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Addiction Treatment

Breaking Free Alcohol Addiction Treatment programme Model

Breaking Free Alcohol Addiction Treatment programme and drug Addiction Treatment programme is inclusive in providing treatment for also the following conditions;

  • Eating disorder
  • Compulsive gambling
  • Depression
  • Sex addiction
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Drug addiction
  • Trauma
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Cross-addictions
  • PTSD
  • Duel diagnosis

Here at Serenity Alcohol Addiction Treatment programme Solutions

alcohol addiction treatment programmeWe ensure that every patient gets a tailored plan designed to suit their exact recovery needs. We operate across the UK, Spain and Cyprus, and are available seven days a week. This is just one of the things that makes us different to other rehab clinics around. Instead of opening just five days a week, we make ourselves available even on weekends. Addiction doesn’t sleep or take days off, so neither do we.

Offering a proven programme that keeps you focused on sobriety

Our tailored service has a focus on preventing relapses from occurring, whilst helping to support couples and families at the same time. This dual approach is the best way to ensure that addictive behaviours no longer interfere with a patient’s life. The treatment we offer is focused on creating a safe and welcoming environment that is a world away from drugs, alcohol and other addictive tendencies. 

The programme itself usually starts with a detox period, which is based on the exact needs of each patient. The treatment hours we have are very intense, allowing for maximum improvement. However, we do still offer flexibility on important days. Such as for family time, religious observance days, recreation and sober socialisation. After the programme has ended, remember, all patients will receive ongoing support from our Alumni Program.

As well as the Breaking Free alcohol addiction treatment programme, we also offer a range of other support services. Such as for alcohol treatment, detoxification programmes, drug treatment, eating disorders, romance issues, trauma and dual diagnosis.

Here is a deeper look at the Breaking Free Plan

drug addiction treatment programmeFirst off, what is the Breaking Free Plan and why has it been shown to be so effective? The Breaking Free Plan extends well beyond the typical rehab services offers by clinics in the UK. We have found that most relapses occur within the seven days that immediately follow the end of treatment. As such, the Breaking Free plan is designed to offer support during this hard transitional process away from the clinic and back into normal life. 

By undertaking the Break Free Plan alcohol drug addiction treatment programme this is what patients receive:

• A therapy coach accompanying them on their way home
• Support for the family during the first few days of your loved one being back home
• Full training and teaching on strategies to handle relationships and cope with trigger moments
• Someone there during their first mutual support group

The idea is that, upon arriving back home, your loved one will have more confidence and will be equipped with the skills they need to resist relapses and to stay sober. Patients can opt-in for the Break Free Plan for a set fee that includes all accommodation and necessary airfare. A Solutions Programme Adviser can give more details on the programme. Do bear in mind, that insurance is not covered. 

It’s time to change your life, by starting today!

The Breaking Free Plan alcohol addiction treatment programme

Why Solutions is far better than other clinics

The standard approach offered by other clinics trying to help patients overcome addictive issues is the following:

• Attending mutual support groups
• Teaching the standard Twelve Steps Programme
• Offering group and individual therapy
• Including ancillary therapies

However, we have found that this system is flawed. Patients soon fall back into old habits and the status quo prevails. Instead, the Breaking Free Plan is an entirely different solution altogether.

What exactly is the Breaking Free Plan?

It is a fully comprehensive addiction treatment programme that starts with the end in mind and works back from there. Our team have identified the real gaps that exist within the recovery process and have then crafted our program to fill these gaps and cover every aspect of the patient’s lifestyle. This then allows for long-term, lasting recovery. 

Personalised care is the right approach

We like to make it clear to friends and family of the patient that personalised care is our main focus with the Breaking Free Plan alcohol addiction treatment programme. Our very own “Triangle” therapeutic Team are there to make sure each individual we care for has a Professional Therapeutic Counsellor and Primary Therapist. New and bespoke sessions are then designed with the individual in mind.with our alcohol addiction treatment programme

You will, therefore, find that each patient has a minimum of four individual sessions scheduled in each week. And no matter which therapist your loved one is assigned with, you can rest assured that they are fully licensed and have several years of relevant industry experience.

Offering counsellors and facilitators 24/7/365

The approach we take creates a preventive atmosphere for all of our patients with our alcohol Addiction treatment programme. Meaning, that any crisis situations are prevented as best as possible. We have staff available all throughout the night, on weekends and even bank holidays. This means that there is always somebody on call to help provide personalised care and recovery services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The “Triangle Approach”

The eventual aim for everyone we help is to see them return home or leave for a community that they would most like to be a part of. However, this can only happen at the end of the “Recovery” process. When we refer to us keeping the end in mind at all times, we refer to successfully completing the “alcohol addiction treatment” part of the process. When brought together, they form a comprehensive approach to care which is known as our “Direction Plan” philosophy. Our support staff completes the Triangle Approach by offering valuable counseling, educational life skills, therapeutic care and vocational mentoring.

The centre of the Breaking Free Plan addiction treatment

We assist all guests undertaking the Breaking Free Drug Addiction Treatment programme Plan to build the following before they leave our care:

• A mutual support group itinerary
• A mutual support system
• A recovery sponsor or mentor
• Aftercare therapy
• Planning for family reintegration

As a sign to the care on offer, we value the time a client spends away from our clinic, and even provide a skilled therapeutic companion to ride with them on the journey home. Just remember, if you qualify for the Break Free Plan, then you don’t need to take it. Instead, it is an opt-in service. For further details on the programme and to check eligibility, it is wise to speak to our residential Drug Addiction Treatment programme advisor. 

All aspects of aftercare, family reintegration and introducing patients to mutual support groups will be handled by our skilled facilitators. In other clinics, we have seen patients merely dropped off at the airport after a programme ends with little more than wishes of good luck. Under such circumstances, it is easy for the patient to become scared and slip back into old habits, such as by quickly heading to a nearby bar. This lack of care is simply not something we allow.

Instead, the Break Free Drug Addiction treatment programme Plan reduces the risk of such things occurring dramatically. So you should clearly see that not all rehab clinics are the same. We have always strived to offer the ultimate rehabilitation process that actually gets results and allows for long-lasting recovery. To find out more about us and the Breaking Free Plan, contact our friendly team today.

September 3, 2015


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