire industry.”

A spokesperson for Serenity Health added: “This acquisition means Serenity Health will improve its capacity to provide quality, comprehensive treatment at an affordable price. It also creates opportunities for fantastic service development and investment in treatment methods that we know work.”

Serenity Health was founded in 2007 and today operates within a network of rehab clinics rooted in clinical excellence which reaches around the world. Recent changes to the senior management team have improved clinical governance and enhanced the services the company provides. This includes the most cutting-edge therapeutic treatments for persons that need alcohol detox or drug rehab. Treatment at Serenity Health starts at £5,500 a week to £15,950 for 28 days’ treatment with full board and 24/7 attention.

Following the merger, the two companies’ marketing and administration functions will come together to operate more effectively. This business streamlining will increase the ability of the company to offer bursaries, charity drug detox beds and work with local authorities that have restricted funding. The management team believes these kinds of private market solutions to local government problems will become increasingly important as public health budgets shrink.

The Serenity Health spokesperson added “We look forward to collaborating with other like-minded firms who share our vision to offer the best possible choice of quality care services to those needing addiction support. The most important part of everything we do is the client. We’re committed to offering the best possible routes to recovery and patient care is at the forefront of the vision for our business.”

Sensatori Retreat was inspected by the CQC for the first time in 2014. It was rated as good for the safe, effective and caring provision of healthcare. It has been registered with the Commission since 2014.

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