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Alcohol Home Detox Service Nationwide

December 16, 2015

Fixed Price Alcohol Detox £995

Alcohol home detox aims to rid the body of toxins caused by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

Home detox affects both mental and physical health. You may have attempted to reduce, control or withdraw from alcohol independently without success.  It is advisable that any attempt to withdraw from alcohol be done under the supervision of a trained medical professional

Alcohol detoxification can potentially cause fatalities and result in death.

Side effects/ withdrawal symptoms

  • Sickness, shakes and sweats
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite, weightloss, chronic indigestion
  • Depression, low mood, anxiety or paranoia
  • Hallucinations, palpitations and irregular heart beat
  • Risk of fit/seizures
  • Suicidal thoughts/self harm

Alcohol home detox assessment

It may be you, a loved one or friend that makes the initial enquiry around Alcohol home detox treatment. Our advisor’s are fully trained, they will be happy to discuss Alcohol home detox treatment and any questions/concerns that you may have around an alcohol home detox programme.

Following your initial enquiry about an alcohol detox Programme, our Doctor/prescribing Psychiatric Nurse will complete an assessment via the telephone. This will be followed by a home visit from our Doctor/prescribing Psychiatric Nurse. Alcohol home Detox will generally take 7-10 days, during this time our client will receive medical monitoring and supervisory calls from our medical professional. Medication may be administered to make the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detoxification more manageable. It is advisable that you have someone support you throughout your alcohol home detox, however, alternative arrangements can be made if you live alone.

It is vital that you answer questions around your alcohol dependency honestly, this will ensure a safe and individualised alcohol detox treatment plan be drawn up to fully suit your needs.

The initial telephone assessment is free of charge. The cost for the treatment is £995 and this will need to be processed before one of our medical team completes a home visit. The process can generally begin within 1-2 days after initial contact and telephone assessment.

Benefits of Alcohol Home Detox

Suitability – Due to family and work commitments a person may not be able to take time out to entre residential treatment.

Alcohol home detox within the comfort of your own home environment, this may enable a person to continue to manage some aspects of their daily responsibilities.

Private and confidential treatment

Cost effective treatment option with 24 hour support available from medical professional on hand.


Following your Alcohol home detox programme the recovery process is just beginning. We can provide continuing support to prevent relapse and aid recovery. Residential inpatient/outpatient treatment can be arranged in and around your local area.

A structured recovery programme can help us gain some knowledge and understanding around addiction. Give us the tools to helps us live a life of sobriety.

  • Counselling/CBT/Physiotherapy
  • Supported living/shared housing
  • Education/work opportunities
  • Recovery and relapse prevention
  • Family support
  • Meditation and reflection
  • Holistic/alternative therapies
  • Group support/meetings

Counselling and support services can help a person with understanding addiction. Many of us have encountered difficulties along life’s path that have caused us pain and suffering. Alcohol has acted as a mask, allowed us to hide from our inner thoughts and feelings.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help us unlock out inner self’s, work on the underlying issues and unlock the pain and suffering we have carried throughout life’s journey. With the right support, Alcohol Home Detox – IT WILL BE OK.


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