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I’m the same person when I drink and when I am sober. Could it be that alcohol doesn’t affect me?

March 5, 2018

Typically, people who are considered “moderate” drinkers will report that, when they consume small doses of alcohol, it has a pleasant effect on their communication skills. Alternatively, they may say it brings about a state of relaxation or creates a stimulant effect on their appetite.

A person who consumes alcohol in low-doses can experience a number of mental effects. Ranging from anxiety to sadness, or from hyperactivity to irritability. It also includes a wider range of interpersonal issues. Those who drink higher quantities of alcohol within a more frequent period of time can suffer from psychiatric symptoms including auditory hallucinations, paranoia and intense and prolonged insomnia. The effects on their mental processes are as limited or severe as the quantity of alcohol consumed and the period of time in which it is consumed.


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