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Drug Detox

Serenity Health drug detox clinic provide high quality, person-centric drug detox treatment at our peaceful retreat for drug detox programmes or within the home environment for detox drugs. We have vast experience of managing drug detox programmes and are aware of issues which can arise. We are happy to take urgent admissions and offer specialist support from an understanding team of workers with wide experience of the issues and behaviours associated with drug detox treatment.

drug detox treatmentsOur comprehensive drug detox programme is geared to meeting individual needs and provides medical support, alongside holistic therapies and talking treatments. We believe that the simple approach works best with drug detox clinic and all our support is aimed at helping clients overcome drug addiction and move forward to a successful, drug-free lifestyle. We offer ongoing therapies and support services to aid in the rehabilitation process and also provide family education to enable partners and close family members to provide essential support and understanding throughout the drug detox programmes and rehabilitation procedure.

If you need free advice regarding drug detox clinic and other related issues, our helpful advisers are on hand to help clarify complicated issues and offer solutions. We provide a comprehensive telephone screening service which allows us to ascertain the best way forward and the types of service which would prove most beneficial for your drug detox treatment.

Serenity Health understands drug withdrawal

Serenity Health understands the drug withdrawal process and provides a complete treatment programme to facilitate successful drug detox treatments and ongoing support to aid rehabilitation. Many members of our knowledgeable and skilled teams of workers have a lived experience of drug detox clinic and drug withdrawal, so we can provide a peer support service that’s second to none. We offer a complete drug detox programme geared towards drug withdrawal, with many available therapies and interventions with our drug detox treatment which help our clients reach an understanding of their addiction and can lead to increased commitment to remaining drug-free. We know how difficult it can be to live with somebody with a drug addiction, that’s the reason we offer support and education to partners and family members at the same time as offering a person-centred drug detox plan to all our clients.

detox drugsIt’s hard to live with a drug addiction, but, from the moment you pick up the phone to call our specialist workers, you’ll reach an understanding you’re not in it alone. Our knowledgeable telephone advisers provide you with a simple, easy assessment process which will identify the many ways in which you could benefit from our services and also helps us reach a more considered understanding of your personal requirements.

We are happy to take urgent admissions for drug detox treatments into our retreat or onto our home drug detox programme and every plan is supported by an experienced medical team, with the understanding required to deal with withdrawal and issues in detox. Medications will be prescribed to help you combat the worst symptoms of the withdrawal process and ensure you remain comfortable at all times throughout drug detox clinic.

Our comprehensive programme for drug detox is supported by clinicians with vast expertise in drug addiction and detox, therapists who can offer one-to-one support and cognitive behavioural therapies to help you reach understanding of the reasons for your addiction, and support workers, who provide a range of therapeutic sessions and peer support. Once detox is complete, our comprehensive range of ongoing therapies and services helps you achieve your goal of remaining drug addiction free, while maintaining all aspects of your personal, work and social lifestyle.

If you experience drug addiction or support somebody with an addiction to drugs, we can offer free advice to help you plan for the future or deal with complex, ongoing issues which need resolution and we are happy to provide immediate support and take urgent admissions, when necessary into our drug detox clinic.

Issues in drug detox

Very often recognising that drug addiction has become an important factor in life, and making the decision to do something about it, can be one of the toughest steps in the cycle of addiction. When you have accepted that addiction is creating a negative impact on your life and the lives of those around, you are in a strong position to do something about it. Serenity Health partner with you every step along the way to your new drug-free lifestyle, we know just how difficult drug detox can be and have the available expertise to ensure detox is as comfortable as possible.

Detox is the first step on the way to recovery and is the procedure needed to rid your body of drugs. Physical dependency on drugs can cause withdrawal symptoms which may be difficult to cope with. Staying at the Serenity Health drug detox treatment retreat or enrolling for a home detox plan helps you plan a structured detox, while benefiting from the medical and therapeutic support that can reduce withdrawal symptoms to easier levels. Our comprehensive programme for drug detox enables clients to experience a more comfortable period of detox while benefiting from a range of support services which can help you achieve greater understanding of your addiction and lead to greater commitment to a drug-free life.

Detox will not provide a complete treatment for drug addiction in any of its forms, so ongoing rehabilitation and support is recommended. Drug addiction and withdrawal have psychological and physical effects which can be extremely distressing for clients and close family members. Taking advantage of the expert guidance and support offered by Serenity Health can be a valuable tool in assisting the recovery process and ensuring the most comfortable detox period. Many of our patients benefit from the psycho-therapeutic treatments and holistic therapies available at the Serenity Health retreat and to home-based clients, as they can help address issues of cravings and the changes that were made to the brain resulting from long term substance abuse. Detox does help patients stop abusing drugs, but follow-up care and therapies are also important to reduce risks of relapse.

drug detox treatmentSerenity Health provide a variety of follow-up services which can be geared to best meet the needs of individual clients. We can support you with therapeutic interventions or peer support which are designed to ensure you remain free of your drugs dependency once the vital drug detox period is complete.

If you need support with your substance misuse problems, take time to call us today. The knowledgeable team of advisers at Serenity Health offer free advice on drug detox issues and many of our advisers have been through similar experiences, so have in-depth personal knowledge of the issues faced in drug addiction. Our simple phone assessment will identify ways in which we can assist you, while also helping you acquire better understanding of the issues you face and how you can move forward.

Once you have made the decision to take advantage of our services we will be with you every step of the way as you face up to the stress caused by detox and the ongoing issues you will face as you learn to lead a drug-free life.

The initial stages in drug detox clinic

The initial few days of drug detox can be severe and intense for many people, depending on the drug addiction and levels of drugs that have been taken. Medical specialists and support workers at our retreat are constantly available throughout this period to ensure an effective support mechanism is in place. Clients who opt for our home-based drug detox service will benefit from access to our 24/7 helpline for advice and support.

On arrival at the retreat, our guests have a medical assessment from a specialist practitioner and this is followed up with an assessment by a GP, who will be a specialist in drug detox treatments. A comprehensive care plan will be created and this is personalised to meet the needs of every guest staying at our retreat. Home-based clients will receive a visit from a specialist clinician within 48 hours of opting for the service and medications will be prescribed to suit needs. Home-based clients then receive regular visits from our team of nursing staff and support workers.

You will find that the first few hours of detox will often be the most difficult. Our team of clinical staff and support workers will ensure that you remain comfortable at all times during detox and you will be monitored to help relieve any of the most distressing symptoms.

Some examples of potential issues which can arise during drug detox include:

Symptoms of psychosis

Psychosis can be a dangerous complication brought on by withdrawal from certain drugs, such as cocaine. People with a history of using excessive amounts of cocaine may become paranoid or experience psychosis. Some of the symptoms include delusional thinking and visual and/or auditory hallucinations. Psychosis can also be triggered by lack of sleep due to excessive use of stimulants or if guests have a diagnosed mental health disorder, like schizophrenia. People experiencing psychosis can behave in an erratic manner and become extremely unpredictable. Psychosis needs to be treated appropriately before proceeding with the other complex issues arising from drug detox, which is the reason we recommend residential care for patients considered at most risk.

Violence to self and others

Withdrawal from some drugs can increase violent behaviour and risks of hurting yourself or others. Serenity Health have the expertise and knowledge to create a protective and safe environment, while ensuring risks to our guests are minimised at all times.


drug detox programmesSome of our guests have been known to harm themselves while under the influence of drugs, or may have been physically or sexually assaulted before entering drug detox. Our skilled teams of workers can help provide the emotional and medical support needed in such circumstances. Some substances will cause feelings of increased strength and invulnerability which can lead to harm, or risks of suicidal behaviour, which is one of the reasons we maintain 24/7 staffing presence at our retreat. Our professional medical team are on hand throughout the duration of your stay at our drug detox retreat to keep you safe and provide any medical support that is needed.

Opioid painkiller withdrawal with drug detox treatment

Many people with an addiction to prescribed opioid painkillers are likely to find withdrawal very uncomfortable and possibly likely to bring about a recurrence of their original physical pains. We do everything in our power to ensure the comfort of our guests and minimise side effects throughout the detox period.

Threat to self 

Withdrawal from opioids and many other drugs can cause severe depressive symptoms which may be connected to attempted suicides. Our support workers provide the talking therapies that are often needed at this time, to help prevent risk of harm by suicide. Your concerns about drug detox are very real and choosing the safety of a residential retreat to aid in the detox process can be reassuring and increase safety levels.

Common drug detox withdrawal symptoms

Research has proved that abruptly stopping different classes of drugs results in varying sets of withdrawal symptoms, with the severity of symptoms differing between individuals. There are several factors which will influence the way in which any individual experiences withdrawal and some of these include:

  • the length of time an individual has been addicted to the drug. Regular daily use over a long period of time can lead to higher tolerance levels and greater severity of withdrawal symptoms
  • the exact combination of drugs which have been abused, including alcohol. Dependence on drugs and alcohol creates different sets of withdrawal symptoms which can exacerbate each other
  • doses of drugs used at the time individuals enter drug detox clinic. Persistent substance abuse results in tolerance which leads to increasingly higher levels of drugs taken in order to achieve the same results. When higher doses are taken it’s more likely that withdrawal symptoms will prove more severe
  • individuals with a diagnosed mental or physical health disorder may find their symptoms amplified during the withdrawal process
  • the half life of the drug is an important factor affecting withdrawal. If it is a short-acting substance the withdrawal symptoms will occur more quickly after the last dose. Drugs with a longer half life are likely to cause the delay of withdrawal symptoms for a few days

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms developing in individuals with experience of different drug abuse include:

  • sleep disturbances, irrespective of whether or not individuals are experiencing intense fatigue
  • mood disturbances, which can be displayed by intense irritability or agitation
  • physical symptoms, such as chills, tremors, sweating, or shaking, it’s possible that symptoms similar to ‘flu with be displayed
  • intense cravings for the drug

Using different drugs also brings about withdrawal symptoms which are specific to the drug, and some examples are highlighted below.

Potential symptoms of heroin detox

If you have an addiction to heroin, you can expect some of the following symptoms within a few hours of your last dose:

  • anxiety
  • sweating
  • agitation
  • muscle aches
  • insomnia
  • increasing watering of the eyes and a runny nose

More severe symptoms can include:

  • high blood pressure
  • nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting
  • high temperature
  • rapid breathing

Even though these symptoms are non life-threatening, they can be uncomfortable and our support workers and specialist medical team will be on hand at all times to help guests handle the issues that arise. Heroin and methadone addiction has a fairly short half life, so withdrawal symptoms appear within just a few hours of the last dose and could disappear after a few days. Many of our guests find that staying at a specialist drug detox centre is by far the best solution to the stresses resulting from withdrawal. Many of our workers have a lived experience of detox drugs and withdrawal, so they’re able to provide the understanding peer support that’s essential for successful treatment.

Potential symptoms of withdrawal from opioids

Some of the most common symptoms resulting from opioid withdrawal include:

  • gastrointestinal problems
  • muscle aches
  • restlessness
  • jerky leg movements
  • pain in bones and/or joints
  • increased sensitivity to pains

The duration of withdrawal symptoms is very dependent upon whether opioids are long or short acting. Some of the longer acting opioid painkillers will not cause withdrawal symptoms until several days after the last dose, but these could last for a number of weeks.

Possible symptoms caused by withdrawal from stimulants with drug detox programmes

Withdrawal from stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamines may cause mental health issues such as:

  • suicidal thoughts or behaviour
  • depression
  • memory loss
  • paranoia
  • seizures
  • sleep problems
  • mood swings

Withdrawal from marijuana symptoms of drug detox treatment

Stopping the use of marijuana can cause the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • aggressive behaviour
  • depression
  • decreased appetite
  • sleep problems
  • raised temperature, sweating, tremors and stomach pains

Possible symptoms caused by ketamine detox drugs

Research on ketamine withdrawal symptoms is ongoing, some withdrawal symptoms could include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • suicidal ideation
  • inability to focus
  • psychosis
  • inability to sleep
  • aggressive or violent behaviours

Drug detox in a specialist environment is preferable to unsupervised home drug detox, irrespective of the drug of choice. This is particularly important when individuals also suffer ongoing mental or physical health problems. There can be occasions when withdrawal symptoms lead to serious health issues that will require immediate attention from medical specialists. When you book drug detox treatment with Serenity Health you can be assured of round-the-clock medical supervision from specialists with vast experience of dealing with drug detox issues.

Prescription drug addiction treatment

Addiction to prescribed drugs can be harmful to your mental and physical health and often relates to GP-prescribed drugs which are obtained illegally and used in the club scene or as downers. They can be used to counteract the effects of uppers, such as cocaine or speed, or downers, like heroin. The drugs are available in tablet form, or by injection which can also cause risks of septicaemia, hazards from needle sharing, or abscesses.

Some of the side effects of prescription drug addiction include forgetfulness, drowsiness and confusion. If you think you have become addicted to prescription drugs, whether they have been prescribed or acquired illicitly, it’s important to seek help. Prescription drugs can be very addictive and become less effective with continued use, leading to greater reliance on drugs which become increasingly ineffective.

If you think you have become addicted to prescription drugs, our Sensatori Retreat facility in West Sussex provides the medically-supervised drug detox that’s required, combined with a range of therapies and workshops to ensure the best possible outcome.

Psychological issues in drug detox treatment

As already noted, withdrawal from some drugs may cause few major physical symptoms but can cause extremely intense psychological symptoms. For example, detox from stimulants like cocaine or methamphetamines can cause very serious depression coupled with suicidal thoughts. In these circumstances, residential drug detox clinic at our retreat is always the recommended course of action as this ensures the safety of our client. Home detox treatment will be unsuitable for clients with addictions of this nature as they could lead to an instance of harm. Residential detox at our retreat provides the 24/7 medical and support care that’s needed in these circumstances and helps monitor levels of depression, while reducing suicide risks.

It’s important that all these issues are discussed at the initial telephone consultation and, if you need to discuss the specifics of cocaine or methamphetamines addiction, we’re happy to provide free advice to help you determine the best way forward at one of  our drug detox clinic.

Drug detox clinic at our retreat

Our retreat provides the warm and welcoming environment essential to ensure a comfortable stay and successful drug detox. Your detox process will be constantly monitored by the team of medical specialists and support workers on hand throughout the day and night, so you can rest assured that any symptoms can be addressed with immediate effect. Your initial telephone consultation and our medical assessment determine the length of time required for detox, as this can vary between individuals and is based on the amounts of drugs used and duration of the addiction. Any other dependencies or health issues are also taken into consideration at the time of assessment.

Initially, you will be issued with a care plan that’s tailored to meet your individual needs. A counsellor will work with you on a one-to-one basis and the daily schedule of events includes:

    • group therapies or one-to-one sessions to explore reasons for your addiction
    • talks and workshops
    • relaxation and stress management techniques
    • acupuncture
    • advice on health and nutrition

You will also be encouraged to undertake therapeutic duties and complete a range of written assignments throughout your stay.

Family days are a regular feature of any stay at our drug detox clinic retreat and provide opportunities for family members to learn more about addiction and the impacts of drug addiction. This type of education helps rebuild relationships which have suffered as a result of ongoing issues with addiction and provides the support needed by partners and close family members.

The drug addiction treatment programme we provide covers all aspects surrounding the effects of addiction and the ways in which it impacts upon family, friends and society as a whole. Our drug detox programmes has been designed to strengthen clients physically and mentally, so they can resume life in a way best suited to needs and social requirements. Sustained abstinence from drugs very often requires continued support, alongside a long term commitment to remain drug free. We provide risk management, relapse preventative support and aftercare throughout our residential drug detox programmes and upon completion of the programmes.

Home drug detox programmes

Serenity Health does provide a home drug detox service which is fully supervised by medical professionals. Our home drug detox service can be an excellent and very affordable alternative to residential treatment, for individuals who prefer to stay in their own home. We offer free advice on the best forms of detox treatment, once we’ve conducted a thorough assessment of your situation and requirements. It can be possible to register for our home drug detox services without any necessity to advise your GP or other medical professionals.

drug detox clinicHome drug detox can be set up within just a couple of days of any initial consultation with our telephone advisers, and a specialist doctor will call out to your home to carry out a thorough medical examination and prescribe suitable medications to assist you through the detox period. The prescribed medications will include strong sedatives and sleeping pills, so your body can adjust gradually to withdrawal symptoms. Our medical treatment avoids risks of sudden seizures or fits and the uncomfortable symptoms caused by sudden withdrawal from drugs.

Our initial doctor’s visit will be followed up by regular visits from our team of nurses and 24/7 urgent telephone support is available via our helpline. When the detox is complete, customers benefit from the support of a trained therapist for one month. This support helps enable customers to become accustomed to living a drug-free life and continue living a life that’s free from addiction. Clients using our home drug detox service and drug detox programmes can be assured of confidentiality and will have the ability to continue with their normal daily lives.

Ongoing therapy can be continued as clients move into the rehabilitation stages and coaching services can also be provided to family members and friends to provide education and help ensure our customers continue receiving the best available support. at our drug detox clinic. Weekly relapse prevention and extended care support is available on an ongoing basis, alongside daily home-based recovery therapy via our telephone helpline. Some of our available therapies and treatments provided by trained addiction therapy workers include:

      • abstinence recovery programmes
      • coping strategies
      • peer support
      • family support progammes
      • cognitive behavioural therapy
      • teaching and coaching methodology
      • person-centric counselling

Medications used for detox drugs

Your drug detox will be fully managed by experienced medical professionals throughout the duration of your course of drug detox clinic treatment with Serenity Health drug detox programmes. Specialists and support workers continually monitor guests to ensure the detox process is as comfortable as possible, while therapists are available throughout the day to provide support and explore the reasons behind your drug addiction. We provide a range of medications which are specifically designed for drug detox and it’s our belief that a simple approach to detox is most beneficial.

If you have been using Methadone, Buprenorphine or Benzodiazepines prior to your admission to our drug detox programmes retreat, we will slowly reduce these, depending upon your current use.

We prescribe the medication Lofexidine for clients that have been using heroin or other opiates. The levels of Lofexidine will be reduced gradually throughout the detox process, allowing you to achieve the utmost comfort during detox, but ensuring side effects are minimised.

Throughout the detox process we provide a range of medications, geared towards reduction of levels of pain or anxiety, while minimising any risks of potential over sedation.

drug detoxThe holistic therapies with our drug detox programmes we provide include massages and acupuncture. Acupuncture is known to relieve stress and helps increase levels of endorphins which can assist in the drug withdrawal process. All of our therapists are fully trained and experts in the field of promoting personal health and well being. Our drug detox clinic holistic therapies are geared towards providing a service which is complementary to the medical treatments and can be beneficial to mind, body and spirit.

We have many years’ experience in providing drug detox plans and believe our current process is simple and easy to follow, providing guests with no risk of cross-addiction issues.

Serenity Health provides abstinence-based therapies and a comprehensive programme of activities, while ensuring that no mind altering drugs are used within the drug detox process. Every client receives an individually-designed care plan that is specific to needs and will help alter thought patterns surrounding ongoing drug use and leading towards a life that’s free from addiction with drug rehab clinic.

We are happy to accept urgent admissions to our drug detox retreat or for the home-based drug detox service. Call us for free advice and learn about the many ways we can help ensure your drug detox clinic experience is as comfortable as possible and that the ongoing support programme provided meets all your aims.

January 5, 2016


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