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Recovery Process

January 5, 2016

The recovery process will start from the first day you walk into a treatment centre.

Many people think that once you have eliminated the addiction that is causing the chaos and devastation in your life and theirs ‘that’s it, problem solved’, unfortunately it’s not that simple. For most people living with any addiction, the substance is only a symptom of the many issues they may have.

These issues may have been buried deep for many years, the substance allows the person to bury these issues further, and it allows that person to block out any true emotions and hide behind anything that maybe too uncomfortable to face.

Recovering From Addiction

Whilst in treatment the person is allowed to explore, probably for the first time, the problems that have been covered up by their using. This process can sometimes be painful, as once the substance has been taken out of the equation they are only left with themselves, and recovery is all about looking at yourself, something you may not have done for a long time.


Addiction leaves you in your own little world, the recovery process in treatment will include many group therapy sessions where you will be encouraged to interact with your peers, giving input into their recovery and them giving input into yours.

Most treatment centres will be staffed by people who are actually in recovery themselves and have many years of experience behind them, they will have been in your position once and will fully understand, they will not be phased or shocked by anything you tell them.

No “Quick Fix” for Recovery

There is no quick fix for instant recovery, taking the substance away is obviously the start, but the recovery process is about the person as a whole. People with addictions seem to be quite unique, they come from all walks of life, there are no set rules, and addiction can affect anyone, at anytime in their lives.

By the time you have finished your stay at the treatment centre, you will be equipped with all you need to go out and apply what you have been taught on a day to day basis.

Within a short space of time family and friends will see a difference in you, way before you actually see it in yourself. You will be offered ongoing support from the centre and you will have met a new set of people who understand you and think the same way as you.

Be the Person You Were Supposed To Be

Recovery is so rewarding, you will see things for what they are, you will appreciate small things that occur in your life, and notice things that have been kept at bay by the fog you were living in. You will have patience and tolerance around situations, and you will stop and think before you act.

You will begin to feel well and have more energy than you know what to do with, you will sleep at night and you will be able to eat. Slowly but surely things that you never dreamt were possible become achievable. Most importantly your life can be free of fear, paranoia, chaos and devastation.

Life can be as normal as you wish it to be. Recovery is precious, and once you have found it, you will not want to let go of it.



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