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Reflexology is a pressure point practise that work’s on using the body’s natural energy centres. There are points on the feet that correspond to every organ and function in the body. It is said that all parts of the body are connected by subtle energy, this flows from head to feet through zones known as channels and vessels. When a person feels discomfort or experiences illness the channels become blocked resulting in energy disturbance in the body. Working on the points in the feet can help to unblock the channels, restoring balance throughout the body and help to relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

This treatment treats the whole person, rather than a particular symptom. The practitioner will generally work on the whole foot before concentrating on the area that requires help. Reflexology has a balancing effect, it enhances circulation and the nerve supply to all organs. During the treatment stored toxins may be released this may cause nausea or headache. Plenty of water should be drunk after the treatment to flush waste products out of the body.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Increased general health and well being
  • Enhances the body’s functionality systems
  • Relaxes mind and body
  • Enhances circulation
  • Sooths anxiety and emotional stress disorders
  • Enhances the body’s natural self healing mechanisms
  • Eases, back pain, headache, migraine and blocked sinuses
  • Reduces muscular tension Physical effects

Our feet are possibly among the most sensitive parts of our body making them the most suitable place for the treatment. For some the benefits can be felt almost immediate, however, for those with long standing conditions may take more time.

Your treatment will last from 30 minutes to an hour dependant on individual need. Following consultation our therapist will tailor the session to suit your individual needs. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and either lye on a massage table or sit in a chair, to ensure you are physically relaxed. At the end of the session the therapist will discuss with you any possible side effect that may be experienced as a result of the session.

This is a wonderful treatment suitable for all, some may feel energised invigorated whilst others relaxed. It will stimulate the body’s natural healing process and restore and maintain the bodys natural equilibrium.

January 5, 2016


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