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Depression Treatment

If you or somebody you care about is experiencing Depression, we at Sensatori Retreat can offer you information and advice on treatment options available to you. There are many forms of depression with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Whilst Depression is not hereditary some of us can be more prone to the conditions than others. Past negative events or experiences can be a major trigger for depression, as can poor lifestyle choices, diet, lack of exercise and illnesses. We all have days when we feel low on motivation, tired and overwhelmed with life’s commitments but generally these feelings will pass.

If you are experiencing these feeling more frequently or identify with any of the symptoms below then you may be experiencing Depression.

Some Symptoms of Depression

  • Mood swings, hi/lows, anger, irritation, tearful
  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Drug/alcohol dependency
  • Low self esteem / self confidence
  • Loss of interest in self care
  • Negative out look
  • Difficulties expressing emotions
  • Irrational behaviour
  • Inability to carry out daily activities including work commitments
  • Lack of concentration
  • Self harm
  • Suicidal thoughts

Therapy will help you to identify the core issues that may be causing your Depression. We provide a safe environment for you to explore your inner thoughts and feelings and start on your journey towards healing. Our therapeutic based programme will enlighten you towards making positive lifestyle changes regarding health and well-being, nutrition, stress and anxiety management techniques. Relapse prevention is an important part of your on going recovery from Depression.

Our qualified team of professionals are all caring individuals whom have been there them selves. You will also be amongst others who share similar experiences, often this can break the feeling of isolation and sharing information can show you how others have coped.

January 15, 2016


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