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How can I help my loved one while they are undergoing treatment?

April 19, 2018

Even if they seem to be rejecting you, your loved one probably appreciates your support and care. Help them according to their needs: give them their space if necessary, let them talk if they want to, and don’t pressure them into moving too quickly. If they are actively working on the problem, it may not be helpful to continually bring up issues from the past. They are trying to move forward, and you should respect that.

During the aftercare phase, you should be supportive of your loved one without overwhelming them. If they feel that they are under surveillance, they may respond badly and become more secretive. Perhaps help them find ways of dealing with triggers and temptation – take up a sport together, encourage them to write a journal, or help them create a new routine in which drugs and alcohol don’t play a part.


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