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Rehabilitation Clinics

Rehabilitation clinics treatment for alcohol & drug addiction
Serenity Health clinics are found in the UK and offer a full inpatient rehabilitation programme to treat prescription drug addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling addiction. The clinics are residential, giving full support to our patients, and in addition to the conditions listed above, we also treat commonly associated problems such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eating disorders.

Addiction is an illness where the only way to recover is to abstain completely, and our programme is specifically designed to ensure this chronic illness is carefully treated, and that patients are given the personalised help they need to recover. We use a variety of treatments and models, including the 12 steps and also provide psychiatric help, medical treatment and complementary therapy.

Conditions we treat:

• Alcohol addiction

While many people enjoy a social drink, some people use alcohol to blot out how they feel and to try and get through the day, and when it gets to the point that they can’t stop without help, that’s where it crossed the line into alcoholism.

We offer therapies that allow the patient to recover emotionally from the underlying causes and symptoms, giving them a new, positive outlook and a way to face life without drinking.

• Gambling addiction

A gambling addict lives with the knowledge that they are causing pain to themselves and their family, along with potential financial problems, but even so, they cannot stop or control the urge to gamble and to keep trying to hit the high they get from it.

Our rehabilitation clinics assist gambling addicts to attain full long life recovery by having them acknowledge that there is a problem, and by exploring the cause of the addiction. Along with counselling, group therapy, and possibly CBT, a gambling addict can find new ways to deal with emotional problems and ways to manage their addiction.

• Drug addiction

Whether someone is dependent on prescription drugs or illegal drugs, the addict can get to the point of only caring about their next ‘fix’, which is devastating, both for them and for their family.

Our clinics have a full treatment programme for drug addiction, starting with admitting that there is a problem, full detox and support from our staff, with counselling, group therapy, one-to-one therapy, acupuncture, relaxation and more to support the addict in leading a fulfilling life free of drugs.

• Depression

Depression can be a debilitating condition, with mood swings, poor appetite, the feeling that there’s no point to anything, lack of interest in work, hobbies and life in general, lethargy, and even suicidal feelings. This condition can have a serious effect, not just on the sufferer, but on friends and family too, affecting relationships and family life.

Our rehabilitation clinics provide therapy for depression to give sufferers a way to talk about their feelings and find ways to heal, as well as providing lifestyle help, such as nutrition advice and ways to deal better with anxiety and stress.

• Eating disorders

While conditions such as anorexia and bulimia usually make the news with teenage girl sufferers, an eating disorder can affect anyone, whether male or female and at any age. The sufferer tries to control their food in an effort to deal with problems and difficult emotions, but eventually, their eating disorder begins to control them. Long term, this condition can lead to health problems and may even be fatal.

Our clinics have highly trained staff who are fully sympathetic and understanding of eating disorders. They will do everything they can to help sufferers recover, with counselling, treatments and support.

• Anxiety and stress

While most people feel anxious occasionally, especially when they’re out of their comfort zone for sufferers of stress and anxiety, this can, unfortunately, be how they feel most of the time. Sufferers can find it hard to deal with everyday life and may even turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope, which of course causes its own set of problems.

At Serenity Health clinics, we help our patients deal with stress, looking at its causes, dealing with anxious thoughts and providing stress reduction techniques.


Post-traumatic stress disorder can be brought by witnessing or living through any incredibly stressful and shattering situation that leaves you feeling extremely vulnerable and helpless. PTSD could be caused by any shocking incident outside normal experience, including seeing someone die, rape, a natural disaster, robbery, military service, abuse or domestic violence, among other causes.

Symptoms can include flashbacks, insomnia, irritability, depression, stress and anxiety.

With quick admission, our rehabilitation clinics can treat PTSD with a variety of methods, including CBT, counselling, and psychiatric help.

In addition, our friendly and supportive teams can also treat bipolar disorder, panic attacks, internet addiction, sex addiction, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

We also take great care to support the families of our patients and involve them in the treatment of their loved ones.

When treating addiction, one of the very early things we do, and one of the most important parts of the treatment is our rapid detox treatment which lasts for 10 days. This has to be done carefully, and with highly trained medical staff present, but our aim is to quickly remove any trace of the addictive substance from our patient’s body, whether that be alcohol or any type of drug. We carefully manage any withdrawal symptoms to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible and not at risk.

When the patient is ready, they may be given vitamins and suitable medication to assist them with recovery. They will also have a one on one consultation with our psychiatrist and will then be closely monitored by our staff.

Our aim with every patient is a quick admission and full long life recovery, and our rehabilitation clinics are set up to treat not just the addiction itself, but the underlying causes, for a programme which holistically treats each patient as an individual.

Our fully trained teams work together to help each patient reduce their stress and understand their condition and its causes. We provide counselling and psychotherapy, along with general relaxation techniques to help our patients cope in the long term, once they go back home. Our stress therapies include meditation techniques, yoga and art to give every patient the best possible chance of a recovery that lasts a lifetime.

February 3, 2018


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