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Referral Agents

Our Policy on Referral Agents in the UK

Beware when choosing your own Addictions Treatment from Referral Agents.

Serenity Healthcare is pleased to receive referrals for our Home Detox Addictions Treatment from other agencies. If some of these Agencies expend money on working with their clients by providing professional services then we have no problem in reimbursing them for their reasonable costs. We do have major problems allowing referral agents to sell on our services – and we will not permit this to happen.

Our services are designed to be affordable, effective and confidential – and it would totally defeat our objective if we allowed, for example, other agencies to sell on our particular services at a big profit to themselves.

Serenity Healthcare – our main objective is to practice addictions treatment at home – including Relapse Prevention – and to be accountable to the user for the quality of service that we offer.

We offer competitive rates for home-based medical detox (alcohol detox and drug detox) – why would we want to permit others to use our practitioners and to double our price?

Likewise if we recommend clients to residential treatment we will not demand extortionate commissions.  Not everyone is suitable for Addictions Treatment at Home – hence the need to suggest Residential Treatment to some of those people who request our help and treatment.

So, be careful when practitioners offer you help – some are highly ethical and are in recovery themselves – others are running a business – which they are perfectly entitled to do – and have very little to offer other than signposting a rehab that often pays the highest levels of commission – a practice that is illegal in the USA.

We commend the blog on Referral Agents published by one of the major Addictions Hospitals in the UK  – situated near Peebles in Scotland. Please read what they have to say.

January 6, 2016


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