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Deactivating Cravings

December 16, 2015

1) Cravings are a natural product of addiction. It continues on and off well after drug or alcohol detox. Natural brain chemicals no longer function due to long use of chemicals until the person can’t function properly without them.

Physical recovery can sometimes take as little as ten days, but the Central Nervous System takes longer. This results in extremes of moods like really happy and spiritual one minute and so sad and negative soon after.

2) Cravings are stimulated automatically if recovering person experiences situations that were associated with patterns of former drug/alcohol use. They can include emotions, people, places and things.


3) Gradually being exposed to cravings situations and not using with strong support is a way to weaken cravings (if you do not act, it will pass)

4) Complete Abstinence – which means not getting high on anything, is the surest and quickest way of reducing cravings.

5) Certain old patterns that have not been dealt with, such as loss, childhood issues and destructive relationships can evoke old habits in an otherwise solid recovery.

A house full of people with holes in themselves’ such as rejection, abuse and old patterns of behavior will lead to craving.

6) Determination and will power is a poor defense. Changing your lifestyle is a good one.

7) Even though cravings are a natural after-effect of addiction, remember you have the power of choice. You can take steps to conquer it or remain its slave.


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