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Prescription Drug Detox

We understand your Prescription Drug Detox

Taking the first step and seeking help or advice about Prescription Drug detox can be daunting. Thankfully here at Serenity Health when you call you will be dealing with specially trained and more importantly personally experienced staff who can give you advice and guidance. We have a quick and easy telephone assessment so we can gauge what your problem is but also give you advice on how we may be able to help you overcome your problems. Prescription drug addiction has seen a dramatic rise not only in the UK but internationally. At Sensatori we pride ourselves on understanding exactly what you are going through.

About our Prescription Drug Detox

Once you have made the decision to come to The Sensatori Retreat for our Prescription Drug Detox you will need to be checked in. We like to make this experience as comfortable as possible and have a friendly support team to ensure this happens. You will be admitted by one of our qualified team before being fully assessed by a specialist General Practitioner.

Our Prescription Drug detox clinic is staffed 24 hours a day by a qualified team, support staff and specialised Therapists. This is to ensure you are as safe and as comfortable as possible. Our Therapists will do work with you throughout the day to establish your prescription drug usage and ultimately the underlying reasons behind this. At Serenity Health we have a wide range of medications specifically designed to reduce your withdrawal symptoms and to ensure you are safe during your detox period.

What medication will be used

We are strong believers in keeping your prescription drug detox as straight forward as possible. We understand that cross addiction is a big factor when dealing with prescription drugs and as such asses every patient on their own merits.

We have a wide range of medications that will ultimately make your detox comfortable, safe and relatively easy. Our nurses are on hand around the clock to ensure you are comfortable and assess your withdrawal symptoms on a regular basis. Due to the vast and varying amounts of prescription drugs on offer today it is important that we assess you fully and ensure you are receiving the correct treatment and medication.

We at Serenity Health have been involved in many different methods of drug treatment over the years and believe we have found the safest, easiest and most effective method of prescription drug detox.

Feel free to call us to discuss your individual needs with one of our experienced staff.

January 5, 2016


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