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Serenity launches effective alcohol rehab programs for addicts in Watford

January 5, 2016

Short duration treatments for complete removal of alcoholism

Serenity Health, the premium alcohol rehab in Watford, has launched a range of effective holistic rehabilitation programs for alcohol addicts in the county. What separates their rehab treatment is their focus on providing not only a permanent elimination of alcoholism, but also a permanent cure for their depression, anxiety and disorders. Serenity Health is a rare rehab where a victim of alcohol addiction is able to undergo the finest therapies, self-exploration and counselling.

The latest range of alcohol rehab treatments launched by the facility is aimed at people aged between 18 and 70 years. Anyone suffering from a severe and chronic addiction to alcohol can avail the finest treatments available at the retreat. As a rehab,  it provides several short and long term rehabilitation programs to a number of patients every day  – home makers, stay-at-home-parents, corporate employees, executives, professionals, the elderly. Any one battling alcohol addiction could find lasting relief through the treatments provided at the retreat. Everyday hundreds of men, women and children fall prey to this debilitating habit, and this has increased cases of road rage and violence. Alcoholism is a serious threat to a healthy life. All this could change at Sensatori. Everyone looking for an anonymous, private alcohol rehab treatment should certainly choose this retreat. Undergoing medication at this retreat is taking a positive step towards a complete recovery. It is helpful, lasting and an alternative solution to the addiction.


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