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Addiction Detox Clinic

One of the most important stages of recovery is detoxification. This is to remove any trace of the substance from the body and this is done in a controlled environment in the presence of our trained professional staff. Medication may be prescribed to help the client with the effects of withdrawal. Quality meals and vitamin supplements are available to keep the body healthy. This stage of treatment lasts for 10 days and is followed by a consultation with our in house psychiatrist. Clients are then monitored by our staff throughout the rest of their recovery process.

Here at Serenity addiction detox clinic, we have a dedicated unit that is very comfortable and safe for your addiction detox. First you will meet the team so that you know you will be in safe hands and then see our doctor for an assessment. This is the point where your last substance will stopped, but it’s OK we have taken hundreds through this process and our staff have been there too, we will understand how scary it is.

In our addiction detox clinic, in most cases medication will be given to aid your detox and will be reduced over a set period. Day one, day two will pass and you will see how easy this is. You will be busy during the day with our counsellors and support staff, this will help exhaust you and ensure you sleep well at night, kick starting your body into a normal routine. With a nutritional diet, eating regularly you will see a massive improvement in days.

The work that goes on while you’re having an addiction detox will be keeping you safe in the early days, relapse prevention, trying to iron out some of the issues caused due to your addiction.

You may have tried stopping many times and the goal posts have moved, I’ll stop tomorrow, next week, I’ll get Christmas out the way – this is your denial system in your mind, the addicted substance has been your crutch for a long time now and it will do anything to carry on.

At some point is the moment you have to stop, you have to come to a decision in your mind that this is the moment. Let us the professionals take care of the rest. You will have your own very comfortable signature room at our retreat and that coupled with our relaxation program will make this process as easy as possible.

What is a Medical Detox?

Detox will not cure your addiction.  It is the start of the process of treatment that will safely allow you to stop drinking (or drugging).  You will not have to go through “cold turkey” or risk having seizures and alcohol-induced fits.

You will be examined by a medically qualified practitioner who will prescribe a reducing level of medication – appropriate for your particular addiction detox.  You will be given a number of medications including a strong sedative, help to sleep and other medication as deemed to be appropriate by the medical practitioner.

During the detox, we will urge you to learn ways of avoiding drugs and alcohol and you will need to work with a skilled therapist.  We strongly urge you to continue with treatment – learning how to avoid drugs and alcohol on a day-to-day basis is the only way we know that will permit you to remain well.

We will explain what to expect during the process, any warning signs or complications and what actions to take if problems are indicated.  We will have 24/7 help if you need any support during and after your addiction detox.

Come and call us for an informal chat at the best way forward for an addiction detox, were here to help and most of our staff have been there too and know how you feel.

January 5, 2016


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