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Drug Addiction Case Study – Chloe’s story

Drug Addiction Case Study Chloe’s story

Drug Addiction Case Study, this can affect anyone – it doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age, gender or background.

At Serenity Health, our drug detox clinic is open to everyone, and our friendly and welcoming approach is changing the way rehab clinics are helping clients recover from addiction.

We’ve asked former Serenity client, Chloe, to share her experience of drug rehab with Serenity Health’s assistance.

The Problem:

If you met Chloe today, you would never know about her past. This born and bred London girl is 20 years old, and a flourishing law student with a bright future in the City.

A few years ago though, it seemed as if this straight A student was about to throw away her life, thanks to a class A drug addiction.

Chloe had a great childhood. By her own admission, school was a breeze for her, with strong academic achievement and social skills making her as successful on the playground as she was in the classroom. Age 7,

Chloe started at a boarding school, and loved having friends around her all the time. With no parents about, Chloe and her friends found themselves invited to house parties. As soon as I could convince people they we 18, they moved on to London’s nightclubs.

It was here where Chloe first came across drugs, and it was a slippery slope to cocaine addiction. She explains: “At 15, I was taking poppers, graduated to MDMA at 16, and then I tried cocaine at our year 13 parties.

I got separated from my friends, and found them taking cocaine in a back room. I didn’t want to be left out, so I tried it.” her quote for this Drug Addiction Case Study 

Chloe scored straight As in her A levels, and accepted a place at Kings College London to study law. She was introduced to new people, and it seemed that cocaine was available at every place they went. Parties, clubs, and even her new friends were all good sources of a line of cocaine. Ass a self confessed wild child by this point, Chloe didn’t want to miss out.

The demands of a law degree were high, but so was Chloe’s desire for more cocaine.

Going out almost every night to snort coke, she started to wonder if she was becoming an addict. She spent every penny of the generous allowance from her parents. Chloe spent every penny available on credit cards, and even took on a £2000 bank loan to support her habit.

Chloe estimated that at one point, her addiction had saddled her with more than £13,000 of debt.

Coming out of denial to the solution: 

Chloe’s light bulb moment finally came when her best friend, who she shared a flat with, sat her down and asked why they were drifting apart.

Chloe realised that cocaine had become more important to her than her friends, family, and studies. It had to stop. Chloe found the details for Serenity Health, and called the same day to ask for help with her addiction.

One thing Chloe particularly appreciated about Serenity Health was the flexible approach of the counsellors. They got to know Chloe, listening to her worries, and working out a non-residential rehab plan for her. This allowed her to continue with her studies.

Chloe’s treatment was organised at a clinic not far from her university, allowing her to keep her studies on track, and keeping her life as normal as possible.

Chloe says: “Talking about how I was using cocaine, along with contributing problems from earlier in my life, were a massive help. I didn’t want to be known just as a party girl”.

If I’d not found Serenity Health, there would probably have been a long wait for NHS treatment. Serenity Health got the right treatment.  Everything was organised with privacy and discretion.

I only shared what was happening with my flatmate.

This level of discretion was really helpful, and the rapid results of her treatment meant that after just three months. Chloe felt able to tell her parents what had been happening. With her family’s support,

Progress with Chloe

It’s amazing that Chloe has now had nearly a year where not taken cocaine, and faced her debts by working part time to repay what she owes. Even better, thanks to Serenity’s fast intervention. Chloe is on course for a 2:1 in her law degree.

If you’re ready to detox? Serenity Health’s addiction support team are here to help you find the rehab programme which works for you. Serenity can help you beat your addiction. Gaining control over drugs, allowing you to move on and take back control of your life.

This  Drug Addiction Case Study is here so others may identify.  Contact us today, and begin your detox journey with Serenity Health.

January 31, 2018


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