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Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions for using Serenity Health LLC

By using this website and continuing to do so, you hereby agree that you are bound by and are complying with the terms and conditions of use that follow. Together with the privacy policy we have laid out, these terms and conditions govern the relationship that exists between yourself and Serenity Health.

If you do not agree with anything that follows, then we advise that you do not continue to use our website.

For clarity, the term “you” used throughout is referring to the person viewing and using this website. The following terms refer to the owner of the website:

– “We”
– “Us”
– “Serenity Health LLC”
– “SH”
– “Serenity Health”

Continuing to use this website means abiding by the terms of use laid out below.

The content displayed on this website is subject to being changed without any prior notice being given.

The content displayed on this website is only general information and should only be used for general use.

You will find that this site uses cookies in order to monitor the browsing preferences of its visitors. To find out more about how we use cookies, you should read our privacy policy.

No third party bodies, or ourselves, offer any guarantee or warranty to you the viewer that the information displayed is suitable, timely, comprehensive or accurate for any use. This refers to any information and other materials that are displayed. As such, you may find that some information contains inaccuracies and errors and that we are in no way liable for these inaccuracies to the full extent that law permits.

Be advised that we have taken certain steps and precautions to help ensure this website remains virus-free, is properly secure and is not playing host to any compromising, internet-based computer programmes. However, we are unable to guarantee with 100% certainty that this website is virus-free. You will need to take certain precautions yourself to ensure you are not vulnerable to any such risks. If you do experience any computer contamination or receive viruses after using this website, then we are in no way liable for this.

Similarly, we are not liable for any risks you encounter when using any of the materials or information you find on this website. Instead, you must take your own necessary steps to ensure that the information or services this website delivers meet with your own requirements.

Much of the material on this website is either licensed to us or owned by us. This refers to and includes the following (though this list is not necessarily all-inclusive):

– The look
– The design
– The graphics
– The appearance
– The layout

For this reason, you should not reproduce anything found on this website unless it is in strict accordance with our copyright notice. This copyright notice forms part of the terms and conditions displayed here.

Any trademarks that have been reproduced on this website that have been licensed to us or are not owned by us have been properly acknowledged.

It may be a criminal offence to use this website in an unauthorised manner and doing so could lead to us seeking a claim for damages.

You may find that certain parts of this website contain links to other external websites. We have provided these links as a way to provide added information to any viewers. However, these links are in no way a sign of us endorsing these external websites. Similarly, we accept no responsibility for the content you find displayed on these external websites.

Be aware that the way in which you use this website and any claims or disputes that arise after it being used are subjected to the laws as laid down in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If, after carefully reading all of the above you have any further questions, please email these to

February 19, 2018


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