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Rehab Clinics in North England

Looking for a private residential rehab clinic in the North?

Rehab clinics are places that have facilities to rehabilitate those with problems like drug or alcohol addiction. At Serenity, we recognise that every person is different and no two addictions are ever the same.

Our residential rehab treatment programs are tailored to the individuals needs. If you would like to discuss the needs of yourself or a loved one, or would like to find out about the various drug or alcohol treatment available in the North of England, call our free advice line or contact us online, for further details.

We are renowned for getting to the root of the cause for addiction and helping people change their lives around and enjoy life long sobriety.

Looking for Rehab in the North of England?

Rehab ClinicsSerenity Healthcare are specialist providers of private healthcare and treatment in the UK and Worldwide. Speak to us about a variety of disorders and addictions, including;

  • Alcohol Rehab Clinics – specialist clinics for alcoholics
  • Drug Rehab Clinics – cocaine rehab, prescription drugs rehab, cannabis rehab etc
  • Addictions – gambling, sex, shopping

Plus much more…………..

Private Rehab Clinics in North England

We have many private clinics and assessment centres throughout the North of England. Please find further details below.

Rehab Clinics in Cheshire

Rehab Clinic CheshireContact the Cheshire Addiction Treatment Clinic Telephone: 01925 205260 Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Lancashire

Rehab Clinics in LancashireContact the Lancashire Addiction Treatment Clinic Telephone: 01253 490650 Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Merseyside

Rehab Clinic MerseysideContact the Merseyside Addiction Treatment Clinic Telephone: 0151 321 0370 Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

Rehab Clinics in Tyneside

Rehab Clinic TynesideContact the Tyneside Addiction Treatment Clinic Telephone: 0191 6460131 Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – 

December 18, 2015


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