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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Detox is phase one of drug withdrawal – the process of getting off the drugs or alcohol. Without a thorough alcohol or drug detox there is the possibility that the person will go back to using the drug after rehab.

Depending on the facility you choose for detox treatment, it can be accomplished through many methods. Treatments to alleviate physical symptoms of withdrawal to alcohol or other drugs are provided by most detox centres.

To decrease the chances of relapse a good detox program will make counselling available during the drug and alcohol detox and help with the physical effects as well. A successful drug and alcohol detox program will also make an effort to get to the root cause of the person’s addiction.

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3 Stages of Detox

Medical Detox: Medical withdrawal needs to be supervised by a medical doctor. This is to protect the client as they complete phase one safely and with the least possible complications. This process can take several days.

Physical Detox: Developing a quality health regime will be an important part of your detox stage. There are various methods of physical detox and each centre has its own protocol. We recommend detox centres that use a drug-free and natural detox method.

Emotional Detox: Counselling during detox is extremely important to your emotional health. As you go through detox you will need emotional support due to the fact that you are eliminating something from your body that has been a necessary part for so long.

Addiction can be overcome and we will help you. Detox is an important part of your recovery.

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January 15, 2016


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