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Private Drug & Alcohol Detox at Home Ireland

Our treatment is authentic and reliable because it is based on our experience and expertise in addiction recovery. Every patient who comes here is treated with love and reverence and is provided with a safe and serene place for treatment.  Our treatment is based on philosophy of self restraint. We believe that addiction should be treated like a disease and avoidance and abstinence is a finest way to treat it. Call Serenity Health Care UK for free information on our Private alcohol detox at home Ireland, home base detox Ireland, private home alcohol detox plan Ireland and private drug detox at home Ireland are some of the best home detox programmes in Ireland. 

Our way of treatment is comprehensive as we work with body, mind and spirit considering them vital components of a healthy life. Our drug and alcohol treatment team consists of nurses, psychiatrists, substance abuse/addiction advisors and on recreation specialists. You can access all this through the telephone and Skype, you will have written work to complete known as homework. This is when you will have a look at your addiction problems and how they are effecting your life.


Ireland home detox

You take a crucial step to overcome drug or alcohol addiction when you accept that you need help. It is like a weight has been lifted and you are ready to live a healthy life, full of entusisam, this is when you move forward.

Anyhow, it is only an initial step towards a complex step of recovery for a person who has been living with drug and alcohol dependency.

As for as their family and friends are concerned, it is ethical that you support them in maintaining their recovery.

That is where we help you. We offer a exclusive and customized service in our Ireland home detox which empower your family and friends to get professional assistance that is needed for their own home.

We are obliged to our whole team including fully qualified counsellors, psychiatrists, nurses and specialists which are always available to guide you and your family at every aspect of their recovery programme. They offer them help and support through one –to-one support to treat their addiction.

We know that every Peron is different and every peon’s reaction is different towards treatment. That is why we offer a distinct and comprehensive approach, which treats the patients with the love and concern they deserve.


Home-based counselling

It is very astonishing and mind blowing experience to talk to someone about your addiction because it.  is highly a personal matter. Our experienced and professional detox team admits and acknowledges it that you and your loved ones feel supported and encouraged in safe and nurturing space.

Intrinsically in our detox programme, private drug detox at home Ireland, private home alcohol detox plan Ireland, home base detox Ireland and private alcohol detox at home Ireland we provide you home based counselling services which are designed as per one’s individual emotional and medical needs. These detox programmes are designed and supported by our mental and medical health team and addiction specialists, who are always available with their guidance and support at every step of recovery.

Our customised home detox programme is based on one rule, that is, everyone has ability to recover. So we make efforts in this regard and make it sure that every patient will begin to regain control of their lives.

Home drug detox

Progressively more and more people are coming to inquire about home drug detox. This helps addicts to successfully withdraw from their substance abuse with our home detox treatment facility. We offer you and your loved ones maximum support, whether they are struggling with opiate, heroine, stimulant, or OTC addiction.

Home detoxes are designed according to patients’ personal needs under the guidance of our specialists which are more effective in the long term recovery of you and your loved one.

Our all home drug detoxes programmes provide special and distinct guidance to conquer your loved one’s specific drug addiction. As we provide stimulant detox which helps to restore the body’s nutrients and increase your energy levels. With the help of this detox opiate patients are supported to produce natural pleasure chemical.

Alcohol detox

Alcohol can dominant your life and wrench you in its cruel clutches slowly, and gradually they will find themselves helpless in the grip of addiction.

Our home detox programmes help them to recover and regain their lives in controlled and healthy space and help them to overcome their alcohol issues.

Before undertaking a treatment you and your loved ones are allowed to consult with their GP because alcohol detoxification needs medical and professional support.

After their aptitude to take part in a home detox is confirmed, we will set up their boundaries’, limitations of acceptance, and priorities to take part in their home based treatment.

Home detox treatment comprises healthy diet, avoiding temptation, and getting help from their family to sustain recovery are supported by our team.

If you want to learn more about our treatments: call us today.


Home Detox Counselling Services

Our home detox programme, private alcohol detox at home Ireland, home base detox Ireland, private home alcohol detox plan Ireland and private drug detox at home Ireland entertains all exclusive emotional and mental health needs of you and your family and offers a broad range of advisory services if you are recovering from alcohol, drug and other addictions. We have many years of experience in this field so we give assurance to our clients that they will receive high quality services along with mental health. We also give advisory services which consist Twelve Step principles. This principles is including abstain from mood altering drugs.


According to estimation, one out of ten people in Ireland re alcoholic and on alcoholic person directly influence the lives of 4-5 people. Alcohol is an opiate which affects the central nervous system. Its long term use damages the liver and creates heart problems as well. Alcohol also creates an inevitable dependency and it puts it disastrous affect on addict’s each family member.


Continual Care

We offer our continuing Care Programme to everyone who will complete our home detox programme. This programme includes a support group session in every week. In this meeting we will stimulate you to discuss your recovery journey and your problems and concerns will also be discussed. Your family members are strongly invited to take part in the Continuing Care Programme. Every member of the family can take advantage of this session by participating in it.


Family Program

We offer a family programme to addict’s family member. Your all family members, wife/ husband/sibling/ friends can take advantage of this program. If someone thinks he don’t have a problem or addiction, this programme may be able to help.

One of the prominent points of addiction is that the victim will always deny that he having a problem.  By this programme you will be able to find that you, your family, friends colleagues are involved in this denial; they will make excuses, will cover up and will keep secrets.



June 3, 2018


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