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Crystal Meth Rehab

If you, or somebody you know is messing with crystal meth, get help, right now! crystal meth

Like a lot of information in the War on Drugs, facts about crystal methamphetamine can be hard to pin down. Also known by a plethora of street names such as crank, tweak, and ice, crystal methamphetamine is a very powerful stimulant concocted from a wide range of source substances and chemicals.

The Effects of Crystal Meth

The effects of meth are highly volatile because there can be potentially so many different toxic substances involved in a mix. After coming down last decade, rates of meth abuse have disturbingly been on the rise in recent years. If you know someone who needs help with crystal methamphetamine addiction, call the Rehab Clinic at 0800 234 3825.

Meth use really exploded in the 1980’s especially amongst certain demographics like the United States gay community, motorcycle gangs, and some long-haul truckers in order to drive long journeys with little or no sleep. However, a dip in prices to as little as £25 for half a gram, enough to last the majority of users a couple of days, has spread meth use deeper into mainstream culture. Until recently, meth use was rather rare in the UK but lately it has become more widely available even to suburban housewives.

Methamphetamine can be snorted, injected or smoked in a pipe to produce very strong feelings of euphoria, energy, and a perceived (but false) sense of focus. Smoking it provides the most intense sensation as the drug directly enters the bloodstream with results that can last from 2-16 hours.

Users describe a range of feelings and mental patterns ranging from obsessive compulsive behaviours to extremely strong sex drive and lack of sexual inhibitions.

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This last effect is worth noting because it greatly increases the odds of unprotected sex. It is shocking but studies in the US have shown that crystal meth use has been a factor in as many as half of all new AIDS cases in recent years.

What About Short Term Use?

Short-term use of methamphetamine causes a rapid increase in body temperature, blood pressure, and cardiac rate. The drug can have unpleasant cognitive effects such as hallucinations, intense paranoia, and bizarre, psychotic behaviours.

Overdose is easily achieved with meth, marked by severe convulsions and circulatory and respiratory collapse, and death. Long-term abuse can create memory loss, wild rages, mood swings, and damage to the immune system.

January 15, 2016


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