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Day Care

Advice on our depression and addiction day care programmes. No one sets out to have an eating disorder, become an alcoholic or suffer from depression. One minute you’re in total control of your life, the next you’re not.

Addictions and disorders hold no respect for your best intentions, or strength of character, and impact on not only your life, but those of your family, friends and work colleagues.

Serenity offer comprehensive world-class day therapy programmes specifically designed and tailored to suit your individual needs for mental health and drug and alcohol day care programmes.

Our unique therapy model, blending experience, expertise, dedication and empathy, has helped literally thousands of people to recover and go on to lead happy healthy balanced lives.

At the point at which a client has made that all important decision to reach out for help, the assumption can safely be made that their level of denial has decreased sufficiently to enable them to do so.

Naturally, during initial assessment and the early stages of a day care treatment programme, we do discuss and address the full spectrum of influences on their lives – psychological, social, biological and spiritual. We look closely at how they have arrived at where they are now, and expect total honesty and openness at all times. This is essential in helping them establish a firm foundation for recovery.

Having said that, our philosophy is to focus very much on the present and, of course, the future. Each individual client’s Personal Recovery Plan (PRP) can only be drawn up once we have ensured that they have both the hope and strength to embrace change.

Together, we then take stock of their recovery capital – the strengths and assets drawn both from within and from those close to them. It is these strengths and assets that are so crucial to recovery.

Serenity Health Spectral Therapy  Day Care Programme gives clients:

  • A comprehensive, well structured recovery plan carefully tailored to meet their individual needs.
  • A really well organised positive environment.
  • A therapist who is knowledgeable, caring, firm but fair and an excellent role model.
  • The ability to make choices, influencing both their own lives and their environment.
  • A therapy programme which is carefully structured, positive, engaging and interesting.
  • Freedom from embarrassment, humiliation and criticism.
  • The dignity and respect they deserve.
  • The ability to regain control of their lives.
January 5, 2016


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